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Author Topic: killing kind: kontinuously kraving kinky krafty kommitted ko-konspirators [MUL]  (Read 4546 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

The set up.

Over the past fifteen years, Constantin Grushenkov had helped transform his arm of the Russian Mafiya into the largest underground criminal empire in the entire Eastern hemisphere.  Drugs, people trafficking, electronic theft, kidnapping, assassination:  the Bratva's insidious reach extended to every profitable illegal enterprise available.  Grushenkov had been responsible for providing both the muscle and the intelligence expertise that had made his gang's dominance indisputable. 

Although he rarely got involved in actual hands-on operations anymore, it was his own murdering prowess and sadistic style that had earned him his moniker during his mercenary days, when "The Shark" established his reputation as a top enforcer.  Since then, his ruthless scheming and cutthroat management skills had earned him the most envied (and lucrative) appointment in the entire operations branch of the Bratva ("Brotherhood").  After an unprecedented, bloody coup that eliminated the previous chief, Grushenkov had ascended to the leadership of the Gol'yanovskaya, the quasi-military enforcement wing of the Izmaylovskaya gang.  Now he answered only to the inner circle of the Izmaylovskaya, headed by his close personal friend, the infamous Don Semyon.

In support of the aloof and cold-blooded Don, Constantin had constructed a covert multinational network of freelance mercenaries, corrupt ex-military specialists, former spies, and ambitious local gangsters.  He had since receded into the shadows to perform his supervisory and administrative roles.  No intelligence agency had a clear photograph of him taken during his fifteen-year reign of power; with his penchant for disguise and frequent use of surrogates, many of his own agents now depended on rumors for details of his current appearance and physical condition.

The latest such rumor had sent a ripple of alarm and astonishment through elite criminal circles and the government agencies that monitored them.

The Shark was retiring:  Grushenkov wanted out. 

Some said it was a heart condition; others speculated that years of administration had made him soft; maybe he was in love and wanted to settle down, raise a family, have the kind of stability available to the hands-off, quasi-legitimate leaders of the cartel, instead of a life of violent dealings conducted in secret.  All that was certain was that Constantin's top enforcement position was about to come open, and every elite freelancer in the criminal espionage business would want a shot at it.

Naturally, Grushenkov himself was organizing the talent search for his successor.  Interested candidates would undertake a series of assignments designed to determine their worthiness for his position.  Private invitations had gone out to a select group of mercenaries, to assemble into small teams at centralized metropolitan centers around the world, for a grueling, and gruesome, sort of job interview.  The tests would involve high-level operations in service of the Bratva.  Details of the assignments would be communicated to each team of operatives through Grushenkov's handpicked proxy agents. 

Rumor had it that one of the Shark's closest right-hand men would be on hand to witness the results of the tests.  Some even believed the fearsome legend would make a secretive appearance himself.

The players.  Criteria.

1) You should be able to post at least 5 full lines of text once or twice a week, barring unusual circumstances.  That's a bare minimum; no offense, but I'm just not interested in posts shorter than that.  I'll be trying to post much more than that myself and hope everyone else will, too.

2) Your writing should be of comparable or superior quality to mine.  If you look at my past posts and don't think you could produce something similar, then we probably aren't well-suited to each other.  If you're interested in joining, though, please don't let this expectation scare you off; the other criteria are more important.  (Incidentally, my use of images in RPs is a recent thing that you don't need to bother with necessarily; writing ability is what I'm looking for.)

3) You should be willing to play out the game for some time.  It seems that group RPs tend to start out big and then burn out fast.  I'm hoping our game will have some longevity, so please don't jump in if you know in advance that you can't play for very long.  (There may be exceptions to this in individual circumstances.)


The set-up above is for a new group roleplay needing at least 2 additional players, preferably more.  The mood will be along the lines of TV's "Alias" or the James Bond movies, but of course including much more gratuitous sex and violence.  I have fairly complex plot points I'd like to weave into the RP over time.  The opening scene will take place in a Berlin discotheque, where several mercenaries are meeting on the night before their first assignment.  I will be playing Constantin at some point, and various other characters as needed along the way. 

Other players will be handling the mercenaries and undercover agents.  Ideally, there would be two or three mercenaries, including at least one submissive-leaning female character in her early twenties; the others can be any gender or orientation with any sexual preferences.  Ideally, there will be at least two undercover agents posing as mercenaries, one being a submissive-leaning female in her early twenties.  I'd love to have a male counterpart to Constantin, an agent in his mid-to-late thirties who's been pursuing the criminal for the last 15 years and is now getting his last chance to catch him.  I have further character details I will be discussing and negotiating with the actual players.  It might be nice, particularly if there are very few players, for each of them to handle multiple characters as needed, but that isn't a requirement in advance.

The idea for the game grew out of an attempt to construct RP scenarios involving dominant older men pairing with submissive younger women, hence the desire to have a couple older male and younger female characters.  Those will be the only sexual relationships required for the setup, but I think the premise is broad enough to allow for other types of characters and pairings as well.

I would like to play a broad supervisory role, handling whatever scene descriptions and characters aren't covered by other players, in order to end up with something resembling an actual traditional plot; I already have some character arcs, story developments, and possible scenes in mind.  Another idea I may attempt to incorporate would be to split the game into separate threads that progress simultaneously; I was thinking it would be fascinating to have the players agree to not read the threads involving other characters, so that I could bring in story developments in separate threads and then have certain characters run into each other without knowing each other's history and secrets.  The players would learn only as much as their characters know about each other.  This would allow for some plot twists and surprises that would be impossible to set up otherwise.  Naturally, outside readers could theoretically be following all the threads and see the surprises coming, unlike the players or characters.  At certain points in the game, I would let the players know that they can go back and catch up on the threads and posts they had previously avoided, once plot developments had obviated the need for secrecy.

Needless to say, if you've read this far, you probably realize this is intended to be a sophisticated and complex kind of RP, requiring a high level of commitment, patience, and writing ability.  Hopefully that won't scare people off, but I will be trying to assemble a group of complementary, skilled players.  Please look at my Ons and Offs to see if we match up (link in my signature).  Don't worry if there are a few differences, but if you're wanting a whole lot of something I avoid, we obviously won't play well together.   

I'm always willing and eager to discuss your ideas or alterations to anything here.  If anything above caught your eye, please let me know by replying here, or just PM me ... I'm going to put this thread up with what I've got so far and update it in the future as needed.

Thanks for reading, )
-- Rick

[Images scavenged from the internet under principle of fair use, with thanks and apologies to the artists and photographers.]

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Offline kckolbe

Re: Compromising Positions III: killing kind [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2009, 01:22:28 PM »
   Well, I am definitely interested in a support role, perhaps as a mercenary.  All I ask is that there be some discussion for char backgrounds, preferably some past integration to help get a feel for a character.
EDIT:  I won't deploy to Kuwait after joining.

Offline RedEve

Re: Compromising Positions III: killing kind [MUL]
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2009, 02:01:22 PM »
I'm very much interested. One remark so far, I see you'd like a submissive female on both the mercenary and undercover agent group. I assume their submissiveness is purely sexual? Since they would be ill-equipped to take on the job they're applying for if they were a generally submissive person.

Offline kckolbe

Re: Compromising Positions III: killing kind [MUL]
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2009, 02:09:37 PM »
Personally I like the idea of a non submissive agent forced into a submissive role as part of her assignment.  I think it would add a lot of flavor.  Maybe she likes it, maybe she doesn't, as long as the player finds it interesting.

Offline Rachubka

Re: Compromising Positions III: killing kind [MUL]
« Reply #4 on: September 29, 2009, 02:28:29 PM »
I'm posting to state my interest! I'm leaning towards the undercover agent side of the deal; can't really pull off the sexy 'kill people to get my way thing' as opposed to 'killing the bad people who do bad things to get their way'. :P Hoping for more details on character background and stuff that you are looking for or would it be a free for all? :)

Offline rick957Topic starter

Re: Compromising Positions III: killing kind [MUL]
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2009, 04:30:38 PM »
Hey, great to see some interest already. :-)  New folks are just as welcome as old hands. 

I'd like to have as many people as possible to choose from, to get a nice range of diverse but complementary styles and tastes.  Unfortunately, not everyone who expresses interest is guaranteed to participate.  I'll be choosing by looking at previous posts, E introductions, and Ons and Offs; I want a group whose writing styles excite me personally and also seem well-suited to each other.  (For example, I'll want roughly equal numbers of men and women, dominants and submissives, people with similar Ons, etc.)  I really hope everyone can understand my intentions and won't take it badly if they don't get into the RP; it's certainly nothing personal, and could be just due to incompatibility with the other players. 

If enough people express interest to get the RP going, I'll bounce some specific character ideas off whoever ends up playing.  I will try to accomodate the players' wishes as much as possible.

The request for submissive females is just to match up with my own dominant character(s), but that's not a requirement at all.  Also, I was referring to submissiveness in terms of bedroom behavior, not necessarily in overall personalities.  All the characters should have sexual interactions with at least a few different partners, so some variation in terms of style and preferences is fine and even desirable.

The undercover agents should have all kinds of moral dilemmas to deal with, deciding what kinds of violence, sex, and criminal activities to participate in.  They'll have to get their hands dirty to establish their covers, and they'll need to figure out just how far they'll go in order to gain access to and take down the head bad guy.

Offline RedEve

Character Name:  Tatiana Bohuslava
Known Aliases:  "The White Lily"

Nationality:  Ukrainian
Age:  23
Measurements and build:  approx. 5'9", 130 lbs.; slim build
Hair:  blond
Eyes:  blue

Distinctive features/identifying characteristics:
Distinctive pair shaped mole on the inside of her right thigh, does not smoke nor drink alcohol and follows a rigid, meat-free diet.

Weapons preferences: Expert in hand to hand combat, highly proficient with knives, preferred weapon for long distance jobs is the Dragunov sniper rifle, carries a Heckler & Koch USP as a handgun.

Background:  Details are based on Interpol reports from the past 18 month, sources being a few surviving associates and witnesses.

Recruited into the Ukrainian special services at age 21. Became the first female to serve as part of the Ukrainian special services unit Alpha, until she went rogue on just her third mission. The rest of her team was never heard of again. Ukrainian military intelligence concluded that the most logical scenario was that their female operative was bribed to betray her team mates by the very man the team had been sent  after. Has gone underground since, and has stayed away from Ukraine itself since her treason.

Sporadic sightings since then. Initially named in several high-profile assassinations in Russia, mostly in and around Moscow. Seems to have moved her terrain of operations since, with at least six confirmed kills on the European continent. Tends to clean up after herself, disposing of the bagmen and handlers her employers send her after she has finished the job. Only three have survived so far.

Personality:  Functional intelligence, streetwise. Ruthless, cold, calculated. Can be charming and flirtatious, but it always serves a purpose. Does not like building close personal bonds. Keeps to herself in between missions.  High fashion aficionado, her one passion away from work. Does not drink alcohol herself and hates people who indulge in too much alcohol. Has a warm, gentle, almost timid sounding voice that is the polar opposite of her cold personality.  The only time she expresses genuinely kindness is when confronted with animals and small children. Is polite and reserved, and hates people who are rude and/or overly brash in public.

Current status:  Has heard of Constantin Grushenkov ‘s search for an heir and is determined to prove her worth. Is convinced she is by far the best candidate for the job, and has considered killing anyone who might threaten her chances.

« Last Edit: October 02, 2009, 08:47:03 AM by RedEve »

Offline Rachubka

Character Name:  Torrie Adams
Known Aliases: Codename "Evergreen". Previous aliases include "Jane Bronte", and "Katerina Bykovsky".

Nationality:  United Kingdom (England)
Age:  21
Measurements and Build:  Approx. 5'7", 126 lbs. Athletic build. 34D - 25 - 32
Hair:  Natural brunette
Eyes:  Dark green

Distinctive features/identifying characteristics: No known birthmarks / scars. Appreciates a good, strong drink. Standard diet. Does not smoke. Never leaves the home without a concealed weapon.

Weapons preferences: Incredible firearms proficiency. Favoured pistol is a Browning Hi-Power Practical .40 S&W. All other weaponry is used at the discretion of the mission and what is supplied to her by her governing organization, but the Browning never leaves her side.
Background:  All details are drawn from Torrie's file within the British Secret Intelligence Service. Career highlights are kept separately on a mission and date purpose.

As with most recruits within the British SIS, Torrie was inducted very early and underwent an education that thoroughly outlined the necessary skills and knowledge that would be required as an agent. International relations in regards to politics, trade, and languages were taught very early, and once she had become of age, she was trained physically and learned the art of firing a weapon.

Her first few missions were a remarkable success, showing an aptitude of using her abilities and assets to their fullest potential. Having rather generic, though stunning, features allows Torrie to employ a number of guises to help penetrate criminal groups with ease.

Personality:  Born and raised English of a special variety, Torrie is rather reserved and well mannered when in the presence of authority figures. Often on the field, she has developed a sort of chameleon personality, catering to those around her by learning of their desires and flaws. When not on a mission, the woman often sits back in her flat, working on the next language to make fluent, or keeping up on her global politics. Not necessarily a prude, but her job is really all that she knows, and she will do whatever it takes to do it safely and properly.

Current status:  Recently tasked with infiltrating Constantin Grushenkov ‘s recent search for a successor within the Mafiya who will overlook a number of shady dealings on behalf of the illegal organization. As it is paramount that this opportunity be taken seriously. Considering the success of her alias known as "Katerina Bykovsky", Torrie will be acting as her. (Shown right)

Man, formatting that was hard... and hopefully I was allowed to try and make a character! :S
« Last Edit: October 02, 2009, 11:46:19 PM by Rachubka »

Offline rick957Topic starter

Hey guys, :-)
One last bit of explanation about my intentions in selecting the group ...

From my (very) limited experience and from what I've heard others say, group RPs tend to start out with lots of participants and posts, but then before long people lose interest or become frustrated or just disappear. 

Many if not most group games die off quick, before much of anything has happened.  I'm sorry to say that's been the result in all three of my own previous group games.  (I know, it doesn't say much about my GMing skills, does it?  :-(  ::) )

I think at least part of the problem is starting out with players who just have naturally divergent styles.  Some people just naturally tend to make shorter or less complicated posts, while others tend toward greater length and intricacy.  I figure the first group of players ends up frustrated after a while from trying to constantly beef up their posts to match those of the second group; then at the same time, the second group feels limited or loses interest because of all the differing post styles and lengths.

Everyone who's expressed interest so far has been very cool about it and seemed very friendly and likable, so in that sense I'd rather not narrow down the group; but, I think it's the best way to try to end up with a game that lasts and is enjoyable for the participants. 

As you can tell if you've read all this, my writing style tends toward the lengthier and more complex posts, so I'm going to keep those of you whose past posts appear closest to that style.  I'm about to PM everybody just so you know if you're in or not. 

Thanks very much for everyone who took the time to express interest, and thanks very much for being understanding.
-- Rick

Oh yeah -- new people, especially males!, are still welcome to express interest.  (males!  where are they hiding?)

Offline Rockin

Maybe you need to send them some 'cheese cake' :p

EDIT: Just tell me what spot you want me to fill and I'll do my best at it ^^
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Offline Salomé

Character Name: Nova Fuchs [Yes, it's pronounced 'fooks'].
Known Aliases: Bianca Ricci, Bianca Moretti.
Nationality: German-Italian.
Age: Has been 21 for 3 years now.
Measurements and Build: Short and slight, but toned. 34 - 24 - 34. 5'3."
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Blue.
Distinctive features/identifying characteristics: Has a clear, piercing voice. Addicted to Camel Turkish Golds. In constant motion. Artless, open face.
Weapons: BND-issued Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum for sniping and a Walther PPK/E for short-distance. Has a personal collection of purse-sized Berettas, but also likes to brag-- "Weapon? I'm the weapon," in reference to her notorious creativity in the application of ordinary objects (e.g. hairspray, lighters, pencils) in hand-to-hand combat.
From the BND Central File for Persons (PEZD) database.

Nova Fuchs has been with the German federal intelligence agency, the BND(Bundesnachrichtendienst), since 2004. Bold and brilliant, she pushed her way up the ranks of the BND as an undercover agent with panache and style, grounded in courageousness and creativity. Her nickname was "the Gambler"--she was a risk-taker, and anything but subtle, but the technique seemed to work for her. Fuchs was a passionate and charismatic leader, and her career seemed nothing but promising--until late 2008, when she was blamed for the emotional way in which she handled a nasty pipebomb fiasco during Oktoberfest. Her reputation suffered a heavy blow, but protected her from outright dismissal. Instead, she was suspended and taken off all the major international cases, and relegated to petty security missions.

However, constant frustration and little headway in the Grusehnkov case persuaded the top decision makers at the BND to put Fuchs back in the game--the real game. The original team in charge of the Grusehnkov case would remain in operation, but Nova was appointed as an independent undercover agent in the Grusehnkov case--as backup, so to speak.

Fuch's entire career hangs on the success with which she infiltrates Grusehnkov's inner circle.

Nova Fuchs is a gracious winner and a sore loser. She can be authoritative and controlling, but also intensely loyal, and inordinately generous to those who agree with her. By the same token, she is arrogant, and only works well in teams if she is the leader.
She has devoted followers and equally devoted enemies.
Blunt, sometimes to the point of being rude, she's a horrible actor but a proficient liar. This has the potential to work in her advantage--her wide-eyed sincerity is always unmistakable. 
Stubborn, principled, and undisciplined, Nova has a difficult time reconciling her secret idealism with the pragmatism necessary for her job. 

Current Status:
She's a gamble. Her position in the Grusehnkov case is a topic of fierce debate within the BND. Her detractors believe that her explosive temper and impatience will blow the entire operation to pieces. Her supporters counter that she is, officially, at least, separate from the main team, and that her straightforward, headlong tendencies might succeed where espionage and secrecy have only failed so far.

« Last Edit: October 05, 2009, 07:18:58 PM by Salomé »

Offline Salomé

Thanks Rick. I finally posted, phew!
Would you like me to double as a male character?
Hot & bothered is good, but we wouldn't want you to become hot and bothered for the wrong reasons. :-)

Offline rick957Topic starter

Salome -- you and everyone else are welcome to play multiple characters if you like, but one character sheet is probably good for now, until we get a full group.

 :o  You've gotta tell me if your character's last name is pronounced how it looks like it's pronounced.

Offline Salomé

I just realized that it would sound pretty wrong in American English. Or even British English for that matter.
In German, because of the throat sound, it wouldn't sound so strange... haha. Do you think I ought to change it? I liked it because it meant "fox," but it does veer away from the more generically German-sounding surname I'd originally aimed for.

And nice title change; I hope it works. :-)

Offline rick957Topic starter


It's totally up to you; I find it quite amusing, personally.  If there were some way to clarify the pronunciation for readers, that might be a good addition, but again, your call.

Nova Fuchs.  Indeed.  ;D

Offline Salomé

Haha, yes, the potential humor hasn't escaped me either.
And it does add a campy twist.
I think I might leave it as it is, not only because I'm too lazy to change it, but because it might also be worked into the plot somehow--not in a major way, but maybe one of her coworkers could take potshots at her name. ??? Or something. :-)

And there's no way to write down the throat sound. The closest would be "foohks"--which still sounds wrong, but oh well. :P

Offline rick957Topic starter

Hey folks, just out of curiosity -- how do each of you feel about playing opposite other females who are writing male characters?  It occurred to me that maybe I could approach some people who like that sort of thing and fill out our group that way, in case we don't get more male writers.

It's no big deal either way -- personally, I'm one of those people who prefer to play only with female writers doing female characters when it comes to doing sex scenes, but I know some people are more flexible than me.

Let me know what you think.

Offline RedEve

I'm okay with it.

Offline Mr Self Destruct

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Color me interested!  If you're still looking for players, let me know.  I'll start working up a profile now.

Offline rick957Topic starter

Excellent, it looks like we are going to have a game after all.  I was a bit discouraged and doubtful for a moment there.  :-)

I'm itching to get started, so I'm putting up some threads now.  I'm going to put us in Non-Consent Human Small Groups, and here's why:  I don't expect rape or reluctant sex to play a major part in our game, but, I'm not opposed to having such a scene or two if it seems appropriate to the ongoing plotline.  Putting the threads there will give us the most flexibility to include whatever kinds of sex acts we choose to do.  Of course, if any players have strong objections to the placement of the threads, please let me know and I will take your concerns into consideration.

Please if you don't mind, copy and paste your character descriptions to this thread:

Here is our OOC thread for discussion and chit-chat.  I expect this game to be pretty complicated, so I'll be communicating a lot to you guys in the OOC -- you'll want to keep an eye on it.

I've decided to lay out the game in this way:  borrowing a device from "Alias," I'd like to base each thread in a different metropolitan center or geographic region; there'll be a thread for Berlin, for example.  The action will move from one thread to another based on what's happening in the plot.  At times, simultaneous actions will occur on multiple threads.

This is important:  I'm going to declare certain threads temporarily "off-limits" to most of the players.  What this will mean is, I'll work up a fun subplot with a player or two by PMs, and then we'll do the necessary legwork/preparation in that thread; then the sub-plot will occur in a different, public, open thread involving all the players.  After the (hopefully clever and surprising) subplot has played out, I will remove the "off-limits" restriction from that first thread, and everyone can go back and read what the setup was for the surprise that just happened.  Does that make sense?

That's my idea for making the plot developments more fun and surprising for everyone.  I'm going to assume everyone is cooperating by not reading the "off-limits" threads until I make them public again.  Of course, there's no way to enforce this, and I'm not going to try to; the whole point is to add fun to the plot, and theoretically if you want to ruin the surprises for yourself, you easily could by just reading the "off-limits" threads.  I hope you won't, though!  :)

I would like to suggest that everyone except RedEve do a first post with your character prior to any of them meeting each other.  This will allow you to show a scene that gives your character a little substance and depth in advance, showing us a little bit about their lives before the first big get-together.  I will be doing a set-up scene as well prior to any group interactions.  Of course, as with everything in the game, you may feel free to refuse to participate if you have some reason to do so.  (All my ideas are suggestions only, and I am always open to discussion about alterations or alternative suggestions.)

RedEve, our first subplot will involve your character, so please wait to do a write-up until I've talked to you about it by PM.

I would like each of you to tell me what city or region in the world you want your first post to take place in so that I can create the threads for you  -- please don't use Berlin, where your characters will go for the first meeting/group scene.  We may move the action back to the cities or regions you have chosen at times.  So, for example, Rachubka may do a scene now in the thread called "Killing Kind:  London", and then her character's actions and posts will move to the thread "Killing Kind:  Berlin", and then elsewhere eventually, and we may return to London and reuse that thread later.

Sorry that there's so much explanation to read, but this is the kind of thing I'll be doing as GM, usually in our OOC thread, to try to make the game work; if it's a problem for anyone to read so much of my rambling, let me know and jump out now, with my apologies.  :(  I just prefer to over-communicate in an attempt to minimize the confusion that inevitably arises in group games.

We have two character sheets yet to arrive also, from Dark Clown and Enmuro -- welcome to you both!  You guys can put the character sheets in the Characters thread directly.

This thread will remain unlocked so that interested new players can join the game.  If you are interested and believe your writing abilities will match up well with the rest of us, please don't hesitate to post here or PM me, and we'll work your character in.  I love the idea of occasional additions to add spice to the game, and of course there may be drop-outs along the way and therefore spaces to fill.

For the players we have so far, please move all further discussion to the OOC thread.  Thanks for reading -- hope everyone's still excited to get this started.  :-)
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Offline rahatngt

Sounds very interesting. I am wondering though what sort of assignments would they given and such so that they would need to pair up or would the male-female pair up would happen as part of contesting each other to complete some assignment?

Offline rick957Topic starter

Drugs, people trafficking, electronic theft, kidnapping, assassination:  their insidious reach extends to every profitable illegal enterprise ...

The assignments will be along these lines, and infighting or assigned competitions may take place also.

Offline rahatngt

I could be interested .. but have to wait to post a character.

Offline Enmuro

Character Name: Aleksandr ‘Sasha’ Baiyi
Known Aliases:  'The Poisoner's Apprentice,’ Brodie Calagan
Nationality:  Sino-Russian
Age:  31
Build:  Athletic and wirey, around 5'11.
Hair:  Black Ash
Eyes:  Grey-Blue
Distinctive features/identifying characteristics:  His ethnic background, passion for gourmet Italian cooking, and complete inability to understand most Western and Eastern jokes.
Weapons:  Makarov for quick and clean jobs, AK for grunt work, and a Spetsnaz combat knife for when things get fun.

There are the Hollywood mafia families they show in theaters, food loving Sicilians with a penchant for opera.  Then there are the real Mafia families, vicious gangs like the one Sasha was adopted into as a child. Sasha’s earliest memory of his adoptive family are of them jeering at a small tv screen as it showed the Godfather movie. Sasha spent his childhood secretly loving every scene of that movie. There was something to the amoral yet noble characters that appealed to him.

Sasha started his adult life of crime as a thug in the slums of Kiev, his foreign appearance and coldhearted methods making him stand out and quickly get noticed. His first boss was an Italian immigrant named Gerucci, a low level Mafioso who mostly worked in the disposal racket. You know, dumping toxic waste in waterways, burying it underneath school playgrounds, that sort of thing. Nothing was off limits and whatever Sasha wanted, he got. Then Don Gerucci got greedy with the take and Sasha saw his chance to make the jump from thug to enforcer.

He was 15 when he buried Gerucci in the same filth he’d been dumping on the community. This unintentionally heroic act gave him a folk legend status among the locals. Soon Sasha moved on from Kiev, working for different mafia families as a contract cleaner. There are even rumors that he pulled some jobs for the IRA at one point. When asked about his involvement in Ireland he only responds ‘Don’t know what you’re saying’ in a sloppy Irish accent.

Sasha is a heartless monster who aspires to nobility, and that just makes how friendly he is in person all the more frightening. He'll order a round of drinks for complete strangers at the bar, drop a hundred euros in every panhandlers cup on the way home, then cap the night off by torching a neighborhood of row houses that didn’t pay protection money while their occupants sleep.

Current Status:
Sasha may work in the shadows of the underworld’s lowest echelons now but he has big plans. He wants to take the kinds of jobs only Grushenkov can get and bring them out into the public eye. Sasha’s dream is to carve his name into history as a notorious mafia enforcer, a modern day nightmare. Then, maybe, they’ll make movies about him.
Location: Vacationing in Kiev.

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Character Name:  Daniel Hurst
Known Aliases: Danny Hearse, Demitri Mickelvecz, Deadman Dan
Nationality:  Ireland (Belfast)
Age:  32
Measurements and Build:  Approx. 6'2", 155 lbs. Athletic build.
Hair:  Dark Brown
Eyes:  Dark Brown
Distinctive features/identifying characteristics: A tattoo of a celtic cross on his left forearm, and a tattoo of a horseshoe wreathed in four-leaf clovers on his right shoulder.
Weapons preferences: Daniel is proficient with small-arms fire, including 9 mm handguns, compact sub-machine guns, and sniper rifles.  He prefers silenced weapons that are small and compact, though he is willing to use whatever is available to get the job done.  His time in the IRA made him proficient with explosives, as well, and he is well adapted to making IED’s (improvised explosive devices).
Background:  Intelligence gathered from Interpol and Special Branch
Daniel began his terrorist career with the IRA (Irish Republican Army) when he was only 15 years old.  His younger brother was killed by police in a firefight with IRA members, and he viewed the killing as less of an accident and more of a purposeful murder.  Enraged, he joined the group, intent on his revenge.  Over the years, he was arrested on a number of small charges: Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Bribing of Public Officials, Small Arms Trafficking, Assaulting a Police Officer.  None of them stuck, however, as the lad was quite adept at covering his tracks, and suspicion alone does not a case make.
At the age of 22, he suddenly disappeared.  Interpol began tracking him in 1999, when he appeared in Wales, shortly before the assassination of the prime minister.  He next showed up in Belgium, and despite the best attempts at surveillance by both the FBI and MI-6, he was nowhere to be seen when a car bombing ripped a hole in the Ministry of Justice building, resulting in the deaths of three judges and two other court officials, all purported to have been involved in the prosecution of IRA members active in smuggling and drug-trafficking in the region.  A lack of evidence meant that no charges were pressed, and once again, Daniel walked away with a clean break.
Personality:  Daniel is quiet and conserved, an exterior façade that belies the undercurrent of killing precision he is capable of.  When he is calm, he is often relaxed and almost jovial, capable of carrying on a quiet conversation with both politeness and levity.  When he is angered, or on a job, he is cold and calculating, and completely focused on the task at hand.  His nickname, Deadman Dan, came about in the IRA because of his quiet and determined focus.  Other members questioned described him as, ‘death in a black suit, devoid of emotion or mercy, a literal dead man walking’.
Current status:  Through an information network that is yet unknown to authorities, Daniel has learned of Constantin Grushenkov’s search for an heir.  Quietly, he has begun preparing for the test of his abilities, and the assignments that will come his way.