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Author Topic: Mean Clueless Dazed and Confused Pink American High School Times [MUL]  (Read 690 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Hi, below is an interest check/recruitment thread for a new group roleplay.  This first bit contains general info about my roleplaying style and the group I'd like to assemble.  The scenario specifics are farther down.

I'm a straight guy looking to put together a group of three or more.  I'll be playing a male character, and I want at least 2 women to play straight or bi female characters; other players and characters can be any gender or orientation.  I tend to play dominant roles and will want at least one submissive partner, although I may drop that requirement with the right players.

I know the scenario details are all that most people put in these threads, but to me, those kinds of specifics aren't anywhere near as important as assembling an equally committed and well-matched group of writers.  So, here's what I'm looking for in terms of players.  There are really only three essential criteria:

1) You should be able to post at least 5 full lines of text once or twice a week, barring unusual circumstances.  That's a bare minimum; no offense, but I'm just not interested in posts shorter than that.  I'll be trying to post much more than that myself and hope everyone else will, too.

2) Your writing should be of comparable or superior quality to mine.  If you look at my past posts and don't think you could produce something similar, then we probably aren't well-suited to each other.  If you're interested in joining, though, please don't let this expectation scare you off; the other criteria are more important.  (Incidentally, my use of images in RPs is a recent thing that you don't need to bother with necessarily; writing ability is what I'm looking for.)

3) You should be willing to play out the game for some time.  It seems that group RPs tend to start out big and then burn out fast.  I'm hoping our game will have some longevity, so please don't jump in if you know in advance that you can't play for very long.  (There may be exceptions to this in individual circumstances.)

I will be looking through your posts to decide if it looks like we'll play well together or not.  I don't think I'm all that picky, but I will be committing a good bit of time to any game that gets off the ground, so I am going to be somewhat selective about whom I play with.  Having said that, there are plenty of quirky reasons why I might avoid certain players and gravitate toward others, so please don't take it personally if you express an interest but don't end up in the game.

It would be good if your SRP interests aren't dramatically different from mine, although I do expect and even hope for some variation in tastes in a group setting.  Please look at my Ons and Offs to see if we match up (link in my signature).  Don't worry if there are a few differences, but if you're wanting a whole lot of something I avoid, we obviously won't play well together.   

As to scenario specifics, I'll be posting ideas below as they occur to me.  I'm always willing and eager to discuss your ideas or alterations to anything here.

High schoolthe setting has always been rife with broad, sympathetic characters and exploitable melodrama, not to mention raging hormones, attractive youthful bodies, and intriguing, insular politics.  The RP I have in mind would owe a heavy debt to the long line of popular films focused on high schools, starting at least as far back as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and extending up to whatever the most recent one was; the last one I saw was "Mean Girls."  (No, wait, there was a great one called "Brick" in '05.)  My sentimental favorite of the genre was a fun flick called "Heathers" from '89, so my RP idea steals a bit from what little I recall of that plot.

[None of the images here are necessarily going to be used for the characters; they're just points of reference from film and television.]

My character would be the mysterious outsider-transfer student, an unknown quantity who gets dropped into a new school for his senior year.  Always in the trenchcoat and Doc Martens or Chuck Taylors, lots of black clothes, brilliant and obscure taste in music.  Rumors swirl about his notorious past, and he has a general bad-attitude and punkish "eff-you" vibe to him.  He's also a little crazy, or at least he likes to play the part.  He's got just one year in this new atmosphere, so he's feeling even more devil-may-care and mischievous than normal. 

The school has a typically rigid, stratified social order made up of traditional cliques with little cross-pollination:  you have your jocks, your nerds, your goth kids, the pretty and popular elite, maybe some skaters, perhaps an emo crowd if someone else can handle their descriptions (yeah, that was after my time, so what? :)).  My guy is the round pin in the square hole, with no obvious group to fit into, and the predictable xenophobia rankles him.  Who's he going to take out his frustrations on?  Naturally, the ones with the most to lose and the least right to it:  the hottest and most popular kids in the school.

The RP will open at one of those painfully awkward and tacky high school dances, the first one of the year, in the fall.  My character is present and dateless and looking unusually fetching because he's hoping to score, and he's not at all bad-looking when he bothers to spruce up a little.  He ends up going home with one of the most popular girls in school, a prototypical hotter-than-hell nose-in-the-air pampered-prom queen/rich bitch (specifics would be up to the player), who's mad at her self-absorbed jock boyfriend and is feeling unusually vulnerable and needy -- otherwise she'd never dream of lowering herself to fraternizing with an unpopular stranger.  She makes the mistake of falling prey to my predator, who has a nice private bedroom with absent parents, stashed alcohol, and hidden recording equipment set up in advance.

Now he's got the blackmail goods on a popular hottie, whom he proceeds to use as his personal plaything as well as pimping her out to gain himself further advantages.

Possible characters:
1) My character, described above.
2) The uber-popular blackmailed girl, mentioned above.  Does she privately enjoy being blackmailed into degrading sexual service, while preserving her social reputation by publicly professing disdain?

3) A slightly older male teacher or administrator.  My character trades his hot slave's sexual services to this authority figure in exchange for having grades rigged in his favor, so that he doesn't have to worry about working his senior year but can still get into his college of choice.  I picture this character as reluctant and acutely aware of the danger he's putting his career in, but also irresistibly drawn to the opportunity to finally fuck one of the untouchable beauties he has to pretend not to notice in his classes.

4) My character's only friend and girl Friday, another hip oddball misfit-type, probably a punkish or gothish or emo-ish girl.  She's got a few friends at the school but also disdains the petty politics of popularity and can't wait to escape the hell of high school.  She's intrigued by and drawn to the dark handsome stranger with his bad attitude and rumors of a troubled past. 

Apart from playing something of a collaborator and sidekick to my guy, I've got an idea for a convoluted subplot involving this character ... Say, the popular girl isn't all that thrilled about being pimped out, or at least has mixed feelings and wants everyone to think she's miserable, so she turns to the misfit girl for help.  She and the misfit are childhood friends who headed in opposite social directions as they matured, so they aren't close anymore but have a history together to fall back on.  So the hottie convinces the misfit to get in good with my character and win him over romantically, at which point the hottie trusts the misfit to convince her new boyfriend to stop fucking and pimping out this other girl. 

Then there could be a whole additional level underneath that conspiracy:  the misfit is bi-curious and has always thought her childhood friend was insanely hot, but she's closeted and self-conscious about feeling attracted to other women.  She decides to help her former friend win her freedom from the blackmailer, but in order to win the blackmailer's trust, she has him force the hottie to hook up with her, either as a couple or perhaps a threesome.  She could string the popular girl along indefinitely, holding out the hope that she'll get her boyfriend to relinquish his hold over her, while using that false pretext to explore her forbidden bisexual/lesbian leanings.

5) The popular girl's handsome jock boyfriend, an all-American quarterback-of-the-football-team type, who's not real thrilled about being publicly humiliated and cuckolded in a sense through the pimping-out of his girlfriend, rumors of which are circulating among the gossipy student body.  He can't just kick my character's ass, because the blackmail recordings of his girlfriend would then get out and further humiliate the elite couple.  He turns to my guy with a plea to stop the mistreatment of his girl, so my guy naturally sees another angle to work to his advantage.  After all, the jock is a virile young stud, whose sexual services can also be enlisted to win favors for my character.  So the jock agrees to seduce a hot female teacher, with the understanding that once he has power over this older woman, he'll use that influence to get my character good marks in her class, thus earning the freedom of his girlfriend.

6) The female teacher, who allows herself against all her good judgment to be seduced by a hot senior, and then has to make sure she doesn't get caught.  She'll fix a few grades for him and his friends ... maybe even let a friend or two of his get in on the sexual fun (my character, perhaps?).  She comes to regret her reckless impulsivity in letting her loneliness and hormones get her into such a bind ... but then again, just how much is she secretly enjoying her own tragic sexual manipulation?

If all of that sounded impossibly confusing and convoluted to you, don't worry, I'm a little spun around myself. :)  The above descriptions contain all kinds of possibilities for underhanded scheming and sexual mischief, the point being just to show a range of possible plot directions and viable subplots that could keep the RP going for some time.  The way things actually play out will be determined by the participants; not everything mentioned above needs to happen, and we can further improvise other developments I haven't mentioned yet.  Hopefully, with the right contributors, all of it will come out in a logical and easily understandable fashion.  Further plot and character suggestions or alterations are welcome.

If anything above caught your eye, please let me know by replying here, or just PM me ... I'm going to put this thread up with what I've got so far and update it in the future as needed. 

Thanks for reading, )
-- Rick
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Offline Larrinia

Re: Mean Clueless Dazed and Confused Pink American High School Times [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2009, 04:11:40 AM »
I'm interested, but torn between "hot slave" and "misfit"!

I like the High School film references, especially the eighties and the early nineties ones...Heathers, the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink (anything that John Hughes did), Ferris Bueller (sp?)...ahhh, I'm having a nostalgic moment.

Offline rick957Topic starter

Re: Mean Clueless Dazed and Confused Pink American High School Times [MUL]
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2009, 04:22:22 AM »
Careful dear, you're dating yourself.  ;)

Just to be clear, the film references are for mood setting, there won't be specific plot elements or characters being lifted.

Also, I'm open to the idea of people playing multiple characters, and may do so myself, depending on the other people involved.