Harry Potter request m/m, m/f

Started by Serephino, October 24, 2009, 09:36:03 PM

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I've been in the mood for a good Snarry rp. I'll play either, but prefer to
play Harry. I like lots of twists and angst.

Idea #1 The Order comes across some information that Harry might not be as safe
as they thought he was. Dumbledore decides to send his most trusted man, Snape,
to retrieve Harry and bring him back to Hogwarts to spend the summer guarding
him. Naturally things don't go so well between them. One night Snape has a few
too many drinks thinking about all the abuse and teasing from James, and he
rapes Harry.

Harry of course is horrified and refuses to go anywhere near him again. But
then they learn Harry is pregnant with Snape's baby.

Idea #2 Harry is badly injured when he attempts to escape from Malfoy Manor.
He passes out and wakes up in a cabin in the woods. He learns Snape was his
rescuer. I'd like to have mpreg in this one too, but it's not a must.

I'm open to other ideas too. I have very few limits so bring it on. I would
very much like to make this long term too. I like mpreg, and I like characters to remain as cannon as possible under the circumstances.


Sounds interesting... would the second plot necessarily have to be Snape's baby? It kinda sounds like Harry found himself pregnant with someone else's baby...


No, it doesn't have to be Snape's.  It could be from.... I dunno... Harry being raped by Lucius.  Like I said, I'm open to whatever ideas you have. 


I'm expanding this a bit.  I'll do other pairings, Snarry just happens to be my favorite right now.  Here's a list of others I'm open to.



If interested in any of the pairings pm me to discuss details.