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Started by Natalie C. Barney, April 01, 2006, 09:34:25 PM

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Natalie C. Barney

I will like a game where I can play a innocent virgin defiled alot I was thinking a quasi-fantasy one set in the real world but maybe in the past where my character is a novice at a convent where they are al closet satanists. So there would be floggings, forced lesbian acts, forced sex with men and demons, S&M, B&D and lots of other acts. If you ever read graphic novels like CONVENT OF HELL you'll get the idea. I do want some input into scenes there are some things I would like to do alot. I would like this to be a closed end game and would have maybe chapters of sorts ending at some point. Lots of role-playing is expected and graphic action.  ;)

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have you had anybody interested in this one yet? I loved Convent of Hell. As long as I get to be the demon and corrupt mother superior etc. I wiould love to.