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Author Topic: Inquiry (Perm. Search Thread)[Mul] [All Sexualities!]  (Read 780 times)

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Inquiry (Perm. Search Thread)[Mul] [All Sexualities!]
« on: September 09, 2009, 11:05:06 PM »

Giving In

Setting: Any
Sexuality: M/M
Role: Switch
Character: New
[BON + NC-H?]

In a normal story, you have two people. A good guy, and a bad guy. (Although this isn't always true, it's often viewed as such.) Usually, the hero will have to turn down some offer the bad guy makes. An offer to join him to do the acts of evil that he does-- and the hero turns him down. This craving, however, is about doing exactly the opposite-- giving in.

The cause or action, I would prefer to be something with a more violent side, maybe even stretching as far out as to the act of murder. (Not sex-- that can be part of it, but I don't want it to be the focus.) His reasons for doing this could be anything from blackmail to bribery, even simple melancholy or being weary of fighting against it.

I would like, later on, for the character to start to find pleasure in it, and truly come to enjoy whatever the act or cause. I want there to be denial, and eventually caving in-- a complete and utter acceptance of what's happened.

Team Fortress 2
Setting: Cannon or Other
Sexuality: M/M
Role: Any (Depends on mood?)
Character: Medic, Spy, Scout, or Sniper
[UN - Would Appreciate NC-H or BON]

No real ideas set for this yet, and I'm willing to talk it out.

Setting: Modern City
Sexuality: Any
Role: Any
Character: Miraj, Aidan, Tobias, or new. (I have no females for this one, yet.)

In the run-down city of Lenore, debauchery runs amok. The businesses are all ruled by three rival gangs, but those who live in the city don't have much reason to fret. They aren't there for the office work; they're there for the gangs themselves.

Of the three gangs, the Clandestine hold the most power. Ruled by an elusive cold-hearted Frenchmen and never afraid to carry out a hit, the Clandestine rule the prostitute business in Lenore. They also hold the smallest piece of the city, but it's enough for them.

A close second to the Clandestine, the Davenport sector controls the drug business of Lenore. Ruled by an easily-angered man who insists on ruling with an iron fist, the Davenport holds it's power (and the largest part of the city,) by sheer number. The son of the leader, Miraj, tends to take over relations with the men.

The third sector in Lenore is ruled by the Albels. The most business oriented of the three, the Albels dominate the alcohol industry. Mild-mannered but strict on holding their position of power, the Albels hold the second largest sector of Lenore. The leader's son, Adian, is set to inherit his father's legacy, but he's widely considered too soft and unfit for the job.

Recently, activity between the gangs has picked up. It's rumored that one of the higher ranking Clandestine was killed while out on the job-- in the Albel sector. The Clandestine, in turn, sought out revenge and have increased hostility towards the Albels. Transactions between the two are now closely monitored. Sensing weakness, the Davenport decided to attack, attempting to gain more land.

This is an open plot; a character may be put in at any point and place.

The Gentlemen of Fortune
Setting: Near-Future City
Sexuality: Any
Role: Any
Character: Isaac, Demetri, Collin, Adam, Tommy, Anna, Samantha, or new.

In the future, but never too far away, there is a small group (a gang, as the police refer to them as,) known as the Gentlemen of Fortune. Always eager to damage the city in any way they can, these men are a collection of the city's unwanted. This massive city, whom has rejected it's citizens, is hardly more then a collection of factories and slums. The entire town seems to be corrupt, and one paranoid man with a grudge and his gang aim to take them all down and see the place burn.

This is another open, flexible plot open for discussion.
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Re: Giving In; M/M, [BON + NC-H]
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2009, 08:46:29 PM »

Isaac Elliot Mordecai
The Gentlemen of Fortune

Isaac is the 'Captain' of the Gents, and the second oldest of the group (at twenty-seven.) He's extremely easy to anger, usually because he's so impatient. He's prone to violence at such times, and the only person known to be able to calm him down is his second in command, Tommy.

Isaac is a bit of a drunk, and he's been known to go after anything that moves when he's been drinking. He is vehement about condoms when having sex with women-- he constantly complains about how he doesn't want a little brat interfering with the Gents.

Isaac is one of my more developed characters, with a very detailed backstory, which I'll post upon request.

Tommy Brice Walter
The Gentlemen of Fortune
Dominant Switch

Demetri Mihael Burr
The Gentlemen of Fortune
Submissive Switch

Adam Ivan Rhodes
The Gentlemen of Fortune

Collin Christopher Oswald
The Gentlemen of Fortune

Anna Rosabella Rhodes
The Gentlemen of Fortune
Dominate Switch

Samantha Eleanor Carson
The Gentlemen of Fortune

Under Construction!
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Re: Inquiry [Mul] [All Sexualities!] [Under Construction]
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2009, 11:48:38 PM »
091609 - Turned into a permanent request/search thread.
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Re: Inquiry (Perm. Search Thread)[Mul] [All Sexualities!]
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2009, 05:41:03 AM »
Everything's been set up properly (save a large list of generics-- anyone have one?) -- and the thread is open now to post in, for those who would prefer to post here rather then PMing me. For those looking for something else, or see a problem in the thread, feel free to approach me. I will bite-- but only as hard as you want me to.