The Wizard and the Sorceress (Looking for a lady) [Van]

Started by Blank, October 14, 2009, 11:43:28 PM

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First come first serve.  PM me if you are interested.

Postition filled

Name: The Wizard and the Sorceress [Van]

Scenario: The winter chill sets into the Storm Peak Mountains, the threat of a winter’s snow catch two travelers unaware.  The two strangers happen into an abandoned castle.  One a wizard, the other a sorceress.  Once they discover one another in the empty castle, they quickly find they don’t like each other (for more professional and egotistical reasons than any other).  Despite how much they dislike one another initially, they slowly start to find an appeal in the other.

Setting: Middle Ages High Fantasy
Abandoned Castle - This empty castle is nestled in a forgotten niche of the Storm Peak Mountains.  Surrounding the old forgotten stone structure is the remains of was once a town.  The reason for its lack of people is unknown, though the harsh weather wasn’t one of them considering the necessary structures and storehouses for long winters scattered throughout the town.

The castle itself is void of life, like the town, however still has a fair amount of its old decorations intact and untouched.  Surprisingly, this building is rather clean.  Spirits of the caretakers and staff that were left behind now haunt this place.  Despite their incorporeal and spooky appearance, the ghostly staff is relatively harmless and even a little friendly to strangers.  They keep the halls clean and tend to the gardens which would have otherwise fallen into disarray.

Requirements: You being person of the female persuasion.  You play the sorceress.

Other info:

I kind of envisioned them disliking one another (or maybe them even getting into fights) at first then growing more attracted to one another gradually.   I figured there would be more romance/flirting/seduction as time progresses.