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Author Topic: Salice's RP requests [MUL] - All are taken at this time  (Read 729 times)

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Salice's RP requests [MUL] - All are taken at this time
« on: September 11, 2009, 11:12:33 pm »
I’m looking for males to fill the following RP threads. ( If your female and have taken a shine to a particular idea, that’s fine too ) My characters are always the female lead. If you see anything that interests you, please send me a PM  ;D  More will follow, but these are the first three that jumped to mind.

Please check my On's/Off's and let me know if you have any questions.

“The New Kid”  [VAN] [Taken]

You would play the teacher ( you pick name, subject, looks ect ) And I would play Megan.

The first two months at her new school had been lack luster to say the least. Megan had moved with her family before the start of her senior year of high school. It had been a big shock moving from a small, quiet community in Ohio to Chicago. The school had come as the biggest surprise: a strict school that enforced uniforms and pushed its students relentlessly. Drowning under the weight of this new attitude towards education, Megan began to struggle with the pressure and constant teasing from the rest of her peers.

Slightly chubby and on the nerdy looking side, Megan is picked on frequently. Her long, mousey brown hair is kept pulled back, out of her glasses with the aid of a large barrette. Megan manages to look awkward most of the time on her own. This effect is only intensified by the Catholic styled uniforms the school requires.

So far she hasn’t made any friends and mainly keeps to herself, opting to sit in the back of her classes whenever possible, speaking only sparingly. One teacher in particular has taken notice of Megan, making a conscious and visible effort to befriend the girl. Could his interest and kindness towards her be purely innocent, or is there something more under what seems to be a polite interest?

“The Unwilling Slave” [NC-E]  [Taken]

Your character would be the half orc master. I would play the slave elf.

The harbor city of Milrand was swarming with activity on this cool, spring morning. Deep within the merchant distract, a crowd of people had gathered around the stage. Races of all sizes and genders had gathered, politely chatting and looking on expectantly. Girl after girl had been dragged up on stage and tied to a large podium in the middle of the structure and the bidding had been opened. Most of them begged or crying for their families, others had stood there in shock, unable to blink, let alone speak.

The last three auctions of the day had been a trio of elven sisters. Split up and sold separately, they had sobbed uncontrollably when it had been their turn . The last one was now being hassled up onto the podium. Height topping out around 5’8” her blue-green eyes glared out venomously from under her disheveled crimson locks. Spitting mad and lobbing curses in common at her handlers (Whom had to take great effort in securing her to the large steak of wood) she was brought before the crowd. Her body wasn’t the typical sleek, slender build as her sisters, but more round, and muscular, clearly a fighter. A tunic and skirt made of simple cotton hugged her curves as she hissed at the men standing beside her. 

Even as she seethed, throwing her weight against her constraints the bidding went into a flurry of excited shouts. This continued for nearly ten minutes, until a rather thin man in a fine black suit with copper and green trimmings shouted a sum that made the slave trade quarter fall silent and no one dared challenge the bid.

“Sold!” The auctioneer called high and clear, causing the elf to go into a fresh rage. As her chains were unhooked from the pillar she lunged forward, sinking her teeth into the forearm of one of the men. In his pain and surprise, he dropped them and they fell to the wooden stage with a heavy thud. Taking this chance, the elf sprinted, an angered and determined look on her face. Seconds later a sickening crackle ripped through the air. She fell to the stage, convulsing from the electric shock as the other handler, a mage, stepped over her, yanking her to her feet.

“Don’t damage her.” Came the stern voice of the winning bidder. “My master will not be pleased.”

The auctioneer leaned over to whisper to the mage now dragging the unconscious elf by the shoulders. “Looks like she’s going to that half orc. Ha!” He laughed with sick amusement. “Bet he’ll have fun breaking this one.”

“The Cost of the Witch” [NC – H] [Taken]

You would play the Prince Pally ( you pick name, looks ect ) And I would play the witch, Zoraida

The only son of the King, and sole heir to his thrown has fallen deathly ill, sending an entire kingdom into a panic. Calling on every healer in the land to come to his aid and revive his lad. Stories of the brave prince were well known throughout his domain; a brave, strong Paladin, pure of heart and true to his calling. He was the pride of the entire kingdom and now he lay merely feet from deaths door. Priests, healers, shamans and even fellow soldiers of the faith came in hopes of mending his wounds, but all had failed.

Knowing he had no other option and despite the begging of the Queen, called upon the great and feared witch, Zoraida. She lived in a fortress in the mountains that dwelled on the outskirts of his land and was just as well known as the prince himself. Rarely called down from her keep, the witch made visits to various citizens of the land. Always in the time of their greatest need. They called on her for a number of reasons. Sometimes for spells and potions, perhaps to grant them the love of the one they had admired. Other times it was poisons and curses. Even to heal the sick and dying. Zoraida had never failed to perform a request to the letter and the results were always flawless, no one could deny. However, they always came at a high price.

Before she would begin the task set before her, an agreement was always met, and it was the same agreement with every person, peasant and King alike. She would complete the task they requested, but only if they agreed to give her what she wanted as payment. Whatever she wanted. They had no way of knowing what she would decide was a fair price until after the deed had been completed, and once chosen, there was no arguing with her for fear of her powers.

Zoraida now made her way to the castle to see the prince and restore him to life. But her clever mind had already decided on her payment, and it would not be distracted.
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Re: Salice's RP requests [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2009, 08:26:17 pm »
I'm game for "The New Kid" RP