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Author Topic: Interest check: all gay group?  (Read 2282 times)

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Offline GothicFires

Re: Interest check: all gay group?
« Reply #50 on: November 01, 2009, 07:51:28 AM »
If the only option you had was group games on one site then it is understandable why you don't understand why one-on-ones are better.  It is truly rare for a group game to go faster than a one on one. If you are interacting with more than one person it is usually considered rude not to give everyone a chance to respond before posting again... you can, but eventually you will leave the slowest player behind and frustrated... they will quit. You will also miss the opportunity to take the game in a direction that involves everyone's input... not just the fastest posters.

Take for example the group game I am in Beyond Hogwarts. I have not had the ability to respond daily or even every other day. Not even the game owner has been around to post. Yet there are a few who are capable of making several posts each day. Because of this there is a time difference in where we are. It frustrates me because the slower posters won't ever be able to catch up and get the experience out of the game that role playing is supposed to bring.

With a one on one... all you have to do is wait on one partner. When they are in a good position to post your game is going to move. If they are not then at least you know you are not going to be in a position to wait on more than one slow person. Even more so if a person has to stop gaming for a while then you both choose to pick up the game again when they come back. When people leave groups games and you do not have a good gm... the games usually die.

Now to address the m/m problem. There is a disparity between those players who enjoy m/m that are 'top' and 'bottoms'. It is very frustrating for those of us who will top because most of us also bottom. So if you think it is simply hard for a bottom to find a top... you are competing with tops for the other tops. And even if someone who tops has a game opening... if we are topping for every other game (or most of our games) then we are less likely to pick up another game where we are yet again... topping.

If you consider yourself a 'bottom only' person I would really like to encourage you to expand your horizons and volunteer to top for another bottom. You may find that you enjoy it... you may not but it will result in you being able to play more games and it will take some of the stress of those of us who to top from having to turn people down because we don't have available game slots.

Most of us really do feel bad about turning people down. And though I don't turn many down... the more I take the longer everyone waits for my posts. So I get to feel bad about turning people down and making my partners wait for a response  :-\

Offline shadowspaleTopic starter

Re: Interest check: all gay group?
« Reply #51 on: November 03, 2009, 02:07:27 PM »
I am actually really enjoying the three solos I have going but...I don't see where they are moving at any faster of a rate then the groups here.

Maybe what I know as a group game isn't the same as what is found here. The games I am used too are not turn based. They are many different threads happening within a larger one. I could have one character over here, working with another on finding out why dead bodies keep disappearing from the Morgue and another stealing the bodies because they are not really dead but vampires yet to awaken.

You could have a character that is a werewolf that has been giving the task of hunting down these unwakened vampires to destroy them unaware that another character is seeking to capture werewolves to experiment on while another player who works as GM is secretly making all this happen because he wants to weaken all sides so he can take control and rule the world.

That is just an example setting mind you. In the group games I know, there is one main goal that everyone works towards such as defeating an evil that threatens everyone but within that are many other threads. You only reply to the thread(s) your character(s) are in.

Its like a bunch of solo games taking place on the same field that share a common goal. The characters in these individual threads often make appearances in other threads within the game.

If you are not familiar with that, what I am describing likely sounds confusing as hell but its really as simple as two football teams coming together on a field. Each teams members have lives that are separate but they all share the common goal of working together as a team to win the Rose Bowl. The main thread would be the two teams coming together while the each player has a thread called life going on behind the scenes.

Again, I was thinking a group of this type would give players a chance to meet other players in a way that makes it easier to find each other. Finding someone for M/F games is simple as a large part of this forum is composed of people seeking that.

Finding people who play M/M and are compatible or open to starting a game is like seeking a needle in a haystack.
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Offline GothicFires

Re: Interest check: all gay group?
« Reply #52 on: November 03, 2009, 05:51:31 PM »
if you are in a group game and you are in a thread with one other person you are essentially doing a solo game with in a one on one.

if you are in a thread with at least two other people and do not rotate turns, two people can bury the third person rather quickly if they do not wait for him to reply

take the group game i am in now. We all started in the same place in the morning, the main hall. From there the game split into three groups at three different times during the day. two of those groups moved very slow. Group 1 had only two people (one being me, I've been on vacation and in alot of pain) Group 2 has three people (one being me, another player has been sick, and another... the gm... has been caught up in life) group 3 has two people that post short and fast posts. Where group 1 and 2 barely have moved in time group 3 is ready to got to dinner.  There is no way for anyone in either group to play with the other characters because they are in different time zones. Group 1 can't do anything that might affect the characters in group 2 later in the game... because group 2 is already later in the game... and group 3 is going to be into the next day before the scene ends for group 1 and 2. When I gmed everyone stayed with in an hour of each other. If someone took too long to post i would write one with for them to keep them from falling behind but every character got their turn.

I simply couldn't wrap my mind around the chaos of having the same character in different instances of the story at the same time. The closest I have ever come to that was finishing a sex scene because it was really steamy but it was time to move on in the game.

I haven't counted the number of active games I have at the moment but i usually always have at least 3 to respond to at the moment I have 8 or 9.

Keep looking. Eventually you will have enough games with partners that post at various speeds to keep you busy.
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Offline shadowspaleTopic starter

Re: Interest check: all gay group?
« Reply #53 on: November 04, 2009, 06:53:45 AM »
Ugh, I have played one game were everyone moved at their own pace. It died in three weeks later because everyone was so confused about what was going on. I stuck to games that had GM moved time frames or what one gm called an Open Game where time worked as you wanted each month but changed months along with the calendar.

I know I will eventually get games enough to keep me busy. I had nothing when I first joined and now I have three.

I guess what I was truly attempting to create with this thread was a way to find those that do play M/m easier. Maybe there is a way to search for people I haven't been told about, I don't know, but the only way I know to look for people to approach is by looking at o/os which means I have to dig through tons of profiles. I meet a few when people respond to one of my threads but so far most are up to their ears in games already or play subs/bottoms like I do.