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Author Topic: Nero Academy {NC-E}  (Read 1266 times)

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Nero Academy {NC-E}
« on: August 31, 2009, 06:08:45 AM »
Nero Academy

Long ago a simple school was run by a man known as Alaster Nero, an old wizard who had long given up his adventures and retired to teach young students the ways of the world as well as some forms of magic granted they wanted to learn such things. At one point the school was attacked by bandits. The aged wizard was mighty but could not survive the attack protecting his students. His dying breath held a single word coupling with the rise of his hand before he exploded into a blinding light that shook the multiverse. Te aged wizard didn't live through the explosion and nor did the remaining bandits. The students changed from such magic. They became "Nero's Children," the many unique magical beings known today in old mythology. The school became Nero Academy, the single greatest magical academy in the multiverse, lasting millions of years and through countless attacks by great forces of magic. Now Nero Academy travels the multiverse guided by the headmaster, Arthur Manteren.

Nero is a school of magic that feels, things and moves on its own. Some unique individuals may be able to sway Nero to their will on occasion though only the current headmaster can fully control the school. The academy has no rules save but one. "Do not, under any circumstances, annoy Arthur Manteren." Aside from this one rule the entire academy is a rules free zone. There is no need to attend classes, though Nero Academy may happen to guide a wandering student into a class to make them learn, keen on completing the infinite task that it was made for, educating people in the was of the multiverse and in magic. Still Nero Academy has always been known as "The School That Puts Pleasure Before Education." The only requirement to attend Nero Academy is the ability to perform magic of some sort, with a few minute exceptions.

Nero Academy's greatest goal is to gather Nero's Children among other powerful beings, too dangerous to be left alone in the multiverse. Alone Nero houses nine of the twelve omnipotent beings in the multiverse. Nero Academy is so powerful indeed that even the gods themselves, new and old, fear the school. Still some deities send their chosen prophets, the mighty single saints of their religion, to Nero Academy to learn and spread their gospel. Many of Nero's Children have been captured and returned to the home that they belong in. Medusa wanders the halls with the comfort in knowing that her dreaded eyes will be veiled safely, never to turn a man to stone again because of Alaster Nero's residual magic. Vanargandr has been unchained but instead of bringing upon Ragnarok the massive wolf walks through Nero's halls comfortably, knowing that his "father" meant not to turn him into the wolf he was forced to become.  Great Dragons make their lairs in the vast school, appreciating its unlimited internal room for their similarly large treasure hoards.

What magical creature will you be? What magic will you learn in Nero Academy? What trials await all of the new students like yourself that will be arriving at the new year in Nero?

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Re: Nero Academy
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2009, 06:34:58 AM »
Alright, now that the huge opening is over I can tell you about this game ^_^
You all read the stuff. Nero Academy is a huge academy, finite on the outside though enormous. It is, however, infinite on the inside. It is also sentient. It controls completely what happens within its own walls with very little exception. One could walk forever in the same hall and never find out that she is, in actuality, walking the same stretch of ten feet an infinite amount of times.
Dragons, Minotaurs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves, Drow and countless other magical races make their home at Nero Academy. Humans make a large part of the population as well, Humans a scholarly race full of potential for mighty magics as Alaster Nero himself proved upon giving sentience to this once humble children's school before turning it into the greatest magical school in the multiverse.
However, I need students. The teachers will all be NPCs and the students, for the most part, players.
Also all should know that this world is similar to our own with a key exception. technology is non-existent. Instead the world is run on a magi-tech scenario. These people have cars, TVs, guns and everything else we have plus more. Still all of it is magical as opposed to technological.
The profile is simple for the most part. Any questions? Please feel free to ask


Name: Your Character's Name

Age: Your Character's Age. This can vary depending on what race you are. Some races mature in a year and others in a few hundred.

Race: Not black, white, nor green. We're talking magical races here. Elf, Drow, Human, Minotaur, Dragon, Vampire? Feel free to take your time in your choices, all are students at Nero Academy. You may even pick on of Nero's Children if you like. A Child Of Nero would be any largely unique magical beast ever spoken in mythology. Medusa, Fenrir/Vanargandr, The Snow Woman Yuki Onna. All are Children of Nero to be captured and housed in the Academy for safety of all things including themselves.


Personality: Your Character's personality as a whole. Just sum your character in a few sentences.

Power/Spell: The Sky is the limit. Your character can be a generalist, have specified racial powers, be a specialist in a certain school of magic, or maybe a mix. No power is too much for Nero Academy to contain though some are simply too dangerous to let alone so they are sealed away to a lesser form.

Hobby: Anything your character likes to do in their spare time. Can be as simple as reading or as complicated as twisted experiments on hapless students like themselves.

Weapon: If your character uses one you may put it down. A weapon can be anything from a focus item, (Wand, Fan, Athame, etc.) a practical weapon, (Sword, Spear, Ax, etc.) or even an instrument. (Guitar, Harmonica, Flute, etc.)

Other: Anything Extra you might like to add about your character. Maybe a pet or familiar of some kind.

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2009, 07:57:54 AM »
Name:Flynn Lurriet



Appearance:Long black hair comes down to just below his chin,  his eyes are a bright green.  He is in great shape for someone even 10 years younger. He never wears a shirt, but will occasionally don a long jacket that he will keep open.  On his chest are three tattooed on runes.

Personality:Flynn can always see the bright side of anything,  this comes from a solid decade spent living with Fae creatures.  He loves smoking from his pipe which he fills with a sweet pixie concoction.  Being the foremost authority known on Fae creatures Flynn was requested to come to the school to teach a seminar.

Power/Spell:He is very skilled in almost all Fae parlor tricks.  His true magical skill lies in his ability to Summon them,  He has three Faye bound to himself, through the tattoos on his chest.  Lilith The Nymph, York the Red Cap and Queeny the Faery. 

Hobby:Often found watching the world smoking his pipe, or playing chess against one of his bound Fae.

Weapon:Carries a single shot pistol that is tucked into the back of his pants, it has a single bullet made from silver that was blessed and soaked in garlic.

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2009, 10:10:48 PM »
Name: Isabella Montferrat Riciadri Veron de Juin, Contessa de Gramchi

Age: 21

Race: Modified human

Appearance: Can be nearly anything humanoid, but her natural form is that of a young woman, short and overweight, with stringy brown hair.  Her adopted true form is that of a young woman, tall and long waisted.  She has hair so black it is almost purple, down to the small of her back.  Her skin is pale and flawless, her fingers long and elegant.  She has a thin, but prominent nose, and gray eyes, which, upon close inspection, contain stormclouds. 

Personality: The habits of a lifetime are hard to shed, and Isabella can still be frightened by those who are sufficiently forceful, and can be easily cowed and pushed around.  At the same time, she enjoys her new status, and relishes exercising petty power over those beneath her.  She can now live out all the fantasies she nursed as a child and teenager.  She is on the path of being as evil as any of the nobility in Yserian.

Power/Spell: Isabella can change her shape.  Her power is limited only by her imagination and the skill she has developed.  To date, she has only been able to change into other humanoid forms, though some of the alterations she can make are very extreme.  In theory, there is nothing that she can not change into, animal, vegetable or mineral.  She is also a sorcerous prodigy of immense proportion.  As of yet, her magic is raw and undeveloped, and her abilities few.  However, she shows a frightening ability to absorb learning and grow in aptitude.  She has an affinity for transformation magic.  Recently, that has started to extend into the power to alter others' minds.

Hobby: Until recently, Isabella had no time for hobbies, as it was all filled with drudgery.  She is now curious about all of the opportunities open to her.  She has not settled on anything in particular yet.

Weapon: Isabella has no training in the use of any weapons, though she had a kitchen knife she kept for years to protect herself from non-noble predators.  Now, she relies upon whatever ideas she has for shapeshifting into a dangerous form, and her growing magic.

Other: One in ten thousand children born in Yserian carry the blood of sorcerors.  No known way of predicting which parents shall produce such a child exists, and those who manifest the blood are no more likely than any others to bear such children.  All such children have an innate power and the natural talent to learn sorcery.  When the innate power manifests, the child is removed from her home and raised among the nobility.  They are taught to use their talent.  The society is totally dominated by the sorcerors.  Their word is law over all who are untalented.  Complex rules of etiquette define how the blooded interact with each other.  One of these rules is that none shall question any aspect of how one of their number treats the lower class.  All things are licit, save for abusing a commoner claimed by another noble.

More than 98% of all blooded individuals manifest their nature before the age of 16.  At this age, a child of nobility who has not manifested is cast out, and must start life anew as a commoner.  Oddly, the power potential of a noble is inversely related to the age at which they manifest.  The most powerful among them are those who waited the longest to become empowered.

Sonja was born to a chambermaid in the royal palace.  She saw the violence inherent in the system up close, 18 years.  Then she manifested, showing the ability to change her shape at will.  Considering how far behind her new peers she was, and the amount of potential indicated by her late blooming, she has been sent to Nero Academy to learn magic from the best in the business.  She has adopted a new look and persona with her abilities. 
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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2009, 11:33:30 PM »
I like these two ideas ^_^
For Isabella I especially like the whole huge raw power and not enough skill to use it. Reminds me of a manga line I once read "Without the proper training you two are essentially big tanks of magical energy swishing around, doing nothing."

Anyway I thought I should let you all know that Nero Academy mainly makes its home in various locations on the planet Earth. Right now it is the picture that you see above. It is sea bound so it drifts across the waves of the Pacific Ocean, calming any storms that happen to come into it's magical radius. About every two years a new location and mode of travel is chosen. It can be anything and anywhere from the elemental plane of fire to the urban area of New Tokyo to Jupiter. It can fly, glide, swim, plant itself on the bottom of the ocean or simply sit in wait.

Also know that the world is different. Many years ago the wizard council of Japan decided to expand Tokyo and the japan island chain into a bigger country. With the approval of the world wizard federation (equivalent to our UN) Japan successfully grew, sinking part of China to make way for New Tokyo, The City Of One Billion Men. Similar events like this have dotted earth's history making new nations and drastically different features in the world.

Also the world population of humans is about 12 billion right now. (It's in the future some.) Many countries send their children off to infinitely spaces school lke Nero Academy simply to avoid overcrowding.

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2009, 03:00:06 PM »
Name: Celeste Lay

Age: 86 (Appearance: 20)

Race: Human/Faerie mix~


Personality: Empathetic yet careful.  She doesn't give very much of herself away and has good practice in that after so many years.  (Please read other for more concise description ^-^)

Power/Spell: Celeste's power is telepathy- she can hear others thoughts and can influence them- but if she uses her powers too far, she will fall into a deep coma.  She also has wings that form when she is extremely happy or when she is frightened.  If needed- they can fly her away from danger for a short period of time but otherwise they are just beautiful and membranous and have very little function.  Through her telepathy- she also has weak healing ability because she can coax tissues and clotting to begin- but she is no master healer.

Hobby: Celeste loves children and music.  In her spare time, she likes to play various instruments and has a beautiful voice.

Weapon: No weaponry.  She is not well trained in fighting and would rather heal than brandish weapons.

Other: Celeste's father was a wandering faerie who had been banished by his people.  He married a mortal woman and created a life as a merchant.  Her father, Var, left Celeste and her mother home.

Celeste grew up extremely empathetic and at first thought her ability was just worry and anxiety for her friends until she brought up deep secrets that they never told her.  She learned to block these voices in her head when she met Sol, a magical creature from her father's world.  Sol is a small creature that watches over Celeste and gives Celeste advice.  When needed- he can turn into a magical creature that is a mix between many large animals to protect her, but otherwise he has no other powers- just brute force.  His natural form is small and he cannot be heard or seen except by Celeste in this form.

When Celeste turned 56 (physical age~14/15), she overused her powers and fell into a coma for 10 years.  When she woke up- she was in a cave near her house, alone, next to her along with a note: "Its Da, come find me, I'm at N-" the rest of the note was ripped off.  There was also a bank account number and password which she found contained over ten million dollars.  Celeste tried to return to her home but her mother and her house- was gone.

After 20 years of searching various places that began with N, Celeste is now at the door of Nero's Academy.  She wants to find her father, her family.  With Sol, she hopes that Nero can be the place when she finally finds some answers.  She doesn't want to give too much of herself away because she is afraid that once again- those that she cares about will be taken away from her.  She has a hard time opening up to others but others open up quickly to her.

(I left some open holes that I can develop when we start :) )
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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #6 on: September 01, 2009, 07:42:44 PM »
only one problem XP The appearence is invalid XP it won't load so we still won't know what she looks like ^_^;;

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #7 on: September 01, 2009, 09:17:09 PM »
hmm o.O how do I embed a picture?

I know that it works if you take the link- copy it- then paste it in your address bar XD

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #8 on: September 01, 2009, 10:12:35 PM »
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[img]url for picture here[/img]

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #9 on: September 02, 2009, 10:08:01 AM »
Done :)

~Gives you an image how beautiful Celeste can be when she's perfectly happy.

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #10 on: September 02, 2009, 10:33:27 AM »
I'm vaguely interested - what kind of things were you intending to happen? oh, and I'll see about getting a character sheet up soon-ish.

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #11 on: September 02, 2009, 03:49:25 PM »
To answer your question, Whitey, I had many things I intended to do. Nero is the greatest magical school in the multiverse, after all, so there is little that happens inside the school that isn't noteworthy. An attack from a powerful sorceress, the entire kitchen  exploding int a man eating monster that threatens to devour all of the cooks famous brownies, The world turning inside out. All are very possible ^_^ But I won't give away my ideas just yet XP That would spoil the surprise. For a large part, however there will be "tests." Tests, btw are big events in Nero Academy. Every group of newbies starts out with the "Entry Test" which normally calls for them, alone or in pairs, to do something highly unsavory to a teacher or higher students/residents of Nero Academy. Pluck a feather from the resident phoenix, surprise Professor Nagamori Kyogi, Set a legendary Trap for Professor Franklin J. Grathern and have it be successful. This kinda stuff is what you guys will have to do first.

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #12 on: September 03, 2009, 09:49:13 PM »
Name: Kenda D' Chance
Age: Actual:42, Appears:21
Race: Human (modified)
Appearance: She is small and slightly overweight (but it gives her a lot of shape ).  She has tattoos.  Wrists.  Ankles.  Breastbone.  Small of Back.  None of the tattoos are pictures; they are all symbols and marking written in forgotten, long dead languages.  Her hair is black and strait cascading down her back to her shapely ass.  Her eyes are ice blue and crystal clear.  She is Caucasian and lightly tanned in such a way to really bring out her tattoos.
Personality: Kendra is cruel and cunning in equal measure.  If you would use one word to describe her it would be manipulative.  She is almost always kind and caring.  Eager to do you a favor and ask nothing in return...  At least up front.  She is always watching.  Learning.  And growing.
Power/Spell: Her tattoos are her inherent abilities.  They make her slightly above human across the board(faster, stronger, tougher), but their real magic is to keep her alive.  She can be hurt and even hurt very badly, but circumstances will always contrive to keep her alive and after that she heals very quickly recovering in days what would take a normal person weeks.
The tattoos are of her own design.  She is a symbol mage.  She can draw circles and icons of power.  She is very gifted and powerful in this regard, but as you would imagine it takes time to set anything of great power up.  She can use these powers on other people to alter them, but this is difficult and time consuming (and hard to do when they struggle)
Hobby: She has two major hobbies.  The persuit of knowledge of symbols specifically and arcane knowledge in general.  The other is that she is a complete hedonistic.  Sins of the flesh have a great deal of call to her.
Weapon: She keeps a few tricks on her.  Prepared magic items that just require triggering.  A couple of stones that explode when she breaks the seal and tosses them.  A small dagger of silver that is indestructible.
Other: She is a criminal...  Well, mostly an ex-criminal.  She has been exiled from her home dimension for theft, robbery, bribery, extortion, fraud, and lewd behavior.  She likes it here.  There is a lot to learn and a lot of people to meet.

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Re: Nero Academy {NC-E}
« Reply #13 on: September 08, 2009, 09:05:24 PM »
Alright, Four people is good enough for now until we get more people ^_^

Grand Hall Thread:

OOC Board:

Please place your character sees in the OOC board to make things easier on everyone ^^

I should also let it be known that I, if possible, will take no direct part in the main workings of the characters. This will be DND in occupational style on the pat of myself.  will, if  can, commandeer no specific character and only be in charge of the school, the vents and NPCs that will annoy you folks ^_^ I will commandeer the many teachers, big baddies and cuddly goodies. I will be the traps, the local animals, the environments and, most importantly, Nero Academy itself.
Everyone will get a different opening test so it won't be a test for all of the students to play a trick on one single teacher. One new guy, for instance, will be told to make Grathern jump in surprise while another will be told to out swim the local mermaid population, etc. All of you will get your goals as soon as you all post and it is my turn to post again.
Nero Academy is how it is in the picture above right now. Currently it is making its home on the ocean waves of the South Pacific. The waves are minimal and the water is very warm. Since Nero is stationary on its ocean location students cannot be lost at sea from the castle drifting too far.
Nero is infinitely spacious inside and just because the school is on the ocean doesn't mean that you can't walk on the field without being submerged in a hundred feet of water. The campus still has a spacious field with which to walk about, no ocean in sight. The bell tower in the courtyard does not show the ocean but the general castle complex around it. However, he main gates, if Nero decides to let you leave, does lead to the outside world of the ocean blue.

Also let it be known that Nero, as a living school, can do anything inside its own campus and, to a degree, many things outside the campus. Be aware that students can be "recalled" from outside the grounds if the school or headmaster wills it. The traps are entirely unseen to any students so don't act like you know a trap is around unless it swallows your buddy as you two are walking around. Even then you can't assure it is there.

Just know that, since I control the traps, you an butter me up, as the game master. If you happen to fall into a Deus Ex Machina that yo know I have been wanting to spring on someone but haven't been able to time right, I may be willing to give away a benny or three. Ask me what I want to plan for others and lea them to your doom. All students of Nero are subconsciously connected to it and therefor may willingly accept "nudges" from the school's conscience or similarly speak to the school in kind. This is the little plot spinner that lets you guys give me ideas through private messages or IM and lets me set up elaborate traps and events that will prove to spice up game play. Nobody else is to know what happens in the PMs or IMs in character but you can "whisper" to buddies via PM or IM and get it across in OC by stating that your character whispered in a friend's ear o wrote to them on a piece of paper. Remember that in Nero nobody is truly your friend. Don't necessarily trust that pipe full of green stuff that the friendly pot smoking drow hands you. Don't necessarily take help from somebody to get away from another. Everybody is on their own here. Your job is to be paranoid. I trust that everyone, no matter how willing to be a friend with someone else, will have a scheme up their sleeve to guide a person to their doom if only to get their character ahead. Still I'll say it now. NO KILLING! Lead them to "death" but you cannot attack directly.

So Have Fun! Remember that bennys can take any form and can happen at any time but while you may get "Slaps." Slaps are bad things. Bennys are good, you want them whatever they are, whenever possible. Slaps, whatever they may be, from falling into seemingly uncalled for traps to simply getting the gm's eternally present nose flare of disapproval, are things you do NOT want. Do not make Arthur angry. He gets angry at people and people suspiciously disappear, showing up days later with red buttocks or missing a hand.

Have fun!