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December 04, 2021, 05:37:28 am

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Author Topic: The Fantastic and Incredible art of Prolixity  (Read 1168 times)

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The Fantastic and Incredible art of Prolixity
« on: October 19, 2009, 09:17:21 pm »
So, let me introduce you to a very ancient and lost art. This, my good friends, is an ancient technique used every since the whole first day, that one when the sun rose in the sky and humans learned how to communicate with themselves. Not with random sounds or drawings, but with actual words, despite our words are already random sounds and words. This is the incredible, fantastic, uncanny and underestimated art of prolixity.

But what is prolixity? What is this old and underground word that probably people don't know? That that they don't know the word, but they don't know it's definition. I do, because I study that thing. Fear no more, despite I know, withint my limited knowledge about the world, that fear isn't insde your hearts, if it is inside anyone's heart, because of that specific question, even if I didn't ask anything.

Now, I will give you an explanation that you may or may not understand, based on what you probably learned or not from your school, that was able to teach you or not everything you already know or not, based on your life that you had or not before we met. And this knowledge is justified now by the existance of applicable things that allow you to ensure your knowledge as a valid value to your mind. So, based on that, we have that you will probably understand the meaning of the prolixity.

For all my previous consideration, I think that you are probably confused. So, in order to clarify the correct meaning of things, I will give you an example of what I am trying to elucidate by randomly typing words and phrases in order to form a logic.

Now, one day, simply walking in the paved path we name 'street's, I saw. Not 'you', not 'me', 'he', 'she',  'it' or anything else. I simply saw. It was the greates visions among all visions I ever had in my entire life, and I am counting even the days I don't remember as days, because if I don't remember then I can't call them in such thing. And I saw. Was there, simply there. Not in front, but at my side, because I turned my head to look at it. Simply there, like time didn't pass, right in front of my eyes, even if I was beside, after all, when I turn my head my eyes go with me, otherwise it would be very weird. And as I looked to, thoughts rushed to each one of my brain cells, passing along electric impulses and informations, to form the image of what I was looking.

Then, time, the most relative conception of the universe, the one that no one can name it, simply stopped for me. Considering that time is relative, it wouldn't be any exxagerations to make time stop, so it did. It stopped. Nothing that already didn't matter much to me matter anymore. Things? What things? I wasn't seeing anything around me, also because I would have to turn to those things and would stop looking at what I was looking at. And then, an extra amount of air simply entered my lungs, giving me extra oxygen, which gave me extra brain functions, which gave me extra thoughts, and each thought whas directed to what I was looking, which gave me an extra amount of air, and then on and on again, for how much time I could count, despite time had stopped for me at that moment, and made my head spin with the idea that, even when we say that time stops, we still count time as time, and we don't ignore it as we are supposed to do when we say that time stopped.

Suddenly, I took one step towards what I was looking at. Not two, three, four, five, six, ten, eleven, one hundred, but one. I felt all the cycle repeating itself as I took another step, and another and another, until I hit the wall, because I wasn't looking at it, for I just said that I didn't see anything else around me. So, bumping on things around, I took each step at a time, because to take more than one step at a time I would have to hop around, and it would be very weird if people simply saw me hopping towards what I was looking at, not that they would care for what I was looking at, but anyway, they would find me weird.

Then, I reached. Not he, she, we, me, it, this or that. I reached my target. And was there, only there. It could be anywhere else but no, it was right there, in the right time, even that time had stopped, but still in the right time. The universe converged towards this junction of things and ended up with me in front of what I was looking at. And finally, we together became as one, with you in me and me around you. I felt your sweet flavor going inside me, and you felt my body coverig you forever.

Alright, that was fun. Summing up that story, I just wrote in all that that once I saw a chocolate cake, and went to the delicatessen to buy it. See? This is what I was talking about.

Oh...and about the definition of prolixity....well, a gentleman never kisses and tells, right? :)