F seeking M for NC-H! Plots inside.

Started by Chat Noir, August 30, 2009, 02:39:05 AM

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Chat Noir

I'm just having some nice, hard core cravings for some NC action. Potential plots are placed below but you can choose something else from my O/O if you like (found in my signature).

Story ideas:

Sylar's Nemesis (Heroes):
Sylar has met his match: A power he can’t take for his own belongs to a young woman. Like the Haitian she can negate his powers, but unlike the Haitian she can reflect them right back at him. Around her he is simply a normal man; simply Gabriel. Of course, Sylar is no longer looking for forgiveness or redemption regardless of how much she tries to force them on him. He may not be able to use his powers but he can certainly overpower her when it comes to physical strength.

I would hope for this to involve plenty of NC, violence, powerplay, and general psychotic behaviour. I'm looking for someone willing to take a psychological mindfuck to this as well as the physical.

Dirty Cop [NC-H]:
Lynne has been playing a man whom she knows is a dirty cop. She now has the photographs to prove what he's been up to, but he's not going to take her blackmail lying down. He decides that he's going to just have to teach her a lesson and take back the photos by force. That doesn't mean that seducing her first is out of the question, but if push comes to shove...

I'm looking for handcuff usage, some light violence, possibly some brandishing of a gun and general sexiness and rough play.

Breaking Estelle [NC-H]:
Lord Blackdon has a few servants at hand, but none so attractive as the young and nubile Estelle. Of course Estelle would love to resist, but her future depends on pleasing her master - without him she would be homeless and hungry. Of course, to the young Lord she is nothing but an object for him to play out his lust.

I'm looking for an attempt at seduction and sexual frustration leading to rough sex. Names are negotiable.
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PMed you about the Dirty Cop plot.  ;D


Hm, the Lord-servant plot seems intriguing. I'm fine with the names...though Blackdon seems a bit odd to me (is it a purposeful name?). PM me with details, please.