Back to school (NC-H)

Started by Dizzied, September 06, 2009, 12:56:40 PM

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I've been toying with an idea lately, involving a high school teacher and a student.  Rather than the usual scenario, I wanna try something different.  Our teacher, a middle aged woman of Latino descent, wakes up one morning to find herself looking exactly like she did in high school!  (Naturally she'll be of a legal age equivalent.)  A few days ago she took part in  an experiment that seemed to have ended, but it turns out the drug they gave her simply had a delayed, but powerful effect.

She forces herself to go to school, to try and explain herself to the administration.  They don't recognize her in the slightest, though, and force her to go to class, thinking she is a new student.  They give her a uniform and everything, and she finds herself sitting in her own class as a substitute comes in to teach.  This is where your character comes in, a student in her class.  He spots the 'new girl' and decides to take her out.

I'd prefer the male student to be rather athletic, popular, and pushy.  I'd like the RP to include student life, like parties, as well as focusing on peer pressure.  The male student makes it very clear that she won't have many friends unless she accommodates him.  He makes her dress provocatively, perform for him, and naturally, please him.

Check my ons/offs to see if we're compatible, and send me a PM if interested!  I should warn that my current schedule is slightly busier than normal, but I should have more free time in the near future. 

Mr Self Destruct