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Author Topic: Twisted Fairy Tales [MUL]  (Read 821 times)

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Twisted Fairy Tales [MUL]
« on: September 27, 2009, 11:10:57 PM »
Recently I have been craving some fairtale retellings. There's so many possibilities, I'm going to make a seperate thread for them. These include but are not excluded to specific stories.

Mad Like Me

VAN I guess although I could see this twisted in some cool ways to something more interesting

Original inspiration: Alice in Wonderland; More specific inspiration: SyFy's Alice

After poking around the grounds of the old villa that she used to live in, Alice finds herself sucked back into a contemporary, twisted reflection of what was once Wonderland where the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts are entangled in a deadly battle over the throne. Desperate to escape the even more dangerous and terrifying land, Alice seeks help from an old friend whose intentions aren't in the least bit honorable.

Rough sketch of a plot, of course, tossed out right before bedtime. Seeking a Mad Hatter.

The Aura of an Angel

NC-H to eventual VAN. Human/Angel. Could be either M/M or M/F though I'd like to try the first out.

Based on the old Japanese story of a man stumbling on a bathing angel and stealing her hagoromo (a robe that served as her connection to heaven). They marry until the man tells her he has it and she flies away to heaven.

In a small corner of Maine, there is said to be a place hidden from human eyes. The REAL fountain of youth, legend tells of the waters that all immortal creatures, gods and satyres alike, must bathe once every thousand years. The only way that one can find the area, though, is if he already knows where it is. [Insert human character name here] finds a strange amulet in an antique shop run by a man that claims to have found the fountain of youth. The man tells him that it is hallow, filled with water from the fountain and it is carved from the root of a tree that fed on the waters. It will serve as a guide to the fountain where the wearer will face various choises provided by the gods, one of which is an actual opportunity to step into the waters.

Wary but willing to test the words of the old man, [human character] travels to Maine where he sets out looking for the hidden glade. He finds it and, as promised, he is given his options, one of which comes in the form of a folded up sheet of mist said to be the essence of an angel. Without seeing the angel, he takes the hagoromo.

Story may progress in various ways. I will be playing the angel and am seeking the human male. \

Beauty and the Beast

Possible NC-H

Time setting possibilites range from midievil to modern and anywhere in between.

She is an heiress. The oldest of three sisters, she was raised by her mother, a throw-away lover of her father so when her mother dies and she is made to live within the spoiled, rich and pompous confines of her family, she rebels, seeking out friends she's been banned from, dating the boy she's loved since childhood. When her father finally has enough of his next-in-line, he tricks her into an arranged marriage with a debtor. A dull, drab and terrifyingly deformed man, it's been said that he was cursed by his late wife whom he pushed from a devestating height. Unwillingly but unavoidably bound to the man, she is forced to find her way through the twists and turns of his family's delapidated castle. However, what she finds may not be the heart of the beast but something much more human and much more terrifying

The Snow Queen

A Hans Christian Anderson story

Possibly NA. This is a story very close to my childhood and while I would like to see the story played out I don't know if I particularly want sexual themes added. Though if we discuss it and find a nice way to do that, I'm willing

Kyle (Kai) and Genevive (Genny [pronounced Jenny]) have been best friends since childhood. Kai was raised to be a gentleman of high society: poised, polished, and a perfectly suitable husband while Genny trained in the arts of sweeping, dusting, and, sometimes, cooking. As a master and his servant girl, the bond was never expected to last past the years of childhood but when, contrary to Kai's parents' expectations, their plan to elope was discovered, dirastic measures had to be taken. There was a devil living in the countryside, a little troll who delighted in making all sorts of mirrors. Infamous through society, it was said that he'd made a mirror that could make the most beautiful thing wretched and ugly and if he were to shatter that piece of mirror and place it in the eye, heart or tongue of a living person, their most evil and base nature would be revealed. Desperate to save their well-bred son from a life of poverty and scandal, the parents went to the troll's beautiful mistress, the Snow Queen, beseaching her to brew a drink from the shards and slip it to Genny. The witch agreed and made the potion, slipping through the next snow storm to find the girl but by accident she sees Kai first and instantly falls in love. Instead of giving the draught to Genny, she slips it instead to Kai, but allows the mirror to enter only his heart and eyes, distorting his vision to make all but herself ugly and freezing his heart to ice, her element. At the first opportunity, she whisks the boy away to her palace where she makes him her groom.

This story could go two ways: either the classic tale where Genny (originally named Gerda but I didn't want to use that) seeks Kai out or a different version in which the Snow Queen fights to keep her control over Kai.

Mourning on the Jade Stairs
[Liberties taken with the title translation.]

Based off of a Chinese Poem by Li Po of the Tang Dynasty

NC-H, most likely, then MUL

        "On jade stairs the white of dewfall.

        Deeply soaked the silken slippers.

        She lets fall the crystal blind.

        Sees, through gauze, a Moon of Autumn."

Editor's note of the poem:She is a concubine in the Imperial Palace to which the jade stairs lead, but the white dewdrops on jade are also the tears on her face, the absent ‘dew’ of sexual union, and the half-month White Dew in the autumn lunar calendar. The soaked slippers indicate she has been there for hours, neglected and self-neglecting. The crystal blind is a jewelled curtain, but also eyelashes wet with tears. She is no longer young, herself a chilled autumn moon. The grievance is unspoken, but implicit.

A young girl, spotted in her village by a passing emmisary of the Emporor, is forced to come to the Imperial Palace and become a concubine where she is at the mercy of the ruler's passions which she cannot return. Beautiful poem with the ability to be a gorgeous story. Please PM me about this one.

Other Stories Willing to Roleplay:

*Psyche/Eros (aka Psyche/Cupid)
*Little Mermaid (NOT Disney style)
*Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (NOT between the princess and the classical versions of the dwarves. Maybe if we tweaked it to change them to normal-sized human beings.)
*Hansel and Gretel (Incest?)
*Sleeping Beauty
*Hunchback of Notre Dame
*Any of Alice's Adventures (Through the Looking Glass or in Wonderland)
*Big plus for classic Folk Tales, though preferrably Japanese or Chinese
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Re: Twisted Fairy Tales [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2009, 10:02:42 PM »
I have dutifully PM'd you, as I am interested

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Re: Twisted Fairy Tales [MUL]
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2009, 07:22:57 PM »
Hmmm....sends you a pm.

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Re: Twisted Fairy Tales [MUL]
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2009, 11:56:47 PM »
I have PMed you.

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Re: Twisted Fairy Tales [MUL]
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2009, 09:07:40 PM »
An Alice in Wonderland story was added.