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Started by Talk2meguy, October 19, 2009, 09:49:18 PM

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Being that this is the first time posting something like this I hope that it is okay and hope that people are interested in some of my ideas. If you are by all means let me know either in here or via PM and I’m sure that we can work something out. Also if you have an idea that you think I might like let me know. I’ve only ever played M/F but I’d be willing to try F/F if someone wanted too (gender switch or otherwise). I have a link to my On/Off in my sig, thanks for looking.

Before I start listing scenarios I first thought I’d let everyone know about my posting schedule. I try to post at least every other day (everyday being my goal) but sometimes I am unable to for personal reasons. I don’t generally posting during the weekend but there are the odd times when I might get on and be able to post. I hope this doesn’t scare anyone away – I just wanted to be upfront from the start.

I am also willing to play with guys being girls and with a good storyline may try being a girl with a guy... though you'll have to be patient as it'd be my first time.

Themes – some of these will be on my on/off but I wanted to post it here too.
Wedding / Bride – I really like the idea of being with a woman on her wedding day while she is all dressed up and about to get married. There are a ton of ideas for this so if you are interested let me know so we can work something else. I like to be someone that isn’t the future husband that doesn’t mean I won’t be him. - May still do with a good idea but have enough interested at the moment.
Superheroes- I would prefer this to be cannon heros, can be from comics or movies
Star Wars – I love it… I’m willing to play just about any star wars character you want. Let me know if this interests you.
Cheating- Either cheating on – helping you cheat on or even a mixture of both. Ideas include you being my brothers girlfriend, my best friends girlfriend. Sons girlfriend  (could also replace girlfriend with wife)
Apocalypse- Be it Zombies, skynet or something else… I like to have the world in danger and having us meet and team up.
Fantasy –Elves, Dwarfs, Mages etc … you get the point
Incest – Pretty much any relationship my favorites being cousins and brother and sister.
Goth/Prep,jock or even nerd – usually a school setting
New guy/popular girl – again usually a school setting.

Movies – Can be cannon or non-cannon
Star Wars
Mean Girls
Strangers (a little different approach)
Jurassic Park

This list will continue to grow as well as include some plots I have worked up.


The wedding/bride scenario sounds interesting, add that with a spice of you being the brother or best man of the groom... or even a criminal -non-con kind of setting.... message me. I'm interested. Very. :)
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