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Author Topic: Godfangs Action Oriented Roleplay  (Read 442 times)

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Offline godfangTopic starter

Godfangs Action Oriented Roleplay
« on: September 16, 2009, 11:37:32 PM »
So, im looking for some Roleplays that involves action, both on and off the bed (or table, floor, woods, against the walls etc). The plots im about to throw around are quite flexible, so feel free to throw around your ideas, and we'll see where what we can work out. I would prefer for each post to be 2-3 paragraph long at least.

The unsung
World War 2, was a time of legends, of heroism and villainy. Of brave men and brilliant generals. The war had ended, yet many stories still come out of it, in the forms of movies, or novels. However, none knew the tale of the 13th Special Operations Squad. The squad was a secret weapon of the allies, used only in special cases. They are made of iregulars with 'special' skills or attributes. The special skills or attributes are paranormal in nature, it can be something simple like telepathy, to something full blown, like lycantrophe, or vampirism. The squad are kept hidden from the rest of the world, knowing full well the chaos that would errupt if they were to be found.

Notes: We can play members of the squad, or a civilian who got stuck with them. If you dont like the world war 2 period, we can change the period to something more to your liking, like the modern era. Their mission can range from something behind the scene in a historical event (Normandy, El Alamein etc), to something more fictious, like finding the spear of Longinus before Hitler does.

North, to salvation
In a war between two kingdoms, many war orphans were left for dead. One day, a regiment of one kingdom came to a village, demanding their food supplies. The villagers refused, needing the food for the coming winter. In rage, the commander ordered the execution of the villagers. One soldier however, was moved when he saw the crying children. He struck down the commander and his friends, deciding to take the children of the village, as well as the few remaining adults to a safe kingdom to the north. Yet this is not an easy task. Not only is he now wanted for treason, but there are many raiders and carrion beasts lurking the war torn land.

note: I would play the soldier, and am looking for someone to play a young adult or child (though if this is the case, there will be no sex, as im not into lolis.) that is tagging along in the band of refugee. The era would be medieval fantasy, preferably either low to medium fantasy. Or, if you want high fantasy, at least the soldier and the refugees would no access to high-magic.

Streets of Tokyo
In the mean streets of Tokyo, many gangs called 'Tribes' rule the night. Its not weird for some highschoolers to be part of these tribes. Tsurugimaru Agon is a well known delinquent, always involved in fights or some other form of Violence. What most people dont know is that he has a very high iq and talented mind. He just...never used them for good purposes. Being the quintesential badboy, he only hangs out with other delinquents, or thrillseeking groupies. Now, he is moving to a new school. Will someone find his goodside and try to bring him into a normal life?

Note: This one may be the least action oriented of the bunch. I admit the feel and nuance of this rp will be closer to anime's such as GTO or Gokusen, and that i was hoping for some light hearted comedy integrated to this one. You can make any female character you want, be it a teacher who read his tests, or a schoolgirl. Im sure we can make an interesting combination if we talk about it :D

The beast kings
In the land of Rasalas, knights called 'Beast Kings' are the protector of the lands. They are powerfull soldiers, partnered with exotic beasts. Each combination is unique and sacred, and a knight will bond and work together with their beasts, who they use either as a mount, a companion, or something else entirely. These knights live in towers, with each tower being responsible for a certain area. One tower in particular, is notorious because the knight in charge of it, is the biggest, dumbest, wildest brute in the realm. In fact, his companion, a small blue dragon, the size of a kitten, is the one doing all the paperwork and housechores! Some even joked, that the dragon is actually the knight, and the knight is the beast. The government decided to send in another beast knight to help the tower, though they fully expect her to give up after a few days.

Note: This RP is aimed towards high action, but also many light hearted and silly moments. Its going to be fantasy in setting, with wild monsters and perhaps even magic. I fully expect my partner to have a passion for magical and exotic creatures, both well known ones such as dragons, manticores etc, to ones we made up ourselves.
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Offline mkkdreams

Re: Godfangs Action Oriented Roleplay
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2009, 04:09:22 AM »
I like your North, To Salvation idea and would be interested.

Offline playfullchick76

Re: Godfangs Action Oriented Roleplay
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2009, 09:02:55 AM »
I like your unsung one. I like the whole WW2 era, perfect for creative roleplays. I would love to play a vampire, recruited into the Squad. If this meets with your approval, I can put in my character profile.