Posession is 9/10ths of the Sister (Demonic Posession, Seduction, Incest)

Started by DreadD, September 25, 2009, 12:17:45 AM

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At the youthful age of 17 our protagonist has been going crazy.  His friends keep talking about, lying mostly, the 'awesome sex' they've been having, and while he lies along with them, he's starting to get horny, and doesn't even know how to approach girls.  He's something of a nerd, he's not incredibly social, and so when he comes across a 'demon summoning' book he decides to give summoning a sexual demoness a try.  It doesn't quite work, well, not the way it was supposed to.  It seemed that the 'sacrifice of virgin blood' wasn't enough to just drip his own in the circle.  It actually wanted someone to be killed for it.  He managed to summon a spirit, but he couldn't quite control it, and it had no physical body...  Not until it wandered into the room next to his and possessed his older sister, visiting from college...

She's since become incredibly horny, somewhat subservient, and capable of wielding strange, sexual magic, and things are getting...  Complicated and exciting.

Exact details can be worked out with... Well, me, over PM or IM.