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Started by Beguile's Mistress, October 03, 2009, 01:32:53 PM

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Beguile's Mistress

I know that time is precious and the staff at E do a terrific job but I was wondering if some day, when the opportunity presents itself and if it's possible to do, some way could be found to permit sorting of columns in the bookmarks page by title of story and name of person who started the story.  I'd ask for name of person who posted last by I don't think that's doable.

Thank you.


I was just thinking about this today myself. Mostly because I bookmark threads other than my current games, and it all sort of gets jumbled and mixed together. It might be nice to label the bookmarks perhaps, the way we can label our PMs.

As the lady above said, it would be lovely to take this into future consideration.