seeking creative female for New and old RP ideas

Started by Batsose, October 03, 2009, 05:37:01 PM

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I just finished a deadline and have some freetime to devote to RP's.

So here goes. Here are 5 ideas.  Some I have reopened that never got off the ground and others are new ideas

all are for heterosexual female

PM me if interested.

RP Idea #1
The Dream Seducer


This is about a male human / magic user who likes to seduce women through their dreams.  He picks women who seem a challenge to him, like very demur types, modest and inhibited sexually on the outside.  He picks women he sees on a regular basis like at a coffee shop or library and their conversation is limited, like their only contact is when he orders something or checks out a book.  He marks them psychically and then finds them in the dream world when they are asleep and comes to them as their fantasy.  Overtime the fantasy changes to him dominating them and it becomes his fantasy.  In real life, these women become infatuated with him and as time wears on eventually overcome their inhibition and approach him.  He plays with their affection at first making it seem that he is not interested, but this just makes them pursue harder.  He eventually gives in finding that in real life they are now so infatuated they are willing to do anything he wants just to be with him.  After he is a satiated, he moves on releasing them from his spell and moving on to the next challenge.

Role Play

He has done this for many years becoming very confident in his work and always seeking new challenges.  This time he meets someone whose dream world is so exotic it intrigues him, but then scares him because he likes it too much.  He decides to abandon the situation, but she won't let him go and begins to stalk him in real life and even figures out how to enter into his dream world.  Eventually he succumbs and becomes addicted to her, which is what he fears and now she is in control...

The female role should be demur and kind of geeky-like in real life, but very sexually creative underneath (I am open to suggestions here) and over time would evolve into a more dominant type role.

RP idea #2

Price for Success
Ambitions young women becomes a sex slave to older business man who in exchange for sex on demand he offers her a position of power within his very large corporation, which of course creates envy and suspicion.  He has a peculiar demand in that he doesn't want to have sex with her, but wants to watch her doing whatever he demands.  She must agree to live in a special apartment he has designed for her that video tapes her every move and he leaves her instructions for varying sex he acts she must preform for him.  Some of the acts are solo and some need a partner whom he chooses from his corporation and who she must seduce.  The instructions come in a package at her office with a brief description of the act followed by a picture of the intended victim, if there is one.

The role play is actually then mostly between the 'victims' and her, so this is really several different situations rolled into one role play.  Needed is a female role who is good at seduction.  I am willing to play the various 'victims.'

RP idea #3

The Thief and the Mistress

It is about a crime lord who among many of his endeavors, specializes in exotic brothels.  Exotic in that the women often come from far away lands.  He was one special prize that he will not allow anyone to have and he keeps her for himself.  She lives in a luxury chateau that is heavily guarded by all kinds of creatures he employs.  She is very lonely and unfortunately sexually not gratified, so she anonymously hires from a guild of thieves someone to come steal her coveted emerald blue diamond.  The thief has to risk getting past his guards, only to find that to earn the prize they must also sexual satisfy her.

The plot could evolve in many directions.

The female role is a pretty intelligent woman who has learned to be manipulative to get her way and very good at seduction, but was also fooled by the very charming crime lord into servitude so has her own resentments that she keeps stuffed away.

I hoping to work with someone who is pretty creative and really wants to help shape the plot.

RP idea #4

Female celebrity gets sexually addicted to criminal.  A chance meeting between a celebrity and a criminal leads to a one-night stand.  The sex is incredibly decadent and is the opposite of her good girl image, but she can't stop seeing him.  She begins to create secret rendezvous to meet up with him.  I am open to where it goes from here.

RP idea #5

Magic user trained by a demon as a tormentor uses his skill to train wives to be more subservient to their husbands.  His tool of trade are small tormentor Imps that are released in the mind and torment the person until they have an orgasm.  I am completely open to plot ideas on this one.

Pm me ideas you have if interested or we can work on ideas together.


Thanks for reading.  Hope to see you on the creative side...
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