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Started by boborder, October 06, 2009, 05:48:15 AM

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This one is suitable for either m or f. You noticed some bad weather hanging over the city for the last few days. It always looked like lightning could start any minute, but it never did. Hot and humid, and people in general got a bit itchy. It morning, you are having your first coffee, and you look over the street. You notice a car that you have seen before. Some futuristic design, darkgrey. You guess it might be some new electric vehicle, especially since it makes little noise. Some days back you noticed that your neighbor from a few doors down left was dropped off; you waved hello but your neighbor seemed not too notice you. Your eyes met briefly, but there was just some blank stare. Your neighbor looked tired, at least the eyes. The body looked more energetic and in form than ever; or at least that's what you thought.

The coffee is still too hot. Holding your cup, you can see two slender people leaving the car walking towards your house. You hear a muted noise like a rubber hammer on wood. Before you can make up your mind both of them stand in you kitchen. They are very androgynous, and you think by yourself that their eyes are somewhat eerie. You hear one of them saying "Please get get your suitcase with the most essential belongings". Puzzled you notice that you hear it while you didn't see that person moving its mouth. The second person says "Now!" and you instinctively get up and do as told. 


So far it sounds interesting, but it's pretty vague. What would happen to the main character? Any hints? :-)


Quote from: Doomsday Jesus on October 06, 2009, 05:51:43 AM
So far it sounds interesting, but it's pretty vague. What would happen to the main character? Any hints? :-)

How it exactly play out also depends on the other persons o/o's. But, in any case you will be part of a program. YOu'll learn piece by piece what it is about, but you will learn that the improved figure of your neighbor was part of the experiment. We are puzzled by human sexuality, and modify the parameters to see what works best. We want to increase the chances that the program will be successful, when we select a  group of humans to save them given that their species is in decline. And of course also to add a new product to our catalog.


I would be interested in this if its still open.


     I would also like to express my interest in the idea.