Seeking creative Female for Interview RP

Started by Batsose, September 11, 2009, 05:08:34 PM

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I want to do a RP based on the premise of Steve Buscemi's movie "Interview."  Basically the storyline is a war reporter is stuck doing a 'fluff' piece on new young hot starlet.  He is not very enthusiastic about doing the interview and is not prepared for it, thus knowing nothing about her other than she is a star of popular TV show.  She gets offended by his lack of knowledge about her and postpones the interview.  As he is leaving he gets injured and she offers to help him back at her apartment.  This is where I would like to change things and actually they end up hooking up.  I would like to collaborate on the story from here, because I didn't like the way the movie turned out and thought it would be an interesting RP.  It could go in a number of directions, like Drugs could be involved and they end up doing some real acts of depravity and then she doesn't want him to do a story based on their interactions, etc...

I am very open to ideas on this one.

If you are interested PM me.
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