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Author Topic: When Reality Died.  (Read 4562 times)

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Offline Remiel

Re: When Reality Died.
« Reply #50 on: December 23, 2009, 06:53:01 PM »
((So sorry about the immense lag ;_; My muse has taken a nose dive on this one.  Will respond to this soon, if you're still interested in continuing...))

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Re: When Reality Died.
« Reply #51 on: December 23, 2009, 06:55:51 PM »
((Not a problem hun. ^_^ Respond when you can.))

Offline Remiel

Re: When Reality Died.
« Reply #52 on: December 24, 2009, 11:57:23 AM »
"You're quite welcome, dear," said Mrs. Periwinkle.  She fussed over bits of Jude in the way of a governness, straightening her shirt, adjusting the dress, acquiring a comb from somewhere and using it to comb through her hair.  She moved like a sparrow, hopping from place to place, but it was slightly unnerving to see a bird the size of an ostrich doing it.

Robin surreptitously slipped into the room, crossed his arms, and leaned against the wall.  He cleared his throat meaningfully.

Mrs. Periwinkle glanced at him, then nodded.  "All right, you lot," she ordered the other birds.  "See your Princess off in a proper fashion."   At that, the smaller birds stopped their fluttering, and quickly lined up in three neat rows.  At Mrs. Periwinkle's bidding, they bowed, each row in turn, small feathery bodies tilting forward, wings outstretched.

"Thank you, Mrs. Periwinkle."  Jude felt Robin's fingers slip into hers.  "But we really must be going."

The giant sparrow hopped closer to Jude, her glasses sliding forward on her beak.   "It was very nice seeing you again, dear.  Please do be careful."  To the man, she said, sternly, "You look after her, Robin Goodfellow."

"I will," he said. "I promise."  And with that, Jude was tugged out of the room with the birds and into the courtyard again.  Outside, the mishmash crowd of pixies, dwarves, giants, and centaurs were still there, but standing in front of her now was a magnificent white horse, its coat and mane as bright as snow.  It whinnied as she and Robin approached, and shook its neck--and there, Jude saw, was a sparkling ivory horn, perfectly cone-shaped, upon its forehead.

"We must move swiftly," explained Robin, stroking the unicorn's flank.  There was no saddle, but Jude somehow knew that the unicorn was intelligent, and would not let you fall off if it could help it.  Snorting softly, the animal lowered its head, looking the girl directly in the face.  Its eyes were large, and dark, and soulful. 

"I'll help you up," added Robin, cupping his hands so Jude could step up on them.

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Offline KaileikehiTopic starter

Re: When Reality Died.
« Reply #53 on: December 25, 2009, 11:06:14 AM »
Jude blinked as the little birds bowed and then, she ran at Ms. Periwinkle and threw her arms around her, giving her a kiss on her feathery face. "Oh thank you, thank you!" She beams up at the great bird with pure gratitude before slipping down out of her wings. "Robin will take good care of me." She stated reassuringly. "He always has." With that, she ran to Robin and allowed him to take her out of the room.

She gasped at the sight of the beautiful creature standing before them and wasted no time letting go of Robin and moving to face the unicorn with a fixed stare. "Well, you are most charming, aren't you?" She tilted her head, smilin brightly before leaning foreward and giving the creature a kiss on the muzzle. "Thank you, for carrying us upon your back and the use of your legs, that are so much faster and steady than our own. Do you have a name that we might call you by?" The creature stared at her very intently and she smiled. "Oh! That is a most wonderful name! Alright then, Noblelity, off we go." She beamed still, place her foot into Robin's hands and hoisted herself up onto Noblelity's back, grasping his mane tightly, knowing she could hold are hard as she wanted for he couldn't feel it. Jude had been on a horse but once before, and that had been more of a pony than a horse and she'd been five with her father holding her tight to keep her from falling. Now, she felt just as sure about staying on, knowing the creature would keep them steady as he could.

Offline Remiel

Re: When Reality Died.
« Reply #54 on: December 30, 2009, 12:25:50 PM »
The unicorn snorted at the name "Nobility", although Robin put a warning hand on the animal's back.  "Be nice," he warned.  Nobility whinnied, and tossed his head in response.   With a final wave to Mrs. Periwinkle and the other birds who had gathered to watch them depart, Robin wrapped his arm around Jude's waist, flexing his thighs as he lightly kicked the unicorn's flank.  The animal sped forward, legs flashing in a brilliant display of white, all muscle and power and speed.  The castle dwindled away behind them, and trees flashed by on either side.  A brilliant blue, glassy lake passed by on the left, with still more colorful fish leaping from the glittering surface.

Time passed, as Jude and Robin and Nobility sped along the road.  They passed over bridges and fields of soft grass, passed forests teeming with life.  They climbed over hills and descended through valleys, and the further they went, the less signs of civilisation there seemed to be.

At long last, when the grassland had faded to a richly yellow prairie, some shadows appeared in the sky.  Robin frowned up at them but said nothing, only held onto Jude all the higher.

The shadows seemed to follow Nobility, though, and when he stopped at the edge of a riverbank, they grew larger.  Judge could see that they were birdlike in shape, like vultures dipped in oil, although their heads were small and fanged, instead of beaks.  They made a shrill hissing shriek as they flew overhead, circling around the riders.  One let out a blood-curdling cry and swooped in, talons poised to rip and tear.  Nobility turned, however, snorting in anger, and charged the creature.  The dark flying thing swooped up at the last moment to avoid the lethal horn, making hissing, snickering sounds as it retreated up higher in the sky with its fellows.

"Carrion crows," said Robin, quietly.  "Creatures of the Blight."