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Started by limondrop, September 02, 2009, 02:30:33 PM

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Hey everyone!~

Just a few ideas that I've been tossing around- I am arts/music centered so you might see a lot of that.  Please be aware that I'm really looking for plot here- if you want a quick sex RP, this is not it :)  Also- warning, I'm really really picky.  Please don't be offended if I say I don't like something or I want to rework something.  I think I'm a little too anal for my own good :o


Rising Star

Arielle a beautiful model who is searching for a new representative.  She is tired of her old androgynous look and wants a new company to represent her.  Her old company was reserved and conservative with a good reputation, but it shielded her from the scenic night life.  Thrust into a new company, she is hit with all the bad and ugly.  However, there is one person that is trying to keep her away, her male partner, the most popular model of the new company. 

Looking for a creative male who knows how to be overprotective.  I think a lot of the scenes here are going to be raunchy and in dangerous territory.  We may be covering some iffy territory ethically and morally and I want the guy I RP with to be aware of these things.  Like always- I'm open to females who write male roles well ^-^

Fallen Goddess

Lyrice (pronounced Lir-i-say) is a fallen goddess who stole a precious diadem from the Queen of the Heavens.  The diadem allowed the Queen to spark love in two willing beings.  Now that Lyrice has touched it- the diadem no longer works. Lyrice is sent to Earth on a mission- to return power to the diadem.  To do this, she needs spark love between as many couples as she can on Earth.  Unknown to her however, is that to truly return power to the diadem, Lyrice has to fall in love herself.

In terms of the role of her lover- its very open.  I'd like to know where you think he plays into this- how he knows her.  Will he help her in her task?  If so, how? PM me with a pretty character description ^-^

Adam and Eve

The world is currently in a state where women no longer have eggs.  Sadly, success of external fertilization is waning and the babies that are being born all have critical birth defects.  A group of scientists named the Adams are trying to create new Eves- the only problem is that to get women that have eggs in their ovaries, they need to go back to the 2009 woman.  These are women who don't know what clothes or money are in this world.

The caveat is that the Adams are not to have sex with the Eves.  This is because the Eves need to be released to the public and cannot be tainted... but what will happen between Adam 687 and Eve 980?

I think that this plot will be difficult if we set large societal differences- just because its a futuristic setting.  I'm very very anal about realism.  If you want to do this (for example... setting a rule like women must obey men no matter what), I'd like a deep convo about what "social norms" are going on and what exactly Adam is going to teach Eve.   

Looking for an Adam :)  Tell me about your work with the Eve's.  What have the past problems been?  What attracts you to Eve 960?


Returning Lynnette:

A gifted pianist, Lynnette goes through a deep tragedy (to be developed) and falls into anonymity.  One of her loyal audience members, a wealthy man who used to follow her around the globe vows to find Lynnette (which he does)- he brings her back to his mansion and slowly but surely coaxes her out of her shell.  The story is about her journey and their growth as individuals.

There will be of course- lots of lovely spice ^-^;; ie: I've always had a fondness for sex on top of a piano~ yum

Lynnette is with-held, and very interior facing.  Its hard to get to know her and she pulls back if pushed too hard.  I envision sweetness ^~

Looking for her wealthy man ^-^.  If you're interested in this- could you send me a PM with some character description?  I haven't described him very well. 
I'd like something along the lines of his problems, his past love life, where he lives (preferably somewhere in the US)- I'm a sucker for descriptions, so the more the better- but don't feel pressured to give me a page either haha.

My Fair Lady themed idea- Title to be figured out haha

I'm a HUGE fan of My Fair Lady type stories where girls transform from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans (I know- so cliche)

I love the idea of having an uneducated, ugly, unsophisticated regular girl being thrust into a royal family. Emily- short apparently for Emileene Gellant, her given name- was shoved away at birth.  Sadly- she is the only living heir for the throne and she's engaged (eep to her)  Her fiancee, Christoph Hemlock (yay poison) is forced to teach her how to talk, walk and act.  I imagine Emily being a very submissive character at first- only because she doesn't know how to express her opinions.  She comes off as shy and unsure but underneath she is extremely strong and witty.  Emily enjoys sarcastic wordplay and deep conversations more than "useless" romantic gestures. 

I can see some non-con going on tehehe.

This story takes place in a fictional world with fictional places and a fictional kingdom.  I guess we can work out governmental logistics if and when it comes up.

Seeking arrogant Chris~ again- I'm a HUGE fan of large descriptions. YAY!  PM me :)



I would be interested in doing the Rising Star or Fallen Goddess idea. I think either one would be interesting to do.
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Hey Jecht!

Thanks for the interest :)

I'd love to get a PM with a character description for whoever you're interested in.  Pick your fav! 

I've left a lot of these male roles open for chara development so tell me what their motivations are.  Their history.  Why are they connected to my chara?



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^ ~ why thank you

Yours isn't bad either XD



-added something for the futuristic lovers :)