The Office Master [BON, Seeking F]

Started by TheVillain, September 06, 2009, 06:55:23 PM

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Jon Severnos, Director of Human Resources at Global Mechanics, couldn't deny it any longer. The facts were laid out in front of him and stared at him like they were daring him to not believe it. As much as he wanted to, he just couldn't. The "Apollo of Wall Street" runs his hand against his brow in thought, thinking of what he was going to do about it.

She worked under him, he had gotten to know her. She was pretty, smart, serious about her job, dedicated even. A great person overall and yet here was the proof right in font of him. She was embezzling from the company. There was one and only one reason she still had her job at the moment and that was he wanted to know why. It had taken some digging, some serious sleuth work, and now the answer to that question was obvious as well. His most trusted under-manager in the company was embezzling funds to afford in vitro fertilization. She wanted to have a child and her pay scale was just low enough to not afford it the proper way.

"Master," asked the young woman under his desk, a secretary by day- and one of his favorite submissives by night, "What is wrong?"

"I may have to fire someone for reasons I sympathize with completely." he replies.

The young woman, wearing only a dog collar and moving to stimulate her master with her hands instead of her mouth, looked up at him, "Why?"

"She's stealing from the company because she wants to have a baby," he answers, motioning for her to come up into his lap. She does so quickly and happily.

"But you can help her with that master," she adds, rubbing his cock with her toned ass.

He smiles, because she was right of course. . .

[Alright, story is a low level manager of a company is caught stealing from the company to afford IVF, but is caught by her boss- a known dom who isn't entirely unsympathetic but can't let the deed go unpunished. Your character is pretty open to interpretation from beyond that point. Thoughts/Interested?]
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