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Author Topic: SMALLVILLE! [NC-E] Females and Males Wanted.  (Read 442 times)

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Offline Jack StalkerTopic starter

SMALLVILLE! [NC-E] Females and Males Wanted.
« on: September 17, 2009, 10:16:42 PM »
Thinking about this, would appreciate ideas or input...

Smallville freeform [NC-E] Female and Male players needed for respective roles.

Joint storytelling Project.

All the available caharacters have a general characer note and a job. As long as you keep these in mind you can play around with them a bit Players decide on the sexual orientation of Characters, except that Clark and Kara are Straight or Bisexual. Basically as long as we all stick to a 'rough' version of Smallville:"The depraved years." everything should be fine.

Unfortunately in this version of Smallville Clark rarely gets to save the people in distress before they've been... 'distressed'. Same goes for Kara. They tend to be just too late whenever acts of sexual depravity are involved.

Looking to craft typical Smallville episodes, with a overreaching arc maybe. Certainly story based with plenty of sex scenes. Players determine the sexual orientation of the characters, except for Clark and Lana who are Straight or Bisexual. (hopefully someone will be able to hook up with someone else...LOL)

Set in Smallville before the 'move' to Metropolis. Alternate Season 1-2 start point.

Clark Kent
Superpowered alien living in Smallville Kansas after crash landing during a meteor storm eighteen years ago. Has superstrength, invulnerability, X-ray vision, superspeed and heat vision and icebreath. Goody two shoes who lusts after Lana Lang. In this Alternate univerese he also lusts after Chloe, Kara, and everyone else he takes a fancy to, the few morals he has left keep him in check... unless he's exposed to Red or Purple Kryptonite.

To make sure no one gets killed and to save (albeit too late) anyone in 'distress'
He is occasionally affected by Red Kryptonite or even worse Purple Kryptonite (Which sends him insane with lust). Unfortunately Clark can easily be thwarted by the presence of Green Kryptonite.

Kara Kent
Superpowered alien living in Smallville Kansas after crash landing during a meteor storm a year ago. She has superstrength, invulnerability, X-ray vision, superspeed and heat vision and flight.

To make sure no one gets killed and to save (albeit too late) anyone in 'distress'
She is occasionally affected by Red Kryptonite or even worse Purple Kryptonite (Which sends her insane with lust). Unfortunately Kara can easily be thwarted by the presence of Green Kryptonite.

Lana Lang
Weepy, emotional, weak, judgemental, holier than thou, prim and proper, looks down her nose at others, especially 'cheerleaders'. Lana is totally virginal and even refused to screw her old boyfriend before he was sent away to war. She would not ever consider sex before marriage in a million years. Mentally Lana has short and long term memory loss that allows her to function in society despite the fact that every few days she is brutalised, kidnapped, or otherwise terrorized by 'Meteor Freaks'.

Cry, complain, get captured, beaten, scared and wander off into dangerous situations, imperil yourself and generally be the prime target for any and all meteor freaks in Smallville for some reason or another.
See some typical Lana situations [here]The life of Lana Lang

Chloe Sullivan
Nosy reporter for a school newspaper that no self respecting teenager would ever read. Obsessed with Freaks and the fringe of society. Crushes on Clark. Generally hangs out with Lana but doesn't seem to have any other friends. Is a bit of a slut, since she is no virgin... however it might just be that compared to Lana, everyone looks promiscuous.

Go everywhere you aren't wanted and ask awkward questions about everything to everyone. The press has a right to know, everything! Never take a polite hint, if its shut barge in. If it's locked break in. Good with computers!

Lex Luthor
Totally driven to finding out what Clark Kents secret is, but wouldn't see it if it was staring him in the face. Has his fingers in all sorts of ambiguous dealings. Constantly hounded by his father. Tries to do the right thing sometimes but often fails to see his own faults.

Come up with ridiculous schemes that attract the attention of do-gooders who set out to prevent them. Maintain your Friendship with Clark and his cousin Kara, find out their secrets. (you have to try... but you will always fail...)

Lionel Luthor
You pretend to make your sons life hell in order to make him stronger, but the truth is you hate him. You must ruin his schemes with ones of your own. Your schemes are bigger and better and more secret because you're his father and that's the way it is. Like Lex you cannot see the obvious even when it's staring you in the face.

Ruin your sons plans in order to teach him to be more ruthless in the future. Discover secrets, blackmail everybody, just because you can... even high school kids!

Freak of the week / Driver  [Me?]
You get to play a never ending series of freaks with strange meteor powers, really feel free to go nuts. You can't beat Clark and Kara (without Kryptonite) but even if you do, you then run away leaving them alive.

Cause havoc, plot and plan to kill whoever. Lex, Chloe, doesn't matter. You have a strange need to imperil Lana on sight. Don't worry about never getting to kill main characters, you can have 'fun' with them... until help arrives. Don't worry about losing in the end. Your job is to provide entertaining villains.

The best bit is that after one goes down... along comes another one.

You get to play a never ending stream of them! Not all at the same time. Plus there is an end of episode 'epilogue' after each goes down.

The Freak is a driver. Anyone else can also be a driver if they so choose (its optional) but too many drivers cold spoil the plot as it were. I'll probably act as a driver to get the ball rolling.

This player generally sets up situations such as phone calls to Characters, information concerning problems and disasters and generally moves along the plot as such by providing plot hooks and small scenario's for the other characters. Drivers check some plot points with each other (in PM's?) before posting (the players who control Drivers are sort of co-operative story guides).

X gets a call to meet a business associate at a club this evening.

The Brakes on your car just failed as you are driving over the bridge.

There's an Earthquake! Seek shelter.

The Train is out of control!

The Plane is crashing!

The House is on fire!

Player needs to do Y or go to Z

There is a report of suspicious stuff at the abandoned mill.



No killing other PC's. NPC's can happily be slaughtered if the scene demands it, by Lex, Lionel and the Freak of the week only!

No God Modding, If you want a co-operative post PM the player and negotiate a result. (or I'll flip a coin for it) Drivers can post OOC: stuff like "When the krypptonite dust is in your eyes the Slasher runs off. When you recover he's long gone... [ignore your ability to virtually stop time with your superspeed and see anything with your xray vision... he got away, okay!]

Freaks get special 'game powers' based on the plot they've decide on (Negotiated with me. Typically how many times they can get away without being stopped, whether they have kryptonite etc).

The spirit of Smallville!
Clark and Kara never get their secret ID found out.
Lex and Lionel never get caught and jailed.
Freaks never, never, win (but they can have plenty of sex before they get beaten)

I'm open to any more suggestions. If there is minimal interest I suggest myself for Freak of the week LOL!

If there is a lot of interest then i'm happy to be a 'Back Seat' driver, guiding the overall arc... open to suggestions again.
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Offline Gladiator0161

Re: SMALLVILLE! [NC-E] Females and Males Wanted.
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2009, 10:21:03 PM »
I'd have fun as Clark, lol. It's so easy to play him, lol.
I'm game I guess, dunno who I'd be playing though. Hopefully a male character since I am y'know, male.

I love your summary of Smallville too, it's almost totally true, lol.
Smallville fan I am though, lol.
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