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Author Topic: Gunslinger Girl: A Future For All {MUL}  (Read 544 times)

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Gunslinger Girl: A Future For All {MUL}
« on: October 05, 2009, 03:28:18 PM »
Six years from the series, Gunslinger Girl, the social welfare agency is still alive and active. The main five gunslinger girls have all grown up, and have been given new mechanical bodies, the youngest being Henrietta at 16 years old. All of the girls still act as political assassins for Italy, still the killing machines that the Social Welfare Agency made them but now more mature, more aware of themselves as well as the world and with adult bodies to match these changed minds. For at least six years each one has been doing their job, killing without care or feeling to what they have been doing in their Fratello. Still, the conditioning that each girl has been put through has left room for change, room for doubt and made way for something other than abject loyalty to their partner. The Social Welfare Agency couldn't have guessed that any of their units, any of their child assassins, would grow up to be the women that they were genetically made to be. The gunslinger girls have started to realize, and fully so, that they are missing out on a civilian life and they want one, at least somewhat.


So this is a Gunslinger Girl scenario! For those of you who don't know the series, Gunslinger Girl is based around a group of young girls that are known as the gunslinger girls. They were made by Italy's Social Welfare Agency, an organization to help children in need and make their lives better and more bearable. Still the Social Welfare Agency has a hidden duty. They find the very youngest of girls who have nothing to live for and have no way out. They implant these girls with cybernetic implants, muscle tissue and special organs that allow them to become killing machines, powerful enough to tear apart metal bars and fast enough to dodge a bullet. They also put these girls through a sort of conditioning that makes them blindly loyal to a specific handler but shortens their life span. These Gunslinger Girls are then placed into what is called a Fratello (Italian for Brother) where they carry out business for the Italian government, mostly in assassination and capture. Many different handlers take different methods to guiding their girls but all things remain the same in the end. These girls are and always will be killing machines.

That said these are still real girls. They have the thoughts and emotions of girls and feel just like any girl would. After six years from the series the main Gunslinger Girls of the original series still remain in the Social Welfare Agency with the same handlers. However, these girls have finally found out that they want to live semi-normal lives. They want a future for themselves.

This will start as a little wish at first and then it may get "out of hand" later o in the plot. I will be Triela, who I believe would be 20 in this since I think she was 14 in the series. On that note Claes would be 20, Rico I suspect would be 16 along with Henrietta and I believe Angelica would be 18. Other gunslinger girls could be made since plenty of time has gone on though please keep in mind the site age rules. Also you can make handlers or officials or even civilians that may or may not yet have something to do with the girls but will in the future.

Just so ya know this isn't a whole "be the most innocent girl out there." thing. The Gunslinger Girls are starting to get irritated with their lives as tools so show it. ^^ All girls show their frustration different ways so act it all out, be creative. ^^

The APP!

Name: Duh XP
Age: Similar Duh XD
Origin: Are they a gunslinger girl, a handler, an official of some kind or largely civilian. In the case of official or civilian place their occupation or section of the official workings of the government.
Fratello: This is only valid if you are a gunslinger girl or handler in a Fratello. If you are not, don't bother, if you are and you are a Gunslinger Girl, who is your handler. If you are a handler who is you Gunslinger Girl.
History: Doesn't have to be long. How did you get to where you are. For civilians and officials this is largely unneeded. It is pretty much just for Fratello people. Please make this only about a paragraph. Summarize ^^
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Re: Gunslinger Girl: A Future For All {MUL}
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2009, 02:29:54 AM »
My app for Triela

Name: Triela (No Last Name)
Age: 20
Origin: Mechanized Unit (A.K.A. Gunslinger Girl)
Fratello: Triela works with Hillshire, who has been her handler as long as her memory allows. The two see each other on more a rivalry style basis than the other teams though they work very well together.
History: Triela was found in Amsterdam as a young girl and taken in by Italy's Social Welfare Agency shortly thereafter it seems. At around the age of fourteen she was given a mechanized body. Soon enough she had become one of Section 2's best killers. Eventually Triela was given a new mechanical body at around the age of 17 which was older and more mature, having been growing naturally but unable to fit into her previous mechanical body as a result. Aside from Claes she was the first to get a new mechanical body because of steady internal growth. Because of her knowledge in her own maturity Triela, like all of the Mechanized units, has been changing as of late, more often in the form of open flirtation with her handler, Hillshire. When not flirting with one of the Section 2 staff she shows her irritation through subtle acts of flighting (art of distinguished insult.)