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Zombie G

Will be updating as need be : )  The formating tends to vary per profile as I'm just copy and pasting from older stuff, sorry bout that.

Also just as an fyi... unless noted I am USUALLY looking for a slash/yaoi sort of rp~

Sub Characters

Volucris (means ‘winged creature’ in Latin)
Age: 18
Race:  Nephilim (the offspring of a human and fallen angel)

Appearance: Volucris looks a few years younger then he actually is, and his features are rather androgynous, leaning to his angelic heritage more then his human heritage (though his looks are a just a bit too ‘rough’ to be considered truly angelic).  His hair is a light platinum blonde, and his skin is very fair. His eyes appear a murky purple from the distance when when viewed up close they are actually crimson and cerulean dual toned, the swirls of color making an  pinwheel like pattern in his iris.  He is of average height and of somewhat thin build.  He has very severe scarring on his back across his shoulder blades that can be visible when his wings are withdrawn.  His wings themselves are pure black, so dark that at times they even seem to absorb light itself.  They also possess a hard armor like ridge with sharp spikes jutting from them all along the upper half of each side (it’s hard to describe so I will do a quick reference later).  His finger and toe nails also harden and lengthen into sharp claws when he summons his wings, his ear tips gain a slight point, his and his canines elongate and sharpen as well.  He does not have them now, but if he was ever to take a human life, curved horns would grow from his skull, and his tongue would become forked resembling a cross between a human’s tongue and a serpent’s.

History: Volucris’s mother is a nun in a convent just outside Rome.  She was seduced by a fallen angel (whom she believed to be a pure messenger of god at the time), only discovering after she had lain with him that he was not as he seemed.  She had been somewhat mentally unstable before, but as he stomach began to swell with child she began loosing more and more her grip on reality, and by the time the child was born she was certainly not fit to be a mother.  Her sister nuns however took pity on both her and the child, and though the child was the offspring of a devil, he seemed to be a good boy and his head was constantly drilled with lessons of morality and bible teachings.

His mother meanwhile was steadily loosing her grip on reality more and more as the years wore on.  And when Volucris was four years old, she began to do terrible things to her son.  She would yell at him, and call him horrifying names, and shrieking that he was a sinner with vile tainted wings.  She would claw at his back where his wings would normally emerge, sometimes cutting it with a knife, or burning it with a candle in an attempt to dig the ‘tainted wings’ out.  The constant persistent damage and tearing open of wounds that had barely begun to heal caused the layers upon layers of thick scars there.  At such a young age, and especially since he always obeyed the word of his mother and the nuns, and was always well behaved, these attacks confused and terrified him.  The rest of the sisters, while they would bandage the boy up after one of his mother’s fits, did little else to stop her, they were afraid of her and what she could do, and they did not want her wrath and unfocused anger to fall upon them.

When he was 14, the boy began to have moments where he was overcome with blood lust wanting nothing more to tear living things asunder and feast on their blood… several birds,  cats and other small animals met their unfortunate end that way.  These strange and unwanted feelings went on for two years.  He tried to restrain himself as much as he could, but it eventually it would strain him too much and some poor critter would go missing.  It was around his time that he began training for the priesthood (even though he was still so young and despite his dark cravings he had strong faith, and wanted to try and please his mother).

And after those two years his cravings turned to a more specific direction.. he wanted to rip humans to shreds, to drink their blood, and decorate his body with it.  He began to become afraid of himself, and fled the convent afraid of harming one of the nuns, or despite her cruel treatment, his mother.  He has been living by himself in the wild now for two years , as far away from humanity as he could get.


As far as plot stuff for him goes, I have an idea I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  I want to do something very crazy and dark with him.  I never did decide what fallen angel exactly his father was so I was thinking something along the lines of said father finding his dear long lost son now that he no longer lives under the protection the convent gives him, and carries him away to hell/underworld/whatever demonic land catches your fancy.  Volucris I find is a bit of a corruptible character, so I would love for some ‘temptations’ to occur along the lines of the gory desires he’s been fighting off for years now.  And maybe some incest along the side? If not with the father, then perhaps with a half brother of some sort? Perhaps a brother around the same age (maybe a little older) who is half demon instead of half human who the father puts in charge of corrupting his little brother…

Or we could go some other way if anyone has any ideas… Either way I want to do something twisted gory, perverted and fun! <3 Yay!

Dom Characters

Gelidus Niveus - The Winter King

A White/Frost dragon of unusually large proportions (in dragon mode), he's become the ruler of a frozen wasteland far far to the north. He's very cold in personality, and requires absolute obedience from all that serve under him, so secretly he enjoys the task of breaking a new servant or slave. However, those that take to long in conforming to his ideals generally do not have a very pleasant life.

His dragon form is that of a huge white scaled European style, with a long sinuous neck, his mane is a very pale blue, and the underside of his wings are royal blue. He also has two large black ribbed horns that curl gently forward. In his human for he takes the shape of a tall young man in his late twenties, pale skinned, with hair the same color of his mane, and bright blue eyes. He still will usually possess his horns in this for as well unless he wants to mingle unnoticed among humans.

While I am not opposed to the traditional way of getting a slave for him (as in purchased off a slave market or some such), Gelidus rarely leaves his mountain home, so I have a few other ideas, a sacrifice left for him by local tribes, a wandering knight off to slay the infamous dragon, a clueless lost traveler, or even a rival dragon trying to elbow in on some territory.

And obviously any slaves should be at least somewhat cold-resistant due to the location.

ref pic - (dragon mode) http://img.photobucket.co...hitedragondoodlecopy.png


Kokoro 'Linfred' Nanashi (his name is in the traditional Japanese style with his surname first), aka Byakko

Age: 18
Race: Human, Japanese/German descent (is soul however is the soul of the ancient tiger beastgod)
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Black, chin length, has long bangs that sometimes fall into his eyes
Eyes: Bright sapphire, large and almost childlike in appearance
Occupation: Yakuza Lord

Fashion: Nanashi will almost always wear traditional Japanese garb, meaning yukatas and kimonos.  His favorite id a black silk yukata with his family crest and a white tiger embroidered on the back.  He avoids wearing 'western' clothes (such as pants) at all costs as he finds them personally very uncomfortable and even restraining.

Personality: Nanashi oftentimes wears a mask of childishness.  He likes to act silly and playful, and adores teasing people in any way possible once he knows what can get to them.  He is in many ways reminiscent of a kitten.  However as mentioned before this is in all actuality naught but a pleasant mask.  In reality he is very cunning and intelligent, far more so then his age and appearance might suggest.  He is ruthless and what some might even call bloodthirsty and would not be above killing someone who displeased him, even his own men.

History: Nanashi has in a sense two different histories.  The first was when he was Byakko the White Tiger, and Beastgod of the Wind.  The second is of his human incarnation, the life he currently lives.

As Byakko he was the beastgod who loved war more then his brother gods (Suzaku, Genbu, and Seiryuu).  He often demanded sacrifices of flesh and blood, which his followers were more then happy to provide.  Eventually though as the centuries wore on, worshipers of the God Beasts grew fewer and fewer in number as other religions and newer gods sprang forth, causing the god's power and influence to diminish.  Eventually their powers, and Byakko's, grew so weak they could not manifest into the mortal plane, and eventually grew so weak they were secluded and forced to exist only in one small corner of the divine realm.

If things continued as they were Byakko and his brothers would soon fade away into nothing.  His older brothers seemed content with allowing history to run it's course but not Byakko.  He was filled with fury at being forgotten and vowed to make humanity remember the old days.  He used every last ounce of his divine power and cast his soul into the river of humanity's reincarnation, determined to accomplish his desires.

He was reborn as a bastard son of the youngest daughter of a Japanese Yakuza Lord, and a unknown businessman from Germany.  From the time he was old enough to remember things and think coherently he was able to recall his past life.  This caused him to be much more mature, intelligent and cunning then anyone else his age.  He was thought a genius, attracting the attention of his grandfather Kokoro Kenji, then the current most powerful Yakuza Lord in Japan.  By the time Nanashi was eleven Kenji had observed him at great length and determined he was a much more worthy heir to his empire then any of his other children and grandchildren.

From then on he was rigorously trained in politics, languages, and several forms of combat, everything he would need when he took over for his granfather.  He naturally excelled in hand to hand and swordplay due to his expertise in his previous life.  He found a new love however in firearms, marveling at how simplifies they made the killing process.  Shortly after he was declared heir he went with his grandfather to meet with an oni clan and attempt an alliance (a tricky thing, as human and demon relationships usually did not work out well).  The oni king immediately recognized Nanashi for who he truly was, and once they were alone together he proclaimed his allegiance to Byakko, and gave him Mitsurigi (whom Nanashi nicknamed Tama-chan), the oni clan's best warrior to serve the boy as he saw fit.

Nanashi graduated high school as the age of sixteen, and shortly after took over his grandfather's title and duties.

In the two years that he's been head of his family's 'organization', he has spread his influence overseas as well as just in his native Japan.  He has acquired several territories in Europe as well as other parts of Asia and America.

Powers/Abilities: As stated earlier Nanshi excels in both unarmed combat and swordsmanship.  He's also very adapt with numerous firearms with a preference toward semi-automatics and pistols.  He can also at times call upon his divine powers.  However as the human body is not meant to withstand the powers of a god he can use only but a fraction of them, and even then not very often.  However when he graduated high school and took over, the oni king gave him another present.  A pair of magic gloves that gives him a temporary release on his powers, greater then what he would normally be able to accomplish.

Any questions or comments you can totally either leave here or PM me if you're more comfortable : )
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Necromancer?! Do not be using you evilly undead controlling powers on this cute lil Zombie please!
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You seemed to be into that sort of thing. I have a few vampires and other undead in my employ that would just love to watch a Nephilim die in their arms and be reborn one of them....

You might want to look at my on's and off's too.
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I am, I was just playing around~

I think I shall PM you then if you're interested
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