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Author Topic: Morven's Odd Ideas  (Read 521 times)

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Morven's Odd Ideas
« on: October 23, 2009, 02:04:41 PM »
I'll be putting up things here as I think of them, and I'll bump this when new stuff shows up from the weird recesses of my mind.  Some are going to be plots, while some of them are characters; if you want to play with the latter, we can come up with a plot, or just see where it goes.

Plots and Scenarios

Experimental Subject [EX]

In a fantastic, steampunk/dieselpunk-ish world, a female college student gets a little too involved in anarchist, revolutionary politics.  She attends meetings and demonstrations, and eventually falls into a group that is planning violent acts of defiance against the oppressive, monarchist state.  Bombings, arson, assassination, all the usual stuff.  One of their members does something stupid and gets captured, and in interrogation gives up the names of the rest of the group—including our heroine.  She's taken in the night by the security forces, disappeared.  After interrogation and possibly some torture, she would normally be executed, but Dr. Asher, a researcher in the stranger recesses of the security apparatus, has need of a human experimental subject for his latest research; an infectious organism that takes over the body of the human subject, merging and physically warping them in mind and body into a fanged and clawed killing machine for the State.

I'd probably be playing the Doctor and the rest of the security organization and you the subject, though the roles could be reversed.  When it came to the transformation, I'd give you some guidelines as to what the organism was doing but not tell you how to play it beyond that.

This is likely to be fairly extreme indeed.


Victoria Williams

One of my female characters that I've played quite a bit on various forums, though not for a couple of years

Victoria Williams is a twenty-eight year old woman who lives in Southern California.  She works as a web developer and spends entirely too many hours in the office, because she's really a big nerd and really likes coding and computer work.  She's a goth by lifestyle and fashion choice, although a fairly straight-edge one, avoiding alcohol and drugs, piercings and tattoos.

She's too intelligent for her own good and tends to overthink herself into knots, which leads to shyness and social hesitation most of the time.  She gets all tongue-tied, embarrassed and is convinced she sounds like an idiot.  However, if she's not given time to think herself into a ball, she can be quite decisive, and she has a temper and a forceful side that comes out.  In her own comfort zone, she's talkative and confident, but it has to be in settings she's familiar with.

Her first sexual experiences were with a woman at age nineteen, with a grad student at college who had a thing for shy virgin girls.  It left her feeling a bit used, but quite definite about her interest in women.  She's had bouts of experimentation with both genders since.  Once you get past the shyness she can be quite slutty, and has an easy-to-find submissive side; however, there's also a dominant side, tied into that temper of hers, her forceful and confident other personality, which is quite cruel and intense; she's a little scared of it.

Her parents are your typical Orange County, CA smug upper-middle-class fundamentalist Christians, and she's very estranged from them.  Her upbringing has left all kinds of psychological blocks and weirdnesses, which she's gotten over to varying degrees.  She's quite aware that doing things that would horrify them turns her on.

Physically, she's shortish at 5'1", with shortish black hair (often spiked up or otherwise styled in all kinds of experimental looks), grey eyes, pale rosy skin, a round face, fairly thickly built in general.  She's self-conscious about her breasts only being B-cup which she feels is out of proportion to the rest of her.  She has wide hips, a full behind and thick, strong legs.  She wears heels and platforms a lot, trying to compensate for being short, or (when she's feeling butcher) combat boots.  A lot of pants, in which she looks good; she'll wear short skirts to a club, but it's black jeans or cargo pants and a black T-shirt, probably a band one, to work.  She wears glasses, fairly thick-rimmed black-framed ones most of the time, though she has others.

She drives a VW Jetta covered in bumper stickers. [I can't believe I even worked out what she drove ...]

If I'm playing her, I'm open to both male and female partners, and both dominant and submissive ones.  I'm more interested in contrasting partners than similar ones; I've written stories (now lost) involving businessmen she meets at work, or shy young nice (18+) kids who get entranced by her.  If you're submissive and want her to be dominant, she can be quite cruel and sadistic; that switch should only be flipped if you can take it.  As well as more conventional plays, she's open to the right non-consensual plays, anything kinky, even extreme with a good writer.

Anhelia Aescar

Anhelia Aescar is a forty-two year old undead woman from a fantasy-steampunk-ish world.  She died at the age of thirty-two but was chosen to be revived as an Eternal, the class of undead advisers to the rulers of Alben, and the real power behind the throne.

She was born the only child of Anhel Aescar, a capable but controversial Army officer from an impeccably blue-blooded family.  Her mother died when she was very small, and she was raised by her father when his duties allowed, and the few remaining retainers left to the dwindling Aescar family the rest of the time.  From as early as she remembers, she wanted to do as her father did and make him proud.

When she was eleven, her father was indicted on trumped-up charges of treason due to political disfavor, and he was imprisoned in solitary confinement.  The Aescar family's possessions were confiscated by the Crown, and Anhelia was placed with Treban Falcher, a distant relative.  From the instant she arrived there, things were troublesome.  Fights with the other children fostered or living there caused Anhelia to be almost constantly in a state of punishment; it seems that she got given less leeway for her behavior than the other children, for whatever reason.  She doesn't speak much of this time, but it appears likely that as well as fights and physical abuse, there was sexually-based abuse as well, perhaps rape.  It certainly might explain why, after this point, she rarely allows men to get close to her.

At fourteen, adolescents can sign up as cadets with the Army, and Anhelia did so as soon as she was able.
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Re: Morven's Odd Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2009, 05:53:02 PM »
I find both your ideas quite intriguing, let me know if you'd like to work something out!