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May 22, 2018, 03:05:58 PM

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Author Topic: You must come over to the dark side *waves hand like some kind of jedi*  (Read 1265 times)

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Offline HunterTopic starter

I'd like to find a star wars d20 game.  I would prefer mid level (5 - 8), rebellion era, and dark jedi.  Anyone else interested?
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Offline HunterTopic starter

*hopeful look*

Offline Jefepato

I'd be interested in playing, but I'm a shameful failure as a GM...

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Mr. Lee gave me a good idea recently.  What if those lasers that caught Jedi Master Ayala Sekura (the twileck jedi girl in the bare midriffed leathers) were set on stun?  What would happen next? 

Offline Ajoxer

Yeah, It'd make an interesting What If story. That guy she worked with DID seem to have a bit of attraction for her..

What the hell is up with the Twilecks, anyway, that make them so oddly universally attractive? The females, at least...

Offline HunterTopic starter

It looks like there's players but where's the GM?

Offline Soulsemmer

Well, stat-wise, twi'leks have a charisma bonus.

But they state everywhere that by human standards, the women are attractive, and the males usually rather oogly.

I love me some twi'lek female. >.>

Offline Seereous

Twi'lek are considered so sexy because of a few factors. One is the fact that they gave the graceful, dancer build. Two, on Ryloth, the Twi'lek home world, Twi'lek language is not just words, it's body language and subtle shifting of their lekku. So when they speak they are subtly shifting every part of their body. It's like poetry in motion.

Online Zaer Darkwail

Also it can be tentacle issue again, you get good grip by holding both fo them ;). Also most female have exotic colored but appealing colored skin. Anycase I am intrested as player and I did tried run Star Wars game in beginning of Elliquiy but lack of intrest made it die before it borned to move.

Offline HunterTopic starter

I'm still waiting for a d20 star wars game.

Offline HunterTopic starter

Still waiting.