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Author Topic: Put your spin on a storybook romance  (Read 811 times)

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Put your spin on a storybook romance
« on: August 28, 2009, 05:24:26 pm »
I'm looking for an rp that takes place right after the death of King Arthur of legend. I'm looking for an role play where woman play a stronger role-see mists of Avalon for the world.
Please have seen the movie or read the book for a basic understanding, though things have been changed slightly.

I'm only looking for a male character, I'm sorry but I don't want a female character for this. Your welcome to play a male, even if your not.

In this version, the Lady of the Lake, Viviane, has a son. Her son was a knight at Arthur's round table and one of the loudest supporters of the Old Ways. When Arthur died he and Morgaine bore his body to Avalon in an attempt to save him. Arthur died of his wounds that day but  Morgaine's spell was successful. Arthur was reincarnated, just not in the manner they had hoped.

Arthur's soul was freed that day and for hundreds of years it floated restlessly between worlds, unable to move on or attach to another life. For almost a century his soul floated until a distant descendant was born, one with a powerful connection to magic.

His soul attached itself to the soul of the newly born girl child and merged, becoming one soul.
The girl lived her life unaware of the dual soul within her, unaware of the power within her.
She lived as every modern child did, deep the confines of technology.

She had always been fascinated by Arthurian lore and often found herself debating known facts about the time. Facts she somehow knew weren't accurate.

When she was 18, the year she was supposed to graduate high school, her school announced a trip to Stonehenge. She jumped at the chance to go. It was there her life changed forever. As she passed between two of the mighty stones a frizzle passed through her, transporting her back. Back to 2 years after the death of King Arthur.

Christians come upon her and declare her to be a witch. She's bound and dragged back to the village square to be burned. Then the knight comes, ridding in as her hero he saves her from the pry and takes her to Avalon.

The knight recognized her as the reincarnation of Arthur and takes her to Merlin and Viviane for training. With time she'll become the new leader, time and lots of training.
For despite her intuitive knowledge she doesn't believe. Before she can lead she must first believe in the Goddess, the Old Ways and her own self.

This will be a soft more story book romance sort of plot. I'm looking for someone who can do a long plot based role play, so if you can't then please do not waste my time. Sex might happen in this rp if it works with the plot, so please don't pressure me to do that.

I'm interested in working out the details with some one before we start. Do you want it to be perfectly soft and innocent? Or will this plot possess a darker edge? Will You're knight teach with a kind heart and gentle hand? Or will he punish for mistakes?

Will he encourage her to rule on her own? Or break her into his pet and rule through her?

PM me if your interested!