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Started by lollipop, September 04, 2009, 12:26:09 PM

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I consider myself a writer and will not accept a partner that is interested in just the more x-rated form of roleplay. Though, that is a fun part of writing for me it is not the only reason I write. I write for the story aspect of roleplay more so than the sexual aspect.

Also, I apologize in advance but I won't write with a partner that cannot write with correct grammar and punctuation (or at least semi correct).

I have several thread ideas. I know, I'm one of the new chicks ... but I promise, I'm not too bad, unless needed to be.

Seeing as I have multiple ideas ... I'll be adding to this thread throughout the day (bear with me, as I am off and on due to my cable connection spazzing out).

Also, if you see potential in one of my ideas but would like to expand on it, I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts.


Not title ... as of yet.

19th century London (Dickens Era).

Life as a homeless orphan was not always easy for Izzy Bristow. But, she made her way as most do. Now, as an adult life isn't much better. She still sleeps under the porches of shops or in abandoned buildings along the muddy, dank streets of London. By day, she picks pockets and steals food from carts and carriages of the wealthy. She's saving, so that one day she'll have enough money for clean clothes and a room at a pub.

A pretty girl, is Izzy, though cleanliness is not an option in her lifestyle so she goes primarily unnoticed by the gentry. One day, she picks the wrong pocket. The pocket of a young, wealthy, aristocratic who takes great offense to what she's done. At first, he's angry and leaves (with his wallet) with the thoughts of having her turned in for what she tried to do.

Later, he remembers her face. Enchanting, through the grime and the rough language. He'll go back after her and try to make her a lady. Through this, Izzy will find out about her past and who she would have been. As well as learning from her aristocrat how to be a lady.

Yeah, pretty much a rip off of my fair lady ... or a tacky romance novel ... or both. But, I really would like to play that era and this character (especially her accent).

Character Bio

Character up for play:

Izzy Bristow

Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 pounds (a skinny chit she is at first ... a few weeks worth of decent food shall plump her up nicely)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Pale Blue

Izzy's first memories are of a church run orphanage. She hated it, there was far too much meanness there and by the age of eight she'd run away. She grew up on the streets, banded together with older children in the same situation as she. She learned how to steal to eat and survive, how to allude the authorities who would try to take her back to an orphanage, and how to play to the sympathies of other more fortunate souls.

She has dreams of greater things and ambition as well, but it isn't easy when one doesn't have the amenities that such great things require. Though, she has given herself a last name (she was told that the woman who left her at the orphanage had given her the name Elizabeth), Bristow. She saw it over a seamstresses window her very first night on the streets.

She's obnoxious, rebellious, and crass. Mostly, out of fear. There is only so much being walked all over by life a woman can handle. She knows how to fight and is very capable of self preservation. It's that capability that has kept her virtue in tact in 20 years of life without a home or family.


Modern Era. Setting, Vegas (for starters, though it could go anywhere from there). Need a Male player for the role of the body guard.

Eva Vielle has finally made it. In the city of sin, crawling with exotic dancers, show girls, and prostitutes ... it's her name that is up in lights and her seductive act that everyone wants to see. Eva Vielle is a burlesque dancer of world wide fame. What started for her as a classier way to draw money from patrons in a Chicago strip club has turned into this: a two week run at the Mirage in Vegas. From there, her agent  had lined up a very long list of appearances, performances, and who knows what else. He was shrewd, but great at what he did.

In the past few years she'd dated an array of athletes, actors, and other famous personalities. Her grace, golden age of Hollywood glamorous style, and confidence (She wears the clothes, they never wear her) had made her one of the list toppers on every best dressed list in the country (even Europe). She'd even landed a deal as the face of a world wide and well known cosmetics company.

Life, was indeed good. The only problem with being a beautiful, sensual celebrity who's job it was to seduce and intoxicate was also the best thing about it. The fans. Threatening letters, emails, and phone calls were an annoyance, but part of the job. It wasn't until a few deranged fans got a little too close that her manager and agent both decided she needed personal security.

Her first showcase in Vegas would be her first shows with her new shadow. She wasn't exactly pleased, but the incidents had been scary.

Her new body guard is attractive, more so than she would have expected. And he has an edge, one she's yet to get off of any of her celebrity relationships. She likes that he watches her, in more than a professional manner. It won't be long before he ends up doing more than just watching ...

Character Bio

Character up for play:

Name: Eva Vielle (real name: Abby Faulk)
Age: 26
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 (tiny waist, but very curvy)
Hair: very dark brown
Eyes: hazel

Born in Chicago to a mother who worked at a drug rehab clinic and father who worked as a jail guard. Middle child of three children (younger brother, older sister). Very basic and humble up bringing.

Became a stripper at the age of 18 because the money was good and she's quite the exhibitionist. Started doing more burlesque performances by the time she was 20. By 21 traveled with a burlesque troupe all over the country. By 24 she set out on her own in Europe and made quite the name for herself before coming back to the states and touring.

She now, is residing in Vegas for a few shows before she's off jet setting again.

Eva is demure, but confident. Soft, but seductive. All woman in all the right places. Abby ... now, Abby is a completely different story ... 

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I like the second plot wondering if you'd like to do it with me?


Quote from: Sand of gaara on September 04, 2009, 06:20:42 PM
I like the second plot wondering if you'd like to do it with me?

Thank you so much for your interest, I appreciate that.

One of my offs is short role play posts. I much prefer longer and more in depth posts. I checked out your roleplays and all your posts are really short ... I'm not sure that it would be conducive for us to play together. As, your style (that I've seen) leads more to short and quick posts where mine are longer and may take me more time to have them posted. It's  not very fun to put that much effort into a story or post just to have someone shoot back a one paragraph answer.

Now, if you were willing to make the effort to post longer and more descriptive answers, then I'd be willing to try it out. :)

Sand of gaara

Well thank you for politely pointing that out, may I also politely point out that I give what I am given to work with I have sent you an PM of an example of one of my other role play on another web sight. That should suffice I think hear and there the posts may be small writers block happens to the best of us dose it not? I am pretty sure it has happens to you and more will happen to all of us.



The bodyguard plot would be of interest to me. Searching my posts will, as of yet, not yield anything of importance. If you'd care for some roleplay examples, just let me know and I'll flow logs over via PM. I am, however, looking for something with a bit more length. I have yet to hold an RP on the forums, which I find to be a bottomless chasm of disappointment (even the solo RPs I've went for tend to end up shifting to IM-based solutions). Perhaps that can change with this, hm?

At any rate, let me know if you're still seeking others for the part, and we can trade IMs/PMs to work out the finer details of the plot (a prerequisite of mine).


Thread Reserved

I want to play the steam sorority girl that falls for the unassuming nerd and gives him lessons in (yeah I know, cheesy porn movie plot ... but ~shrugs~) ... well, you get the point I'm sure. I wanted to get the idea out there. Hopefully at some point this evening I'll put up a character bio for her and a basic plot written.

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Quote from: Sand of gaara on September 06, 2009, 07:32:39 PM
So what did you think of those posts.

With my sincerest apologies, I'll have to pass.


This idea can really go anyway that would fit into the artifact aspect. From a trader looking for it, to her wishing for something, the possibilities are endless and I'm open to the interpretation of the from the mind of another.

Her world was a desert wasteland. She could stand outside her shanty home and all her eyes would see was sand, rolling dunes of harsh yellow particles for miles and miles. Unlike others who ventured here and thought it to be hell, to her is was ideal. She had no need of others, no desire for any company other than the desert. She preferred the quite desolation, it suited her.

She’d spent her life alone and found comfort in that. She’d never understood the physical desires or the emotions of others. Merchants in the closet trade town were the closet things to friends she had. They were the only contact she had with people, she liked being alone.

She considered herself a scavenger. She made her living off of things left behind by others. She didn’t have the training or education of those who called themselves archaeologists. Nor, did she want it. Most times, she was better at what they did than they were. She found artifacts almost daily, took them home and studied their histories in the books and ledgers of her father.

Once they were known to her, she sold them to merchants in the trade town. Sometimes, she found artifacts of great value ... those she kept, hidden away until she ran into a true collector. And then times, times like this day ... she keeps them forever.

She sat in her home, with only the flickering shadows of several oil lamps for company. She poured of over pages and pages of ancient tales. She read so much her eyes hurt and her fingers grew raw from page turning. And then by chance she found it, when one old leather bound book that had seen better days tumbled from the table. Pages flittered across the room and she cursed under her breath as she chased each and every one down. There it was, staring at her from under the sole sitting chair in the house.

She read carefully, for fear that she would miss something, anything. The passage was short, the picture large.

The Survivors Pendant was said to have been granted by the Gods to the only survivor of a torrential flood. It is said to grant the survivor anything he needs to survive. Such a description is subject to interpretation and for centuries men have died to gain possession of the pendant. For what they need to survive is often only something the heavily desire. It is said the Gods, knowing the nature of men, cursed the pendant. When too much is taken, the pendant takes back and captures the soul of the possessor.

Thalia looked down at the dirty pendant on the table. It matched the picture, perfectly.

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Hello lollipop i was going to ask if you had found the nerdy guy for your idea if not i would like to try out for that part. and if its been taken i understand and had just wanted to ask so hope to hear from you.
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Quote from: zemo8801 on September 06, 2009, 09:08:21 PM
Hello lollipop i was going to ask if you had found the nerdy guy for your idea if not i would like to try out for that part. and if its been taken i understand and had just wanted to ask so hope to hear from you.

I apologize as I was just opening this thread to mark it as taken. Sorry!


oh OK then i just had thought i would ask and that is fine with me it sounded like a fun idea and if you would ever like to do something i am usually pretty open to work with.
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