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Author Topic: WWII, Famed and Forgotten {||}RECRUITMENT{||} -[EX]-  (Read 714 times)

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WWII, Famed and Forgotten {||}RECRUITMENT{||} -[EX]-
« on: October 01, 2009, 03:23:56 pm »
Welcome, to war!

~The Plot~
  The year is 1944, and Eisenhower has just announced what may be the turning point to this war. The mission is simple, Drop troops behind enemy lines to push south and cut off Axis reinforcements. The drop point will be north of Amiens, the goal is to have the paratroopers head south in a dual strike on Paris taking it back from the Germans before we can move east into Germany.

~The Orders~

The drop zone is behind enemy lines meaning there will be no backup, there are no reinforcements, and there is no help. You boys will be on your own down there and we are counting on you to make sure this mission goes according to plan.

You’re objective is to eliminate German Artillery positioned south of Amiens, while doing so we are going to attack here, in Normandy, with full force. Two dicks boys, on down the Germans throat, and you guys, plowing it up there Asses.

After eliminating the artillery you are to radio back to us and then troop movement will head south into Paris. This is where we are really going to hurt these Kraut bastards. Once we take back France, it’s straight into Germany for the final push. Welcome to war boys.

Lastly, you’re CO's are being briefed on further details, each squad will have there own set of objectives to see through, don’t let us down boys.

~The Troop~
This is where you guys come in. We need to fill the role of several troop members from the 101st. Since I started the Idea, I myself and calling Sergeant, everyone else HAS to play a role under that, mainly privates. The only reason I am taking Sergeant is to help narrate a little bit and keep the base storyline from getting to de-railed. I really want to bring a sense of realism to the RP.

Basically, everyone is a private, or private first class, also among privates there are specialists. Specialists are medics, technicians and such. Above them, are corporals which act the same as Sergeants with a little less power, (I got this from WIKI, if I am wrong, so be it.)

This is a list of the Platoon and all it's members, The NPC names will be replaced with the characters you come up with as we get more players. You may play more than one role, (Max 3-4) Depending on what you think you can handle. This list will be updated also to show who is KIA or MIA.


Command Element:
1st Lt. Grant Gamble - 1st Platoon OC
Tech. Sgt. Emile Lennerod - 1st Pt 1st SGT (Lone)
Lori Bowen-Seger - "Press Rep"/OSS Agent
Pvt. Tony Genna - Radio Op (Lone)

1st Squad:
Sgt. Petter Simon (Eyore)
Cpl. Sean MacDermott
PFC. Andrew “Squinty” Sanders (vend)
PFC. Zach Archer - BAR Team Leader (Merlyn)
Pvt. Darryl Richards - Asst. BAR
PFC. Morris Zawadski (Szymanski)
Pvt. Thomas Edwards
Pvt. George Ward
Pvt. William "Bill" Rodgers
Pvt. James Courtney
Pvt. Allan Morrison
Pvt. Lonnie Barry

2nd Squad
Sgt. Andy Hookans
Cpl. "Aussie" Boyd
PFC. James Stumpawitz - Bazooka Team Leader
Pvt. William Kelly - Asst. Bazooka
PFC Adam Johnson - Machine Gun Leader
Pvt Brendon Gunner - Asst. Machine Gunner
Pvt. George Parker
Pvt. John Connery - Demolitions
Pvt. Joe Stoddard
Pvt. Jack McAllister
Pvt. Ray "Buddy"Poppell
Pvt. Albert "Spam" Ruth

3rd Squad
Sgt. Sobeski
Cpl. Karl Collier
PFC. George Kitteridge
PFC. Eric Middendorf - Mortar Team Leader
Pvt. Thomas Fuller - Asst. Mortar
Pvt. Lewis Yost
Pvt. Thomas Riels
Pvt. Jerry Harden
Pvt. Lawrence "Lucky" Engers
Pvt. Travis Smith
Pvt. Sidney Langford
Pvt. Charles Maxwell

Medical Specialists (Medics)
PFC Andrew Matthews
Pvt. Henry Perry

So, time to submit those character profiles, if you want to make a character that is not a Airborne soldier then please just PM me the profile so we do not have TO many people doing to many different things, the reasons for us all being in the same small group is to keep the RP flowing.

So, Post those character profiles!
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  • A sad man once said, "I laughed." A mad man once said, "I can't stop." I, can not stop.
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  • The mad man lives, the sad man dies....
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Re: WWII, Famed and Forgotten {||}RECRUITMENT{||}
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2009, 04:04:46 pm »
Emile M. Lennerod



Emile is a tall gruff man, standing at 5’11’’ and weighing about 189 lbs he is the ideal soldier. He has a scruff shadow where his beard would be and a very coarse and worn complexion, making him look older than what he is. His body is very well toned and built from extensive combat and over all military life.


Emile is a harsh man, which uses harsh words, and has even harsher standards of his men’s combat effectiveness. He leads on the front end of his troop, living by a very strict code of morals. Although he is harsh and demanding however, his men are his family and he cares for them as such.


Thompson .45 - 9 Mags
M1911 .45 ACP - 4 Mags
Ka-Bar Combat Knife
5 Fragmentation Grenades
Pocket Watch


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Offline FrankieDupraz

Pfc. Zawadski
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2009, 09:26:35 pm »
Morris Zawadski


Private First Class (Pfc.)

Description & Personality
Zawadski is a member of his squad's Fire Team, whose unusually calm attitude is a contrast to the chaos around him.  Although a loyal soldier, he may regularly question the orders he is given, but is smart enough to realise he does as he is told.  Parachutes in to Nazi Europe with an M1A1 Carbine Rifle, although will prefer the German MP40 later in the story.  He may not be the most accurate man to fire a weapon in the Platoon, but he is a reliable soldier who won't get himself killed too easily.

Will get one up soon.

Offline vend

Re: WWII, Famed and Forgotten {||}RECRUITMENT{||}
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2009, 03:27:33 am »
Andrew “Squinty” Sanders


Private First Class

At 5’ 4” and 140 lbs, Andrew’s short profile suits his chief role as the troop’s sniper.  His right eye is slightly bruised from the impact of his scope hitting him in the face from the immense recoil.  The private’s main weapons are the bolt-action M1903 Springfield rifle with scope, the standard issue M1911 pistol, and the regular loadout of fragmentation and smoke grenades.  Eventually Andrew will run out of .30-06 Springfield ammunition and will pick up a German Karabiner 98 Kurz (K98K) of the Mauser bolt-action line of rifles for sniping purposes.

A nervous individual from Boston, Andrew’s senses are constantly reaching out for the slightest sign that something is not right.  This makes him fidgety at times and he talks with a stutter.  Despite this, no one can argue with his ability to put a half inch hole into a target over 2,000 yards away.  Of that half inch hole, one third inch of it is the bullet itself.

(Still looking for it)

Offline Merlyn

Re: WWII, Famed and Forgotten {||}RECRUITMENT{||} -[EX]-
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2009, 02:29:54 pm »
Zach Archer



Private First Class


Archer is a rather large man, standing around 6' 2" and weighing in around 250lbs.  He had been pegged as a B.A.R. gunner the second he enlisted.  And although he has often bitched about the burden of his position he has never been willing to part with his weapon.

Archer is not very fond of regulations.  He often ignores what he is supposed to carry, instead carrying what he knows would end up best.  He is also rather vocal at times, not caring to much about what others think which is a large part of the reason why he hasn't managed to keep a promotion for more than a week in his nine years of service.

M1911 .45 ACP pistol.  With 7 loaded magazines (instead of the standard 3)
M1918 .30 Light Machine Gun.  With 10 magazines. 
M-3 Trench Knife.
Standard Grenade load out.
Zippo Combat Lighter.
Two Cigarette Cartons.
Two Crickets (in case he loses one while fumbling with his B.A.R.)


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