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Started by thewhitedusk, September 18, 2009, 03:29:45 AM

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Looking for some good old puppy play, preferibly NC with some bestiality in it.  It would also be a possible body mod/ mind TF as the person adjusted to their new life, such as different things done to nails, teeth, obedience tapes and videos, etc etc, all that could be worked out.  I could play either male or female master/owner, would prefer female, which can be a herm, and looking for a female character as the "pet".

I am updating this to encompass more then just puppy.  Could be dehumanized/degraded into any sort of animal, along with body mods/alterations if desired.  Some examples could be cows, horses, pigs, snakes.  Just really looking to degrade them into nothing more then a lowly animal and used both by the woman and other animals.

PM Me with an idea if interested, or post your idea in here


I would be interested in playing the puppy.
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edited and added more possibilities


im up for anything really im bored right now so anything sounds good to me


Drop me a PM, I'd like to hear your extended thoughts on this idea.


This sounds amazingly fun. NC and body modification? Sign me up! If you still have any slots that is. If you are still looking, shoot me a PM.
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I would like to express my interest here as well.

Rayne Bluestone

like decrepitdan going to express great interest here as well.


wow, soo many interested lol.  Alright, how bout those interested PM me with ideas