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December 19, 2018, 07:29:10 AM

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Author Topic: If you're feeling kinky, weird and extremely come in...[EX], males only  (Read 528 times)

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Offline wrathflameTopic starter

As the title suggests, I am looking for an extreme RP. I have begun a certain number of RPs in the past year, but unfortunately, not all have reached a good, suitable ending. I am currently enjoying a very descriptive and intense RP, but all the others have more or less been shut down or put on indefinite stand-by.

I am a huge fan of description. I cannot stand short replies. I thought I did, but to be honest, I do not. I am not asking for a short novel, but if I can write more than two paragraphs, I expect my writing partner to also have this ability and preference. Normally, the length of the post varies according to what is actually going on in the story, but, as I said, I love description, and it never hurts to delve into something, especially if it's highly sexual.

Real life always comes first, and I would be the world's biggest hypocrite if I demanded constant replies, since I myself am forced to take breaks, either due to obligations or simply because I am tired or uninspired or not at home. But I would like an RP with a certain level of stability.

My ons and offs: do not bother to check them out, they are seriously outdated and I promise to re-write that page soon, because during my time on E, a lot of writing preferences have changed or evolved. Details shall be discussed if there is anyone interested in my suggested themes.

Finally, my themes and ideas: [EX]

1. Alien's Prey

This scenario would derive from a basic kidnapping, domination, manipulation RP into something much, much darker. A number of random (or not, depends on your preference) people are being taken mysteriously. No one knows what happens to them, and strangely, no one has the chance to wonder. They are taken by an advanced, aggressive species of aliens who use them in several fields: study, experiments, games and sports, sexual depravity, breeding. The females are especially taken into account. Basically, the female character would be thrust into a world she had never imagined, enslaved, modified (physical, genetic transformation), trained and used by the creatures. They could be similar to humans, but let's go for diversity, shall we? This RP would involve mind games, manipulation, aggression, advanced bondage (scifi inspired), domination, multiple scenes, public scenes, force, slavery. Although I want a strong, hardcore content, I insist upon a story as well, therefore, I would like to discuss details with the ones who are interested. It would not be an RP meant to go on forever, I guess the length would be about average.

2. Good guys, bad guys, what's the difference?

A very dedicated police woman with a troubled, cruel past works in vice and can barely stay afloat in the murky waters she swims in. She gets degrading, dangerous missions and even though she completes them perfectly, her boss despises and disrespects her. For her last, final mission, the one that would bring her the promotion to homicide, she is blackmailed by her boss, forced to accept his degrading requests. But he gives her the mission and although she feels tainted and dirty, she prepares for it. She is supposed to join a group of shady characters, thought to have liaisons with the mob. She needs to be present at a secret weapon exchange. She earns the trust of the weapon dealers but the mobsters attempt to finish them off without paying (duh) and she is the only one left alive. She is captured and taken by the mob. At first, they want to kill her, but her toughness and dignity attract the attention of one of the main leaders. He takes her in as her unwilling slave and does everything to break her. She fights him all the way, but slowly gives in to his cruel, knowing manipulations. At first he lest his men train her and use her, but then, he becomes obsessed with her and takes her with him everywhere, as a displayed prisoner. Strangely, she becomes drawn to him despite the humiliating connection with him and, even though she hates him, she also needs him. When there is a plot against him, she finds out and almost dies for him. This RP could go many ways. He could realize he loves her and take her on as a member of the mob and his trusty ally. He could give her back her freedom and release her, but she would just come back to him after some time, well trained and submissive. Or he could die, she would escape and later kill her perverted boss. Of course, these are only ideas, if anyone is interested, we can go over the entire RP together. This would involve the same Extreme elements as above, but it would be with humans/humans.

Sorry for the very long descriptions, hope they at least make good reading material. Hope to hear ideas. PMs would be the best, hope to find interested writing partners.

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