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Author Topic: I'm not good with titles. You can just come see what I like. =)  (Read 842 times)

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I'm not good with titles. You can just come see what I like. =)
« on: September 11, 2009, 11:50:10 AM »
UPDATE 9-18-09!
Whew! Been working on expanding this for days now.
I've got nearly enough role play partners, so I'll only be looking for one or two and I might be a little picky. Though anyone I don't add now can always let me know if they want me to give them a heads up when I stop one of my role plays or it dies or something.
Sorry if some of the plots are half finished. This is what I have so far, and I honestly don't know if I have plots unfinished or what else... Really I'll be reading it over after I update.

RULES! [Yes, sorry. Not too strict, I hope!]

Hmm… I don’t consider myself too incredibly picky, though I’m sure some or most people who know me would disagree.

1. Though I’ll probably be mentioning it a few times in this, I’ll state it here. I’m a female, but I prefer to play as a male or as a dominant female. However, if we have more than two character couplings and one of mine happens to be a submissive type female, I won’t refuse to be intimate. I do prefer to be dominant, but I know we can’t all have our way 100% of the time. =P
2. Limits… Limits… I don’t think I need to list much of these on a site like this, but I think we all know I prefer not to fade to black. =P If our characters never reach a level of intimacy, I don’t mind. But if they get there, I’d like to follow through. If you have any sort of limits, fetishes you don’t like or such, please let me know. The fetishes I’m weirded out by are feces and feet. I’m pretty much a freak besides that. =P
3. Post Length… This is a touchy topic, I’m sure. I don’t need a huge post, and if we’re using smaller chunks of text to save time and get more posts in, that’s alright. But I’d prefer emails to be more than just a few sentences, since emails are on a touch and go basis and I’ll be more interested in replying ASAP if you give me something to work with. I would really like it if you didn’t give me an entire page of nothing. It’s hard to describe the difference between a giant good post and a giant empty post, so it may be a person to person basis that I mention your post is seeming empty.
4. Spelling. I understand spelling errors. I really do, we all make them, especially on a keyboard. I don’t mind a few mistakes and even forgetting full words or sentences, I’ve done so. [If that does happen I’ll ask what happened, as should you do to me.. =P ] Though spelling errors do irk me to no end, I will not scold you for them. But please avoid chat speak and try to do a read over of your post, either before sending it to me, or after.
5. Out of Character chat. I love it, I really do. I like to be able to get to know the people I role play with. You can imagine that has it’s downsides, but so far I’ve been overall happy with the people I’ve made friends with. I understand if you’re the sort of person that doesn’t like to chitchat, but please let me know if that’s the case so I’m not bugging you.
6. My attention. I know a lot of people would prefer my undivided attention. I cannot promise this to you. If you’re spectacularly amazing, you can count on my paying more attention to you, but even then you might not get 100%. I do apologize, but I do other things while role playing. Like work or other role plays.
7. Email VS AIM. I have both. If you know your posts are on the short side, I would suggest trying to contact me with AIM, since I lose interest in short-reply emails. If your posts are longer, please choose email. I like to make my posts long as well, and though I can most of the time create a great reply within a few minutes, sometimes I like to take my time.
8. For AIM users. There is a high probability that when I sign off, I won’t tell you. I sign off the minute I hear the garage door opening, which means my boyfriend is home. To him, Role Play and Cyber Sex are one and the same, and though I’ve tried explaining the differences I’ve found it much easier to just sign off before he comes in. It’s nothing personal when I sign off on you, please don’t be offended.


I play mostly males, or females that are dominant and play a predominantly male role. However, if we have a lesser couple of characters in a doubling role play that I ended up as a girl, and those two get intimate, I will assume whichever role that female character has fallen into, dominant or not. I just prefer to have mainly dominant characters. I am, however, not unwilling to compromise.

Most of my characters are also, quite literally, larger than life. They are either hung, huge or full of personality, one of them being all three. I have one semi-submissive character, though he’s a virgin and likes to wear his abstinence ring to keep the boys/girls off of him. He’s waiting for the right person to come along. =P


Name: Ozguard Vanderbel
Nickname: Oz, Van
Gender: Male
Age: 29-57
Sexuality: Anything and everything
Ethnicity: German, Dutch, Irish
Height: 6’8
Weight: 202lb
Hair: Black, shoulder length, shaggy
Eyes: Left: Crystal blue, Right: Emerald green
Distinguishing Features: His nose is off-center to the left from being broken, there are various small scars in a spray pattern climbing along the right side of his neck [shrapnel marks], a long, clean scar runs up the left side of his face beginning at his temple and ending in a curl along his chin.
Status: Always Single, baby.
Occupation: Drug lord
Lives: In the country
Likes: men, women, children, sex, drugs, drinking, smoking, makin' deals, sushi, bars, coffee, torture, killing, forced sex.
Dislikes: cops, dead fish [in the sack that is], his parents, the war, people in general
Hobbies: Drinking, having sex, smoking weed, hitting on relatives, hitting on children, hitting on married men and women.
Bad Habits: His entire life is pretty much a bad habit.
Personality: Murderous, psychotic, sexual, suave, protective, flirty, unstable, addictive
Relations: Bill Denbrough – Adopted Child. Of sorts.
Role Play Status: Open.

1. Zombie Invasion/Viral Outbreak - Obviously a zombie virus or outbreak goes on. Oz is just one of the survivors.
INTRO!~~~~~ Oz Vanderbel had seen it coming. Not zombies exactly, but he'd seen the end of the world coming. Not really as quickly either, but sometimes you just wake up one morning with zombies instead of your wife and daughter and you sort of have to come to terms with what's going on around you. He hadn't seen that coming, no. But he knew that the world wouldn't last long without some sort of invasion. His war buddies had called him crazy. And they said it was pointless for him to reinforce the house and hides guns all over. They all said the Russians were our friends and wouldn't want to invade us. Well... They had been right, hadn't they? But they were still dead and he was still alive. Because he had sworn to god to kill the Russians when they invaded and God had given him zombies and ordered him to kill his family. Well, maybe there was no God now. Maybe God had died off with the light in his daughters eyes. He had been holed up in the fucking house with their fucking dead bodies for a fucking month... And he was beginning to run out of food. He'd tossed their bodies, their beds, their clothing and pictures out of the second story window into a pit he'd dug.. And set it all on fire. Set it on fire and watched his old lifestyle burn. It was almost like being back in the war. He had immediately closed the gate, locked up the side entrances and killed off his entire staff. Even the ones who were still screaming they hadn't been bitten. They were liars. He was sure of it. But now he needed to leave the compound, as he called it now. Not the house. Not the home. Not anymore. He hopped into his truck, pulling a blunt out of his pocket and popping it between his lips, pulling out of the garage. He stopped at the gates, killing off the one or two fucking zombies that had made it this far and typed in the code to open the gate, pulling out before watching to make sure the gate shut again. Where would he go? He wasn't sure.  He had heard there was a lab... And apparently, they had started it all. Way to go, science, he thought dully. But maybe there was still someone alive there who could explain what had happened.
NOTES! Willing to double, if you want. To make it interesting.

2. Older brother&Drug Lord x Younger Brother/Sister&Druggie - Oz's parents had driven him out of the house ten years ago, but now they need him to come and collect his sister/brother from them because they're ready to give up on their druggie, possibly slutty, daughter/son. They want him to fix him/her. What they don't know is that Oz is a drug dealer. He'll take good care of his baby brother/sister, but he won't say no if they happen to ask him for drugs. Even if they'd rather pay with something other than money.
INTRO!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oz pulled up in front of the same house he had sworn he wouldn't come back to, though when he had made that promise to himself the circumstances had been different. Now he was here to pick up his younger sister, because his parents were dumping her off onto him. But he would rather deal with his sister than hear about his parents giving her over to the cops. Sure, his sister wasn't really a perfect kid or anything, but his parents had really bombed out as parentals. He got out of the car, stretching out at a full six foot eight. He brushed his faded black hair out of his face, making his way up to the doorway. His miss-matched eyes peered through one of the windows, only mildly disgusted to see that not much had changed since he left home. He heaved a sigh, reaching out to ring the door bell. He hoped he wouldn't have to speak to his parents for very long. He didn't get along with them and he wouldn't be here helping them out if it wasn't for his sister. He hadn't even seen his sister in years, almost a decade, but he figured that they would get along alright. His mother had told him that her 'little baby' was into smoking pot and even suspected her of 'doing the nasty for money.' His mother could be so fucking ridiculous sometimes. He doubted his sister was as bad as his mother made her out to be, especially the part about her selling his body for money. It just didn't fit, though he hadn't seen his sister since she was a baby, so he guessed it wouldn't seem likely to him. He still didn't think his mother was completely right, and if she was? Oh well. It wasn't like Oz was much better. Not that his parents knew but he'd often taken sex for payment. Though he would never tell his parents that, especially for what he was making people pay that way. They probably wouldn't let his sister come and stay with him if they knew.
NOTES: Obviously if you're using a guy, I'll change the female pronouns to male.

3. Dragged to Hell – The Devil takes form in many ways, and lately he's found that being Oz Vanderbel while on trips to the surface could give him a certain... Advantage, even beyond being Satan. Oz is strong, charming and sensually foreboding. He's got the tools to charm his way into things, and if the charm wears off he's always got the muscle to back himself up. So this is the body that he uses on his trips to Earth, and more recently, he's been staying in it back in hell. With a mortal body, however heightened, he craves intimacy and another beating heart next to his. His decision is the find someone on earth to bring back down with him, willing or not.
And also if you like to double we can add Bill in as the son of Satan. He'd be... Stutterless, and pretty much no where near as bashful. He wouldn't be sexually aggressive, nor would he be all that violent, but having grown up as Satan's son in Hell rather than on earth, his entire view is rather skewed. If you do like to double and want something in contrast to Oz's violently sexual ways it could be some sort of love story where your character teaches Bill to feel things on a mortal level or whatnot.

4. Gifted Double -  1/3 of the world is dead. 2/3 are alive. 1/3 of the ones still alive are normal, but shaken. the rest have mutated. Not all of them are physically effected, and are able to go about a semi-normal life with the rest of the world. The ones that have been physically effected are outcasted, and some of the ones outcasted are angered by it and rebel. I’ve no real reason for why these things happened, but it helps to have something other than just “oh they’re gifted” Oz and Bill are gifted, but normal looking. Bill’s mother knows, and hates it. Oz takes Bill, using his mind powers to erase Bill from her memory so he can take him without much trouble. The two roam.
INTRO! ~~~~~~~~~~"Duh-Duh-Do ya think suh-she'll bu-buy it, Ah-Ah-Ah-" The boy's face had been twisted up towards the sky, the cords in his neck sticking out as he struggled to say the man's name. The man dropped a heavy hand lightly on the teen's shoulder, "Save it Big Bill," he said with a soft grin, "She'll buy it just fine, doanchu worry. Doan bother tryin' ta say my name, either, Billy boy. You ain't never goan get it." The teen blushed, but both men knew that Oz was being playful. Oz would never talk bad about Bill's stutter, just like Bill would never call Oz out on the scars on his face. Some things you just don't mention, anyway.
Bill looked hopefully up at Oz, then up the driveway at his own house. His mother was in there. His mother was scared, very scared of him. "Sh-sh-she'll fuh-fuh-forget right? She wuh-won't ruh-ruh-ruh-" Again the viens were popping and Oz nodded softly, "She won' remember, boy. You sure 'bout this? If I go in there and 'rase her mem'ry, she ain't never goan remember you again, son. You sure you wan' that?"
BIll paused for a moment, gazing up at the house like a deer caught in headlights and reached up to tuck his strawberry blond hair behind his ear, blue eyes moving to gaze up into Oz's mix-matched eyes. The eyes he'd seen in his dream. And here he was. He pinched himself a moment, wondering, but Oz had looked kindly down at him and shook his head, "Not a dream, Big Bill. You wanna do this or not?"
Bill paused once more, but nodded firmly. "Sh-sh-she duh-duh-doesn't luh-luh-luh-luh-" "You're momma loves you just fine, Big Bill. It's the powa she's scared'a, and you know it."
Two hours later they were sitting in a bar, which Oz had gotten Bill into by 'convincing' the doorman that Bill was well over the legal drinking age and simply looked young. It was an impossible lie, but nothing was impossible when you were Oz. Oz had clamped a large hand on the man's shoulder in a friendly manner and told him of his mistake, and Oz and Bill had walked past a glazy-eyed doorman into the dim.
"Wuh-wuh-one of tha-these days suh-suh-suh-someone'll fuh-fuh-" Bill fell quiet, sighing. "They'll nuh-know." Oz gave him a little smile and shook his head, "Anyone who do find out jus' goan forget again once they see me, hm?" Bill simply nodded. He knew better than to question Oz's powers.
NOTE! : Oz doesn't have an accent like in this intro. I liked it when I wrote it and changed it later. Still haven't editted the intro. I don't intend to. Is it really that big of a deal?

5. The Most Dangerous Game [Double with Leon Burke] – It’s based on a book/movie/short story. I read parts of it in school and all that really pertains is that Oz hunts people. Leon is just a passenger on the plane that crashes on Oz’s island. He also happens to be an x-air force pilot and is rather curious that the plane seemed to have gone done for no reason.  Here, have the intro.
INTRO:  Oz had heard the alarms before the plane even fully landed on his little island, and he looked up from a faded, old book in his trophy room, eyes moving to the wall of TV's that held each and every one of the dozens of cameras placed about the island. Strewn along the walls that had no TV's were his 'trophies'. The whole reason he called this the 'trophy room'. Tons of heads had been mounted up on his wall, dozens upon dozens of fallen prey. There were no lions, no tigers. No zebras, deer, elephants. No collection of stuffed birds or pinned insects. They were heads. Human, preserved, heads. All carefully collected and taken care of by Oz himself. They were his pride and joy. Blonds. Brunettes. Handsome young men and their pretty little wives.
Oz rises from his chair, moving through the room, navigating around a large globe in the center of the room and making a small zig-zag through the full body stuffings he'd done of his absolute favorites, feet falling on the cast iron spiral staircase as he brings himself down the steps to the first floor, stretching out. His eyes, one blue and one green, explored his well lit living room with an air of pride. He by-passes the room and heads straight down to the cellar, walking through rows of guns and cases of ammo, large fingers trailing effortless across the gleaming black metal. His fingers wrap around a sniper rifle, pads of his fingers running over the cold metal as he walks back up the steps. The hunt was on.
Leon Burke had been looking at the island long before the plane's engine had gone down, and he had been the one to rip the now-dead from a heart-attack pilot out of the cock-pit and wrestle the large econo-cruiser down to the ground. Hellova lot worse than single pilot fighter jets in the war, but he managed to keep everyone alive. Besides the pilot, but that hadn't been his fault. His sandy blond hair falls sweaty into his face as he pulls himself out of the cockpit, which stinks with death's bodily release, staggering through the tipsy plane for the rows upon rows of people. His blue eyes scan the wave of frightened looking people, "Who's hurt, who's dead and who's pissed themselves?" he calls out, and all heads turn towards him. A few hands go up at the question of who's hurt and only one hand stays up at the question of who's pissed themselves - a ten year old boy. He grabs a stewardess, "You go on and find that little boy's luggage, get him a change of clothing," he mutters, and the woman nods and takes the little boy down the plane.

Name: William Denbrough [Stephen King’s IT? Yeah. I stole him.. Sorry!]
Nickname: Bill, Big Bill, Billy boy
Gender: Male
Age: 12-19 [Please note that anything younger than 17 will be a NON-intimate role... Thanks.]
Sexuality: Quietly bisexual
Ethnicity: Irish
Height: 5’10
Weight: 135
Hair: Strawberry blond, hanging barely in his eyes, feathery
Eyes: Blue
Status: Single
Occupation: Bus Boy
Lives: With Oz
Likes: Making Oz feel uncomfortable, small, light and playful hand touching, reading, sitting in Oz's backyard
Dislikes: Most of what comes out of Oz's mouth, Being rushed sexually, aggressive men/women, loose men/women, cigarettes, drinking, Oz when he's drunk.
Hobbies: Drawing, bike riding, reading, light flirting.
Bad habits: Stuttering, blushing, taking after Oz from time to time
Personality: Shy, timid, friendly, kind
Relations: Oz – Father of sorts..
Role play status: Open

1. Gifted Double – See Oz’s Gifted Double plot.

Name: Leon Burke
Nickname: Leo, Leon, Lee, Lion
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Ethnicity: Italian
Height: 5’7
Weight: 175lb
Hair: Sandy blond, Short and messy
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Features: One dimple on the left which is really an old piercing scar from his teen years, A rosary tattoo on his right arm that snakes around and lands the crucifix in his palm, Matching pistol bullet tattoos on either point of his hip.
Status: Single and looking
Occupation: Small time drug dealer, ‘errand boy’
Lives: Above a classy club in the city. With ‘The Family’
Likes: Masculine women, Femmy men, drinking, ‘getting to know’ people, A joint from time to time, his ‘family’ and ‘the business’
Dislikes: Cross dressers, preppy, stuck up and or girly women, cigarettes, junkies, cops, hookers are narcs
Hobbies: Scoring good deals, running errands for ‘the family’, walking the beach at night, going to the shooting range
Bad Habits: Spitting, drinking, illegal activities.
Personality: Romantic, fun loving, lusts after danger, protective, loyal, trustworthy
Relations: His ‘Family’
Role Play Status: Open

1. A victim’s savior – Leon is sent to deal with some trouble making business rivals, and when he’s finished with the job he finds a young woman, either a daughter of the rival or a mistress, and instead of killing her with the rest, he decides to take her with him as his prize.


   A. Leon treats the girl rather horridly, smacks her around a bit, forces her into intimate acts, etc.etc.
   B. Leon treats the girl rather well, and she falls in love with him.
   C. Same as above only Leon falls for her first. Mixtures of B&C or A&B acceptable.

2. The Most Dangerous Game – See Oz’s plot.

      Name: Cain Vladmur
      Nickname: None. You’ll address him as Cain.
      Gender: Male.
      Age: 26-47
      Sexuality: Hm? You mean he has to choose?
      Ethnicity: French, Indian, Irish
      Height: 5’11
      Weight: 160lb
      Hair: Auburn , curly locks
      Eyes: Soft green with flecks of amber
      Distinguishing Features: None. Unless you count being ridiculously good looking.
      Status: Widowed
      Occupation: Author
      Lives: in a small cottage in the woods
      Likes: Solitude, clove cigarettes, crumb cake, coffee, cafes, gay bars, cross-dressers, children, girlish men, shy women, getting close to men
      Dislikes: Talking about his dead wife, talking about marriage or having children, getting too close to women, a prudish woman, being asked why he still wears his wedding ring
      Hobbies: Gardening, writing, reading
      Bad Habits: smoking, having meaningless sex
      Personality: Charming, Brooding, Sexual, Mysterious, Moody
      Relations: His wife and child are dead. There is speculation that he killed them, but he denies it and solid evidence has yet to surface.
      Role Play Status: Open

      1. A God’s Rivalry – Cain is not a God, per say. But that doesn’t mean the tribe that found him doesn’t think so. A tremendous warrior, scholar and Godly-looking man, Cain helps this tribe to prosper over rivaling tribes and how to keep their crops alive.


A.      A woman/man in the tribe is smitten by this new ‘God’ and falls in love with him. Not much of a plot. Really just a nice ‘I fucked God’ sort of story line.
B.       A new ‘God’ or ‘Goddess’ is found, and Cain is the one to bring her/him back to the tribe [if unconscious] or he’s the one to extend a greeting to him/her. The two are either lovers or this new God tries to rival Cain, and they fight it out.

2. Father / Daughter – Not too much plot, per say.

         A. Daddy’s little girl – Cain’s daughter is not what one would call skinny, but that doesn’t mean Cain loves her any less. Indeed, he embellishes his daughter’s slight overweight, telling her it sets her apart from the other skinny girls as a real woman, that she had just matured faster. He tells her as often as he can that he loves her extra weight, just like he loves her early-starter breasts, and her plump ass. He even goes as far as to show her why a little extra can be a good thing.
Note: I don’t want this to be a rape plot. I want her to enjoy it just as much as he does. =]
Another Note: If you prefer a Father x Daughter that is a bit more forceful, please refer to Oz. If you prefer a girl that’s god awful skinny, just ask. I don’t mind using perfect characters.

3. Master x Slave – Sort of self explanatory. I’m a little ehhh on this, so you might have to offer me a decent plot / amazing character for this one.

Name: Freuderline Sampson
Nickname: Freddie
Gender: Female
Age: 17-32
Sexuality: Dominant, bisexual
Ethnicity: American Indian, Irish
Height: 6’0
Weight: 145lb
Hair: dark reddish/brown, down the middle of her back
Eyes: A dark green with flecks of gold
Distinguishing Features: Various tattoos, ear piercings.
Status: Single
Occupation: Dominatrix
Lives: In a studio flat
Likes: men, women, sex, smoking, coffee, playful, consensual forced sex, shy boys and girls, virgins, social rejects
Dislikes: druggies, jocks, preps, other doms
Hobbies: Masterbating, standing up for weaklings, hitting on said weaklings, teaching weaklings to be strong.
Bad Habits: coming on too strong
Personality:  sexual, suave, protective, flirty, addictive
Relations: None.
Role Play Status: Open.


Name: Tyler Miller
Nickname: Ty, Miller
Gender: Male
Age: 19-24
Sexuality: bi-sexual
Ethnicity: German, Dutch
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150lb
Hair: green mohawk, black sides, red tips..
Eyes: blue
Distinguishing Features:  Piercings up and down both ears, two in the left eyebrow, one in the right, four bottom lip piercings, two on top. A nose stud, a bridge piercing, six piercings in a cross on his tongue. Nipple piercings.  He has a boa constrictor snaking up his left arm and his mother’s face, name and a tombstone with RIP, her name and the day she was born and died on his right arm.
Status: Single
Occupation:Drug dealer
Lives: With his father, who travels constantly.
Likes:  Piercings, Tattoos, Pot, his clientele
Dislikes: talking about his mother,
Bad Habits:
Role Play Status: Open.

1. High School – Tyler is a small times drug dealer in his high school. He can he paired with a druggie, a drug-curious, a shy character. Anything that’s either a good fit or a bit of a conflict.
INTRO!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tyler Miller stood at his locker, bobbing his head lightly. He was wearing headphones tucked over his ginger, spiky hair, the big bulky kind that hid your entire ear. It was a little uncomfortable, seeing as he had his ears pierced multiple times... But he couldn't stand those little ear bud-things. He was listening to a mixture of things... Right now 'Handle Bars - Flobots'. It seemed almost like he was standing there, in his black ripped jeans and band t-shirt, doing nothing but staring into his locker like an idiot. Upon closer inspection, he had a large bag of weed and a couple blunt wraps balanced on a notebook flopped open on top of his books. He bent down into his locker to lick shut the blunt he was working on, carefully avoiding hitting the tabacco leaf with his tongue ring. He didn't like the taste to linger in his mouth. His lip rings jingled lightly as he smacked his lips. His all green high-tops clashed horribly with his outfit, but he had loved the shoes the day he saw them in the store, hardly taking them off. He placed the finished blunt into an empty cigar pack with a few others before pocketing it and shutting his locker. He locked it. Not with a standard school lock, a heavy duty lock that needed a key. Fuck them. They could cut it off all they wanted. The locker was assigned to some nerd a year below him and none of the books were his anyway. They couldn't get him with anything. He smirked slightly as he slid down the wall, head still moving to the music as his brilliant green eyes searched the hallway. The sun coming in through the narrow school windows covered his face for a moment, lighting up metal and sprays of freckles along his skin as a hand reached up to sheild his eyes from the rays.
Notes: Don’t make your character so goody-goody that he tries to turn Tyler in. Tyler will get out of jail and beat the fuck out of your character. Most of the time this ends the role play, so really be careful. Tyler is not normally a violent character, but I hate when people try and send him to jail so I take him out of character long enough to beat the fuck out of your pretty little good boy/girl.

2. Once Years Ago – When Tyler was younger his best friend lived right next door, and they hung out nearly everyday. Things started going down hill in junior high when his mother got ill and his father began to travel a lot. Tyler became a drug dealer to keep up with bills, the cost of food and to take care of his mother. His best friends parents find out and forbid the boy/girl from seeing Tyler , moving out of the house and taking him/her with them. Tyler ’s mother dies. It’s his senior year of high school and his old best friend shows up again. Tyler looks much different now, with the tattoos and piercings, and his best friend’s parents have spent the years convincing him/her he’s scum. Can Tyler explain to his old friend/love interest that he had to get into such things to take care of himself and his dying mother?
Notes: Unless you want to start I'll be using the same intro as the high school intro.


Those are the main characters I have, though if you don’t find one you like I’m more than willing to make a new one, just for you. =P


I’m not so picky. I might add to this later but here’s a no-no list.


I'm not a fan of made ups, but you're welcome to show me yours. By show me yours I don't mean show me a picture. I don't want a picture. I want a description of looks, personality and what reason you have for wanting to use a made up instead. Chances are I'll say no.

I take Harry Potter rather seriously, and I would ask you to only choose the more outlandish pairings if you’re good at the character. You would not believe how many people I’ve seen mess up someone simple, like Luna.
A note on Harry – In straight role plays Harry is an abusive asshole. In slash he’s a little femfag? Got it? It’s not true for all role play, but it is for mine. I hate Harry as a winner of anything but a good punishment. He’s crawling with Gary-Stu bugs constantly.
What’s a Gary-Stu? Fraternal twin to the Mary-Sue, both are flat, two dimensional and bland.. They have no real personality. That’s how I feel about Harry if he isn’t pushed into an extreme.
Can’t picture Harry as an abuser, therefore unable to play him? That’s fine. I wasn’t going to let you anyway. =P Kidding, but I’d be more than happy to play him for you. I’m quite good at it.


I list the character I’ll be playing first.
What I mean by semi-plot is I have some ideas to toss around that we can form together.

Draco x Ginny – Multiple plots


The seventh book Draco x Ginny plot is pretty much Draco has had a crush on Ginny, I like to think because she's got red hair and Draco, like myself, is a red-head man. Since Harry, Ron, Hermione and her brothers are out of school and Draco pretty much has free reign to do whatever he wants, he starts by catching her out on the grounds after hours and things, being generally creepy and rude. Then he cuts off all of her friends with bribes, threats, promises. He isolates her completely, leaving himself as the only person left in the school or otherwise that will talk to her.


Draco x Ginny 6th or 7th book. The rivalry between Harry and Draco has been going on for years, especially since Draco has been trying to get with Ginny from the beginning. Even if Draco's dating Pansy, he can't give up a chance to try and get with Harry's beau, the little red headed Weasley. But when Pansy finally snaps and she and Ginny get into a fight, everything changes. As Pansy knocks Ginny unconscious Harry leaps in and saves her. With the three of them in the hospital and Draco standing over Pansy's bed, the little red head is the first to wake. When it comes to Draco's attention that she has no idea who she is, who he is, where she is or who the people in the beds are, Draco is left with a choice. Does he confess his love for her and assume the role of her boyfriend instead of Harry, passing the boy who lived off as some crazy psycho ex?


Draco x Ginny 7th book. Rather than there be a giant spiel about Voldemort coming back and such, life goes on rather normally. Except for Ginny. Sure, she's made Prefect this year. Her mother was so proud she even bought her robes that fit. Ginny had been happy. Not just because the clothes fit, but because it hid the ugly bruises that she seemed to get all the time. She told people they were from Quidditch practice, and her brothers, who didn't believe in her ability at Quidditch anyway, only scoff and take the feeble excuse as golden, not bothering to find out the truth. That their best mate, the love of her life, was beating her.. He didn't beat her all the time, no, just when she deserved it. That was what Ginny hated, she would go into a situation knowing it wasn't her fault, but somehow by the end Harry could convince her it was her fault, that she did deserve it. No one seemed to notice Ginny's plight, that is until she comes into the Head Boy and Head Girl's office late to get her duties one Sunday night, and all she finds is the Head Boy - Draco Malfoy. Draco can easily pick out the difference between a bludger and a pair of knuckles, having to dodge both - one at school, one at home, and offers help. If asked our dear Mr. Malfoy would say it's his duty as Head Boy. But really he's scared. Scared for her. Even if he doesn't really like her, though she is cute, he can see Harry's violence escalating and peaking, much like his father's.
INTRO!~~~~~~ Draco had gotten his Head Boy's owl two weeks before school. It had flown in through the window of the small Inn he was staying at. He'd been staying there to get away from his father. They hadn't been getting along very well but that didn't mean much. All it meant was that he wanted to let his bruises heal before going back to school.
So here he was.... His feet propped up on his desk, flipping through the Daily Prophet while the Head Girl, a Hufflepuff, drew lazy shapes along a parchment at the desk across the room, twirling her fingers around her hair. For what seemed the millionth time in the past two hours, she let out a rather annoying, loud sigh of bordom. Draco drops his paper with a groan, looking over at her, "You don't have to stay here, Cherye," he says in a would be polite voice if his face didn't show his obvious annoyance. "I can handle dishing out Prefect duties on my own." The girl didn't at all seem to mind, dropping her quill and standing up. "Thank you Draco," she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes at him on her way out the door. He merely rolled his eyes back. God... What good news was there now that he had to sit by that for a whole sunday, every sunday? He didn't see the point of wasting a perfectly good Sunday in a small room, but Dumbledore insisted that it was in cause any Prefect needed them, and it was the honor of Head Boy. Had he asked to be head boy? Not really.
He picks his paper back up and ruffles it open, shifting his feet a little as he leans back in the chair, looking over the articles. He'd skipped right over the front page where, taking up half the page, was a horrid picture of his father, taken the night he'd been caught trying to off some muggles. There was a smaller picture of his mother, as well, and he had been glad to get himself out of the house before it happened. He had avoided getting a crappy shot himself as well. Bloody vultures.

Any book Draco x Ginny. Semi-interested in this plot. Talk to me about particulars.
Draco is dating Pansy, Ginny is dating Harry. Harry cheats on Ginny with Pansy. Draco catches them. Draco x Ginny decide to date in order to get back at them, make them jealous, and overall make their lives hell.
INTRO!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"You fucking whore!" A raging Draco was in his dorm, completely revolted to find his girlfriend in bed with the boy who lived.  "Draco! Draco I can explain-" Pansy cried as she scrambled to gather up her clothing. Harry too was scrambling, though he was trying to get away from Draco's wand, which was pointed at his chest. "Silencio!" Draco roared, silencing Pansy as he rounded on Harry. "You think that just because you're Harry fucking Potter you could come in here and fuck my girlfriend... ON MY BED?" Harry held up one hand, as the other was clutching a blanket around his waist. "Dra-Draco come on... We can work this out, can't we?" Draco laughed, a loud and crazy laugh. "Work.. Work it out?! STUPIFY!" He screamed, knocking Harry out and slamming him against the wall. "Stupid fucking prat," Draco muttered, spitting on him. He rounded on Pansy, dragging her down the stairs by her hair and throwning her naked and silent into the common room. "There, now you can show everyone. Show them your fucking shame," he kicked her and then turned to make his way out of the common room. "Go ahead, fuck the boy who lived all you want," he shouted on his way out the common room, "Your fucking pussy's loose anyway," he added in a mutter.
An hour later and the entire school knew. Draco was out by the lake, still seething with anger. He wondered how the boy who lived's girlfriend was taking it and whether or not she had jinxed his balls off. Remembering that she was great with hexes, having been on the recieving end of a few, he felt a little better knowing that Harry was going to get at least some of what he deserved.

Draco x Hermione – multiple plots


Draco x Hermione- seventh book. After Harry and the gang save Draco from the Room of Requirement, Draco kidnaps Hermione to bring her to Voldemort as a human shield against Harry. Draco, like always, spends most of his time talking shit to her and touching her and stuff, and by the time he goes to bring her to Voldemort, his precious Dark Lord is dead. And there's Auror's (spelling?) everywhere. He decides to take her with him, since releasing her means he might get cauight, and flees.. For those of you who like to abuse Hermione a little bit.

Draco x Hermione - 7th book AU
For some reason or another (No threat to school, not wanting to go with Ron and Harry, wanting to finish her last year) Hermione is at school for her last year, and she's made it as Head Girl, not that anyone is surprised. The Head Boy, curiously enough, is none other than Draco Malfoy, and the two of them must now share the Head Boy and Head Girl living quarters, sharing the same common room and office space, though their bed rooms and showers are separate. Either we take a more romantic route and the two grow to like each other, or we could take one of two more sadistic routes, one where Hermione likes Draco and he uses that to sleep with her, or he's interested in her first and he just seduces her when she's drunk, rapes her, forces her into it, etc,etc, whatever.

Draco x Hermione - After school ----Not entirely interested in this plot.. Talk to me about particulars.
Although Hermione has always sworn she'd never work in Knockturn Alley, Burke and Borts [i know i messed the name up but I don't have my references in front of me] is the only place that will hire her on a livable wage. Although the owner doesn't trust her much, he knows she's smart enough to work there and besides, it had been Mr. Draco Malfoy himself who'd told him to hire her. It wasn't wise to disobey the Malfoys, and the mudblood had done rather well to increase his sales anyway, so why question it? This, of course, gives Draco plenty of chances to be around Hermione in a business manner. Will she see past the git he'd been at school, or will she grow to know too much about his life and have to be taken care of?
INTRO! ---- Draco steps through the threshhold, shaking the water out of his long, white-blond hair. He hardly liked coming to Borgin and Burke's, especially when it was raining. Especially lately, since they'd hired Granger. He supposed it was alright, indeed, he'd even approved the action before Hermione was cemented as employee. She'd grown out of her awkwardness through the years, he'd noticed, though her hair and the fact that she was a mudblood remained the same. It had been difficult to convince his father to allow her to work there, Draco had argued, like he often did with his father, that no matter what her blood was she was smart. Smart enough to keep her mouth shut, but not smart enough to hide it if she'd talked to someone. She was, in essence, perfect material for a stock-girl and item specialist. His father had agreed, but given Draco full responcibilty for the shop, saying that it was a good business move to hire her but he'd have nothing to do with it. Draco hardly suspected he'd be the one to talk to her everytime they were buying or selling. Had he known he'd have to see her each and every time, he may have just let his father handle telling her no and get on with it. He couldn't take back an arguement he'd won with his father, since it showed weakness to no end, and so he'd been forced to deal with her. Ah well, he had to deal with her at Hogwarts, he was sure he could handle her years later and without Potter or that Weasle around to make her feel brave.
His hands slide up to brush water droplets away from his cloak as he slides a small box out of his pocket. A pendant his father had found and wanted to know if it was save to give to his mother. Or, perhaps, to save if she ever betrayed him. Draco hardly liked to think of his father killing his mother, but she seemed whipped enough to never cross him. His grey-blue eyes flicker wearily towards Hermione as he makes his way through the dimly lit store, boots clunking smartly off the wood floor. He stops at the counter, giving her a curt nod. "Granger," he says in what might have been a greeting, somehow. He drops the box on the counter, "I suppose we both know why I'm here," he says shortly, eyes flicking around at anything but her. "I expect you got my owl?"

Any book Draco x Hermione. ----- Not particularly into this plot. Talk to me about particulars.
Draco is dating Pansy, Hermione is dating Ron. Ron cheats on Hermione with Pansy. Draco catches them. Draco and Hermione decide to date in order to get back at them, make them jealous, and overall make their lives hell.
INTRO!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    "You fucking whore!" A raging Draco was in his dorm, completely revolted to find his girlfriend in bed with the boy who lived's little red headed charity case.  "Draco! Draco I can explain-" Pansy cried as she scrambled to gather up her clothing. Ron too was scrambling, though he was trying to get away from Draco's wand, which was pointed at his chest. "Silencio!" Draco roared, silencing Pansy as he rounded on Ron. "You think that just because you're Potter's little fucking tag along you could come in here and fuck my girlfriend... ON MY BED?" Ron held up one hand, as the other was clutching a blanket around his waist. "Dra-Draco come on... We can work this out, can't we?" Draco laughed, a loud and crazy laugh. "Work.. Work it out?! STUPIFY!" He screamed, knocking Ron out and slamming him against the wall. "Stupid fucking prat," Draco muttered, spitting on him. He rounded on Pansy, dragging her down the stairs by her hair and throwning her naked and silent into the common room. "There, now you can show everyone. Show them your fucking shame," he kicked her and then turned to make his way out of the common room. "Go ahead, fuck that Weasley boy all you want," he shouted on his way out the common room, "Your fucking pussy's loose anyway," he added in a mutter.
An hour later and the entire school knew. Draco was out by the lake, still seething with anger. He wondered how the weasle boy's girlfriend was taking it and whether or not she had jinxed his balls off. Remembering that she was the bnrightest in the year, he felt a little better knowing that Ron was going to get at least some of what he deserved.

Severus x Draco – Plot or fling

Lucius x Draco – Semi-plot

Severus x Harry – Multiple plots

 Severus x Harry. Instead of Severus being in love with Lily (Boo!) he was in love with James instead, and blames Harry for his death. This plot could go so many ways I won't even bother to put them down. But it could go with a violent sort of thing, they could fall in love, Severus could kill him (if you really wanted him to) It could take place years after Hogwarts... Maybe either Harry's come back to teach (and obviously we're pretending Severus doesn't die) or Voldemort wins instead of losing and Severus buys Harry as a slave... Anything you can think of.

Draco x Harry – Multiple plots

Severus x Harry & Draco x Harry – Plot, Multiple main characters involved

Ron x Ginny – No real plots. More of a fetish

Hermione x Ron – Hermione is a secret pain slut, and Ron is more than happy to go along with her needy plans. [I will play either part in this, though I prefer to play Ron I will have no qualms with being Hermione]

Twins x Ginny – Same as above, semi-plot.. More interested in this one than I am the Ron x Ginny

Twin x Twin – ‘Nuff said. APPARENTLY! Not enough said. =P When I say twincest I mean the twins from Harry Potter. I am interested in other twincests but not most of the time.

Weasley Family – Loose plot. Both mxm and mxf options, or both. Involves either just doubling on my part, or both.

Severus x Luna – Plot

Luna x Harry – This involves strap on play.

Neville x Luna – No plot. I may request to double as another couple, since Neville and Luna with Neville as a top is rather vanilla.

Luna x Neville – Again, strap on play.

Severus x Student – No plot. Just Sevvie sex.

Dumbledore x Severus – Semi-plot.

Dumbledore x Harry – Semi-plot.

Severus x Dumbledore – Plot.


Tom Riddle x Ginny – Plot
Tom Riddle x Luna – Plot
Severus x James – Plot
Sirius x James – No plot
P.S. I hate Lily Potter. Don’t ask me about her at all.

I have not read the book. I vaguely watched the movie. I don't really like Edward. I have no real plots but here's some pairings and ideas.
Jacob x Bella - A love story. blah blah blah, Bella likes Jacob instead of Edward, ectect
Alice x Bella - Bella hangs out with Alice while not with Edward, Alice gets her to experiment, ectect
James x Bella - Rape fic. Nuff said, really.

Obviously none of those are really fan-girlie. It's really sex and exploration. With some interesting characters that I know little about. Keep that in mind.
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I see you have twincest mentioned!
I have a few plots that go along with that~
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I have a storyline you might be interested in. It's kind of from something but I'm looking for dominant female for it. Otherwise I'd love to do a plot with you.

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I have a storyline you might be interested in. It's kind of from something but I'm looking for dominant female for it. Otherwise I'd love to do a plot with you.
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I've done tons of updates, plots, intros.... Notes...
Hope it's not too much too read. =P

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I would like to find something to rp with you as Freuderline. :)