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Author Topic: Five Knights & The Lady  (Read 791 times)

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Offline CedrickTopic starter

Five Knights & The Lady
« on: September 16, 2009, 12:05:21 AM »
This is a slightly revamped idea originally put out by LadySky. We have talked and decided to make the story more fleshed out and for both of us to at as GM's on it. I will be playing a character but also the narrator/historian when needed. We are trying to recruit four more guys that might be interested.

Here is the main plot. Neville was a tyrant hated by all his neighbors, feared by his people. His neighbor petitioned the king to do something about it, got it, raised an army and won. However Lady Skylark found sanctuary in the church so wasn't killed in the fighting. That left the liege lord a problem in that she could petition the church and king to take a new husband and rule the land. However if she was found guilty of adulterous relations the church would condemn her. If she was so humiliated in public that she wasn't considered a lady then the king would forsake her. She could not be physically harmed or killed or it would come back on the liege lord.
To achieve this end the liege lord called on the five men who had made the victory possible. Each had reasons to hate Neville and by her silence and actions or lack of them Neville's wife. Each man was honorable and would keep their word. If they achieved the twin goals their titles as the new lords would be permanent. Each man had a bond to the other for having fought together even if each might have a different approach to achieve the mutual goal.
That is the main background. Within is the game. Honorable men doing to her what they would normally consider dishonorable. Each struggling with their own feelings on that. When does the greater good and the goal justify the means? Meanwhile Skylark learns lessons as well as to what her inactions might have meant to others

So the stage is set for many paths the story can go. At first they would degrade her, use her, abuse her in ways that would leave no permanent physical mark. But as each began to get to know the other it might change. She might like being their plaything, they might start defending her when they learn her secrets.

If anyone is interested, drop a note here and pm one of us a character workup. Keep in mind a reason why your character hates the Nevilles and that your character had led part of the army with a feeling of comradeship to the others. Obviously it means personalities that work as a team rather than clashing.

One we have enough to fill the roles we will start. Let us know if you have any questions. Let the games begin.

Both LadySky and myself will post our characters here.

Offline CedrickTopic starter

Re: Five Knights & The Lady
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2009, 09:09:22 PM »
As promised, here is the character I will be playing. It is that time in history when only nobles generally had full names while everyone else had just one with a nickname attached to separate them from others that might have the same name.

Name: Jason the Swift

Descrpition: 5’10 150lbs, muscular upper body, blond hair, blue eyes.

Back story:  When he turned of age he left his parents where they were working a plot of land for Neville. Always good with weapons he became a sell-sword until he was offered service with his current lord. While he was away taxes were raised by Neville but his parents couldn’t afford them and still eat. Jason returned to plead their case as well as offer service. Lord Neville turned him down with a sneer and pronounced a harsh sentence. Lady Skylark was there and turned her head away striking Jason as uncaring and arrogant over people she considered beneath herself. Like many commoners, he already had a dislike and mistrust of nobles so her actions just reinforced his feelings.

Now the tables have turned and Jason plans to make her pay for everything that had been done to his parents. To show her she was lower than the lowest she once ignored. His new lord considered him ideal for what he wanted done for he wouldn’t kill her or permanently cripple her but he would definitely render her claim to be a faithful wife void and more show the new subjects that she was beneath even them in standing by totally humiliating her. His biggest enemy was his own code of honor that bound him to do as promised while conflicting with protecting women and children.

His biggest encouragement was he already knew she was beautiful and now he could do whatever he wanted to her.

Offline LadySky

Re: Five Knights & The Lady
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2009, 05:10:57 PM »
Here is my character profile for this RP. Lady Skylark~

Name~ Lady Skylark Neville (called Lady Sky)

Age~ 24

Physical Description~ Small and gentle Skylark is the perfect noble Lady. Brown hair filled with golden highlights falls in waves past her bottom. She has never however had her hair loose in the company of others, always keeping it tightly braided and pinned. Soft moss green eyes that gaze cold and unfeeling at all she meets. Her body is small and though her breasts are not large they are high and firm, perfect handfulls. Small hips are supposedly to blame for her inability to conceive a child for her husband though many say it is indeed the Lord that is to blame.

Personality~ Quiet, distant, aloof. The perfect Lady in every way. Keeps to herself and does her duty, never shows emotion of feeling.

History~ Lady Sky's mother died 3 days after giving birth to her one and only child. Naming her Skylark for her favorite bird was the only gift she was able to bestow upon her daughter before death. Her father was aloof and unfeeling, devoting himself to his lands and money. In order to make a profitable allegiance he betrothed his 4 year old Skylark to a Lord known for his evil ways. Sky was raised to be the perfect wife, mother, and Lady, taught to never show emotion, never ask questions, and above all obey her husband. At 15 she was given in marriage to Lord William Jonathon Henry Neville IV. Her husband was 46. Cruel, angry, and vicious Sky soon learned the true nature of hell. Unable to maintain an erection Lord Neville beat and abused Sky blaming her ugliness for his problem. Throughout the years of her marriage she has endured almost every humiliation imaginable, or so she thought. Loyal to her father and determined to make her mother proud she has spent her life hiding every emotion and appearing to be the aloof, spoiled, noblewoman all except her to be.

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Offline LadySky

Re: Five Knights & The Lady
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2009, 06:52:06 PM »
Ever any interest shown in this?