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Le RandomBloke

Important: Since many women seem to be craving it and since it caused some misunderstandings in the past, if you're looking for some NC action, chances are you won't find it here. Nor will you be able to change my mind. It's not my cup of tea, unless I'm in a really, really exceptional mood. It's safe to assume that all my stories are pure romance unless stated otherwise.

I've tried to make this easier to navigate and read. Should you find an idea appealing, please contact me with a personal message as that'll result in the fastest response from me!

Note: I'd love a Mass Effect oriented story (Revolving around the world, not the actual story of the games.) I have a particular idea in my head, but I somehow don't think there will be many gamers willing to play a female character interested in this set up, so I'll leave the story itself open. Contact me if you're interested :P

Sci-fi / Fantasy / Horror

Stories with a peculiar setting.

A handful of trouble
Light hearted romance, World of Warcraft

I'll try not to nag too much about this idea, let me just say it's probably not that original but my mind can't seem to leave it alone. Set in the "World" of Warcraft merely because I enjoy the setting and the world.

It'll revolve about a relationship between two stubborn personalities, so what I'm craving for is pretty much a lot of conflicts, some playful, others borderline psychotic. Let it be known the story itself will remain vague and I'd love to discuss it with any potential partner who feels up for this.

Anyway, the female character is for you, potential partner. What race she is? I don't really care, that'll depend on how we flesh out the story, it could be a succubus, orc, troll, human, dwarf, you name it, I'm probably cool with it. (Although Undead is probably out of the question! *cough*) What it comes down to is that this character is a die hard fan of causing mischief and creating chaos. Not evil, but certainly not a saint. In her never-ending quest to prank people, she decides it's a good idea to play a prank on my character (Male, Troll Rogue) by playing the damsel in distress. Although my character himself isn't exactly the type to care about others, he still gets fooled.

This time and this time only he decides to help this cry for help, if only because he's really bored. Though, this wouldn't be much of a story if this prank wouldn't get both of them into trouble. (Perhaps the loud yelling lures over some unfriendly animals looking for an easy meal.) Regardless, both of them end up having to run for their lives, because gosh darn it the cooldown on vanish still hasn't finished yet! Doing what is natural they stick together while running away, though once they're both safe, this decision will soon be regretted.

Both are now helplessly lot, unless they have a death wish they'll have to stick together in case they run into something dangerous. Unfortunately for them, their personalities clash quite horribly. She's a flirt, a tease and likes to cause mischief. A very playful kind of person. He's sarcastic, negative, apparently not too impressed by the woman and last but not least: incredibly rude.

So yes, what I'm thinking of is two people having to work together due to circumstances leading to a lot of friction. Friction that creates electricity which in turn causes some sparks. I'd just love to see a continuous power-struggle between the two as they go on their adventure. Do note that I do intend both characters to be relatively young, thus perhaps a little naïve about their surroundings.

But like I said, the story itself can be discussed and created through PM's, I just wanted to set the basics and the relationship. D:

The Fallen

This is a rather dramatic story I suppose, it's set in the medieval ages though, of course, with many different races. In these lands nature, with the help of the many elves that roam the world, is holding strong against the 'human' threat. The humans cut down many trees to build homes, kill many helpless animals to feed on. Not all of them are like this, but many are. This causes a very fragile relationship between the two, not to say they're at war, but they certainly don't like one another.

These are the two dominant races on the planet, there are trolls, orcs, dwarves and many others. Though these are a vast minority, rarely seen, let alone outside their territory. The story is about a relatively young human with a lot of potential, rangers they call them, roaming through the forests trying to help whatever and whoever they can. One day he manages to rescue an elven woman out of a tight spot when an animal threatened to end her life.

It was one of the rare animals which even the elves considered dangerous and killed on sight. Fortunately for her, this human just so happened to ride by.  (Before I type out the entire story by myself and make a cliché book out of it, I'll shorten it from here on) she has never seen a human before, he has never seen an elf this young before. Neither of them being hateful, it's needless to say a spark is ignited between the two.

Unfortunately for him, she isn't just any young elf, she's the daughter of someone very important. He lets her ride on his horse and brings her back to where she lives in safety, though at a distance, so her people don't catch her with a human. They end up kissing. It would've all been fine if her father didn't see this event occurring, after arguing with his daughter, he decides to take matters into his own hands. His hatred for the human race far outweighing his morals.

During the night, when the young human is sleeping near a campfire deep into the forest, the father murders him with a well placed arrow. When he returns late that night, the daughter instantly knows what happened.

Anywho, this is not the end. As fate would have it, a troll shaman witnessed the event and creates out of him what is known as 'A fallen'. While trolls are few in numbers, they are feared for their magic, 'the fallen' being the main reason for that fear. Unknown to both the father and the human, they were in troll territory, and trespassing is not taken lightly.

'The Fallen' is a way to strike fear into the hearts of humans and elves alike, for they are humans or elves, usually murdered by the trolls themselves, then resurrected to bring wrath upon those that dared come near their village. They receive a certain bloodlust, they can see when it is dark, are stronger, faster and more agile. Their eyes turn deep red. While in essence these 'Fallen' remember everything what happened before their demise, the shaman manipulate them and use them as a weapon.

In this case, the shaman shows him who killed him and the once goodhearted young human turns into a killing machine who's only desire is vengeance. Well, I guess you can see where this is going, so I'll leave it at this.

Blast from the past

This is a horror sort of idea. In space to be specific, in a spaceship. (Orly? Not just flying about in space? No, surprisingly not!) The idea is that there's a ship far out in deep space, there's nothing to be found there, nothing of interest. Very isolated indeed. The perfect place to start experimenting on stuff that should be left alone. Messing about with the fabric of time? Sounds like a splendid idea!

The thing is, there was a reason why this was not allowed. During the many tests these renegade scientists did, some were successful. It had a few strange bugs though, it worked like a portal, and whatever you tried to sent to the past or future the portal required something from said time to go through the other side. A trade if you will.

Shit hit the fan when the scientists got greedy and decided to test out the future, far in the future. Curiosity killed the cat, or in this case many, many scientists. Unpredictable as the machine was, while they sent a volunteer out there, the portal sent an organism back. One that wasn't to keen on being on a spaceship in the past. (To 'it' past.)

People start to die rapidly and the organism turns it into something else, lets the corpses mutate. With every body it creates, another monster spawns. Their futuristic weapons don't even affect these beasts, and the ship quickly gets taken over.

Now a single female scientist survives and managed to lock herself into the room which started it all, while not very familiar with the machine controls, she desperately tries to sent a message to the past to warn them. Unfortunately, the machine was too damaged to work properly. The message got sent back to the past alright, but it got sent back to 2009 (Woot!), not even anywhere near these current events. What's worse the portals sends back a man, never before had it actually send back a human being, but now it did. A soldier.

She doesn't know it yet, but despite the confused state he is in, this man will be very, very useful to her. Since the weapons he wields use plain ol' bullets. In her eyes inferior technology, laughable, but in the eyes of this alien organism a weapon to be feared. As those inferior bullets seem to have no problem taking them down.

A devious plan crumbles
Light-hearted romance

This is another rather innocent story, nothing too special about it but two characters interaction in hopefully some curious and interesting ways. That's what most of it will be evolving around, the two interacting. A lesser demon yet to earn respect from the rest of the underworld ventures out to blend in with the 'regular' citizens of earth to cause some mischief and trouble. She isn't particularly evil yet, but is very eager to prove herself to her 'friends' and show she is far more than they all think.

To do this she has recently found the perfect target to manipulate and potentially help her with her goals, some random jack-ass she spotted while walking down the streets. This guy isn't a demon, or the opposite, but just a regular human being. That being said, he does seem to behave himself like a lower class demon just out having fun, annoying people left and right for his own amusement. The more angry he can make a person, the more satisfied he seems to be with himself. The perfect person to manipulate and abuse in her eyes.

Though not everything goes as planned (if it did, where would be the fun in that?) as soon as she attempts to even as much as make contact with the guy, he just does the same thing to her as he does to everyone else, get her angry.

Well, that's pretty much it about the story. I'm just looking for someone to play a mischievous playful demon in conflict with this guy. She has some magic to aid her, he just had his horribly effective personality to aid him. Lots can be discussed for this, though I just want a light hearted romance with a bit of comedy in the mix. I have many ideas to push the motivation for both, but like I said, this can all be discussed as I like to leave it open for interpretation.

Regular Stories

Well, like it says, the normal world. Don't expect aliens here.

Taking control of temptation.

I'm in the mood for something less lovey-dovey (at first) and perhaps requires a more direct dominant side of me. Rather than a place, you should ask yourself in what company? Who? The Japanese Mafia in America. They're in their glory days, having nearly every cop and politician in their pocket without them even knowing so. Where all other big Mafia families started dealing in drugs, the Japanese didn't, hence why the FBI didn't care about them. Out of sight, out of mind. Everything happened underground.

The Japanese Mafia consist out of people who were born in Japan, except for one man. A Caucasian man nicknamed Silent Storm, rarely seen, real name unknown.. almost a myth. Called Silent Storm due to his silent nature, never says a word until required of him. But when this man does a job, from robbing a bank to killing the president, not a soul that doubts the fact he wouldn't fail. So intimidating in sheer presence that even the leader of the Japanese Mafia couldn't resist having him as one of his personal bodyguards.

Now, I was thinking the daughter of the boss is the one who catches his eye. She's used to have people cower in her presence, afraid to even look at her because of what her father might do. Pushing people around, always getting what she wants and all that because of her powerful father. Of course she gains sick pleasure in this role, teasing men knowing they can't touch her.

Now when she hears of this new bodyguard of her father who isn't even Japanese, this woman is intrigued to say the least. More than happy to give this new man a same treatment as all the rest, it'll soon appear it was a big mistake, one she'll quickly end up liking however. It seems this new bodyguard doesn't seem to mind her seductive attitude towards him, in fact, it seems like she isn't in control at all and rather than cowering before her in fear of what her father might do, he actually pushes it on to another level despite the risk.

Despite the fact she loves to make man shiver, it would appear she absolutely loves it when they make her shiver instead. A bit of a SM relationship I suppose, with the ever lingering danger of being find out. After all, she's daddy's little princess, any Japanese man touching her can expect a swift death. So who knows what he'd do if it was one not even of the same race.

Growing Desires
Romance with a hint of drama

This is one I had on my mind for a while but never quite felt like going at it just yet. The story would go around two students at a university or high school depending on what you prefer, about a handsome but rather anti-social guy and a girl that's well known to be the school's slut. Now before I go further, I don't really intend on this being just a quick hump and dump story, I like things that go a little deeper.

The idea is that everyone treats the girl pretty much like some sort of object, and there is absolutely no respect for her throughout the entire school, she's pretty much the school's hooker. Now, why she went down this path is up to you, I can think of a few reasons ranging from extremely dramatic to "just because", but I leave the partner's character development up to my partner. Either way, my guy, despite his anti-social tendencies, does stand up for her every once and a while when others are making fun of her or whatnot. He's the only one treating her like a person, making it not very difficult for her to like him.

Despite treating her like a human though, he is still absolutely disgusted by the way she spends her time in school, fate would have it that he even caught her having sex at school in empty classes and such, further increasing that level of disgust. The idea is pretty simple, they keep bumping into each other, both outside of school and inside of school. Especially outside of school she seems to act a lot more like a normal girly girl.

The story development is decided on what and why the reasons are, but it's a simple one of two people slowly started to connect with one another, changing themselves drastically in the process. Being the cheesy sob that I am, a happy ending is appreciated \o/

Experimental Stories

Here I'll place stories which I'll try to push my boundaries with. Don't expect many here.

<No title Yet> :(

Ok, read this carefully -> THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT the role in which my character will take is not one I have done often, if at all. Do, however, not underestimate my perverted mind. Hurrdi~whatever.

Second of all, this will take place in the World of Warcraft universe. Why? Because I wanted it that way. You can try to persuade me otherwise, but I probably will not give in. Since this is my first time attempting this and I pretty much had this idea lingering in my mind for quite a while. Still, don't let that discourage you.

If you're interested we can work out the details in PM's.

My character would be a troll, a quite powerful rogue with a very special hobby. You see, this troll just loves to break a woman's spirit. Also, keep in mind that in WoWarcraft women are equal to men, I can't stress this enough. Many people seem to forget about it when I try to roleplay in-game, well, anyway, this particular troll doesn't see it that way. Women to him, are tools to be used for pleasure, his pleasure.

This is where it gets fun! Depending on your race we'll pick a zone where your character and mine 'meet'. Right, I want a strong willed character, not a pushover. Anyway, once they bump in to each-other the woman is in for quite a surprise. I'm not going to give many details, none really, it just comes down she ends up in a situation where she's royally fucked. (Hurr, nice pun man! *High-fives himself*)

It's pretty obvious where this is going to, isn't it? The twist is, where my character normally dumps his victims somewhere after he's no longer interested in them or something better comes along. This one however, doesn't quite seem to bore him so easily. Even better, after a while, she seems to enjoy the situation. As his demands start getting more and more absurd, she starts getting more and more obedient.

This will start with NC (Depending on your preferences too of course) and end up with a lot of 'fun' in public, bondage, you name it.. well, no snuff, scat or whatnot. The public events being the most important part of the story, in a world where man and woman are equal, how will others respond? Especially if the victim doesn't seem as reluctant to obey his wishes as he makes it seem.

Keep in mind my character will be quite a bit stronger than yours, so do expect to get knocked down easily. Also, since realistically speaking a strong willed character would only give in after a long amount of time, expect us to jump in a time machine every now and then, as actually playing out the entire ordeal might get me bored. (THEY WALKED AND THEN WALKED SOME MORE REPEATING WHAT HAPPENED EARLIER.  D:)

I'd love to stress the fact that as a 'pet', you're not entirely powerless to the events that occur, I'm not very fond of the idea of having to take control of the whole game. And of course, I'll respect the things you really do not want to see happen. Of course, nothing that changes the entire idea of the story, that'd ask for a different story!

I'm not planning for my character to get all soft and mushy. Don't worry though, all men are very protective when it comes to something they own.


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I like it, I have not done a posting rp before so you might need to help me get started but I would definatley like to try.
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Le RandomBloke

Added a few stories, made the entire thing more easy to read. (I hope) Man, I suck at being organized.

"Give me all your true hate and I’ll translate it in our bed into never seen passion."

Le RandomBloke

I come and go far too often, but ach well, really hope everything stays in check now. I never give up! >_>

"Give me all your true hate and I’ll translate it in our bed into never seen passion."


hey i would be interested in the changing circumstances with the girly girly popular chick and muscular dude. i like the idea of zombies and the hatred turns to lovers idea.  ;)
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I'd love to give A Song of Siblings a try, if you're still interested?

Le RandomBloke

Right, two more stories added (It's been a while, I know :P).

First new one is way at the top, the other is at the bottom.

Please contact me through PM's!

Cheerio. o/

"Give me all your true hate and I’ll translate it in our bed into never seen passion."

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It's been ages again, but added another story and removed one I felt far less inclined to do as of now. Feel free to contact me with a PM (or do it in this thread, but experience taught me I usually don't check this often enough, even when it's on notify, I can be a bit dense. >_>)

(Make that two stories, one of my old experimental ones squeezed in there that never made it through, no title for it, oh noes!)

"Give me all your true hate and I’ll translate it in our bed into never seen passion."