Dreamscapes (Mainly looking for females but everything is game here..)

Started by Lord Drake, October 06, 2009, 03:14:49 AM

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Lord Drake

Ok.. after shamelessly stealing the Professor's Loki Caprion's idea here I am looking for partners to create vignettes in the Dreamscapes thread (follow the link to get all the information)

Quoting from the main thread: The purpose of all that is to  create a compilation, of tales involving this strange Antiquities shop and his Shopkeeper, a smiling and mysterious guy who goes by the name of Mr. Drake. Unlike some similar threads, the Dreamscapes shop is not so much a "social gathering" point as it is a chance to play out vignettes with the Shopkeeper, or one of the strange and mysterious pieces of antiquities he sells.

So if you are up for a story with something of a 'Twilight Zone' (and shame on you if you don't know about that TV series) feel, not necessarily sex-oriented although it can obviously be done.. well pray contact me!

Threads can be one or multi-playered.. I am not putting limits into this. Everything can be done..

..In the Twilight Zone.

Hey.. where did you put that Drake?
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