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Author Topic: [Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 45  (Read 1011 times)

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[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 45
« on: October 01, 2009, 12:41:48 am »
Sept 30th [45] - Sleep Is Nice...

This morning I felt like wet sand. I went through the motions of showering, dressing and heading out the door but it felt slow motion to moi. Maybe it was the fact I stayed up past my sleep cycle to watch Sons of Anarchy. I adore Sons of Anarchy, have been a fan since a friend mentioned the show and reminded me of the season premiere last year. The way the show is formatted on FX, it is based from the Shakespearean play of Hamlet. It does not hurt a few of the men and women on the show rev my motorboats. I know the way my body handles sleep and lack of it. If I do not get at least eight hours, I am useless to people. Well, not so much because I have gone on five hours of sleep when I went on trips with family. I remember waking up at two in the morning after having one to sleep around 10 to make the six hour trip from the Valley to Los Angeles to visit family.

Still, the morning went back fairly quickly. I had class and the subject was living with a partner before getting married. I agree with this because I want to test out whether I can handle living with a romantic partner but not as a test to see if we should get married. I am not a marrying type of person. Already, I mentioned to family I am fine with having a domestic partner so long as papers are drawn up in case money and property were to be divided in the likelihood of a break up. My own parents have been together for twenty-two yeas and have not gotten hitched. As a child, I remember asking my parents to marry because I wanted them to have the same last name. Maja has a different last name than my father who uses two last names because of his own parents domestic partnership. I chose to keep the last name of my father's because while I respect my mother, I liked the way my Father's last name sounds in comparison to the rest of my name.

Give a bit of a background, my parents met when my mother was 19 and my father was 29. Yes, a ten year difference but so far it has yet to cause problems. Well, my mother now is a bit more outgoing and wants to go to the casino, parties and visit friends while my father wants to relax with the newspaper or head to the local flea markets to shop. It is strange to hear the stories of my father as a Casanova and a hellion in his time. There are pictures of him with a head full of hair, acid wash jeans and a stripped shirt as if he was the King of Money in the eighties and nineties. As a child, I remember he had a slew of money because of the several jobs he took on to support the family and the way he spent it lavishly on the household. Remember in the 90s when Jelly shoes were the rage?

I had a good fifteen pairs of Jelly shoes as a child, different colors and designs to coordinate my outfits. My father made sure to dote on Lil' Mar-Mar and I because we were his chance to get raising children right. Legally, I have two half-brother's and a half-sister from my father's first marriage. As of now, I have yet to meet my half-siblings because of their mother not to let me see my half-siblings. In fact, my half-sister abhors the idea of ever meeting my sister and I because she blames us for the fact my father left her mother. I can understand where she is coming from in seeing her father one day and then leaving the family to start up his life with another wife. However, my father and the first ex-wife have spoken to me on why he stayed in the marriage and left when my older half-brother was born. There were problems of infidelity (on both sides), money issues and the fact that the two really married because my father knocked her up. Harsh but at least the two were honest about it.

I have no hate towards my half-sister for the way she feels because if I was in her position I would be upset to be left behind and to hear of one's father blossoming in a new relationship. Still, I feel sorry that she does not take the hand I reach out to her and have invited her on occasion to see me since I have moved to San Francisco. For now, I really want to get to know my two half-brothers one who is in his early twenties and the other in his early teens. The one in early teens is about two years younger than my sister thus mentioning that early in my parent's domestic partnership, the two separated for a few weeks and my father went back to his first ex-wife thus producing my younger half-brother. I have not met him but I have received letters as to him wanting to visit and possibly live with my family.

The familia is complicated, we have skeletons in our closet that would happily come out dancing and singing. However, our skeletons have remained in the closet though they like to peek out every once in a while. I have plans to write a series of biographical novels on the family; who knows one day you might see my book at a local bookstore and even read up on the misadventures of one Miss Marguerite and the familia.

Hell, I bet you would like to read what I have learned in my Sex and Relationships class and Human Sexuality class. In Sex and Relationships, there was the talk of cohabitation. As I have mentioned, I rather move in with a lover after a few months or perhaps years of dating just to see how we could handle being one another. While it sounds good, I like my space and I like being able to go home to unwind from the day. I unwound with having lunch again with B and S. I experienced my first taste of nutella on a cinnamon bagel. Wait, that would be a lie. I have had nutella as a child but it has been a few years since I spread any of it on a piece of toast. After seeing B ordering nutella on a poppy seed bagel for the last few times B, S and I got together for our three days a week lunches, I opted to buy one. It cost about two bucks to get the cinnamon and the nutella together but it was worth the two dollars. As of late, I have been careful with how I spend my money here in San Francisco. San Francisco, while beautiful and colorful, is an expensive city. A lunch can run about ten bucks because the drinks are priced between 2-3 bucks, food between 4-5 and if you want dessert it is costs between 1-2 dollars. However, I splurged on the nutella bagel and when I head into town to see familia I plan to buy a bottle of nutella.

The roommate situation is better but I feel much better when the roommates are not around. Somehow, I get a lot more done without hearing them shuffle around in the household. Hell, I did not even hear the roommates when I unexpectedly fell asleep. When I mean unexpectedly, I thought about taking a nap for thirty minutes. Wrong. I ended up sleeping for three hours and only woke up because of a phone call and the need to use the bathroom. When I noticed the time, I rubbed my eyes wondering if it was the evening or morning.

The last few hours I have spent trying to finish a few items before tomorrow when I have a team planning meeting. Work has gone well but a few people seem to be dropping from the program because of the intensive training schedule one has to go through. It is about a month and a half of training before officially going into the classrooms to be with the children. Each training session is three hours long and I get paid for the time but still, a draining schedule it can be in sitting down to listen to someone talk about meaningful conversations with children or play acting scenes. I keep myself awake by reminding myself of what I will be able to do with the children and finally getting through the training process. Still, I want to get a few items done on my schedule before the weekend when I visit familia. I find I like exploring San Francisco on the weekdays and then travel the ninety minutes to visit family in the Valley. The roommates are starting to see that I will more than likely head off to the familia rather than spend time watching people drink themselves into oblivion.

Well, it seems sleep is taking over once more. Until next time,

Miss Marguerite & The City

P.S. I do love comments.

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Re: [Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 45
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2009, 08:02:48 am »
Nice, good and delish reading material as always Marg   :-) Do keep telling us about your time in San Fran ^^ And if that book is ever published, ill be there for a signed version ;)