Female players wanted of all levels [Succubus / Invisibal man / office romance]

Started by Sand of gaara, September 05, 2009, 09:49:50 PM

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Sand of gaara

Hey all, was wanting few role plays i have three plots right now one of which is pretty open to modifications to it.


This one involves a succubus coming out to feed of a man, what she dose not know that her victim is an magician, who knows the secrets of the Succubus. He makes her his slave by reading her name in the enchant language on her collar that bonds her to him for life. He is the shy guy and he dose this unknowingly as he has no idea he is a magician and a power full one at that. He is inexperienced in sex she teaches him, he is also a student doing cram school. From hear its basically come as you go.

Invisible man

This one involves a mad scientist not mad really just in the ethics division he made many unmoral experiments, one of his recent ones turned him invisible. From hear he uses this to his advantage and explores the world looking for the perfect girl when he finds her it can be either a love afire or a kidnapping up to you.

Office romance

This is the classic boss secretary role play, but I would like it to be a female boss and male sectary, but male boss and female sectary is okay also.

Sand of gaara

A few more role plays these have no stories so basically we can put pretty much any thing in these. Roles are negotiable.

Arranged marriage

Outcast/popular kid
Private Tutor

Non Negotiable roles
Incest roles
Twin siblings

Office roles
Boss/Secatary [could be either way]
Doctor [m]/nurse [f]
Doctor [f]/nurse [m]
Doctor/Patient [could be either way]
Nurse/Patient [could be either way]

Negotiable roles
Adventure roles
Pirate/captive [could be either way but mostly male pirate female captive]
Treasure Hunter/treasure guardian [female guardian.]

More Updated coming soon.
older sister/younger brother