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Started by Marguerite, August 27, 2009, 06:06:59 PM

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August 26 - Sex On Your Mind? Well, Come On In!

Edit: To include a few pictures from today. More can be seen at the Photo Blog Series of Miss Marguerite & The City

Good E, I expected people to show up to try and get into the class but I never knew it would be over a hundred students. Yes one hundred because all three of my Human Sexuality classes are located not in a large classroom but instead a theater. An actual theater where performances and plays are acted out on stage. Each Professor has to have a microphone and make sure no one is talking in the class because one person can easily turn into two and two into four, so forth.

I did enjoy myself. I enjoyed myself a lot even though it was early in the morning, it was crowded and the temperatures kept going bipolar on me. One second I was cold, shivering and snuggling in my sweater, next minute the wind changes and the sun comes out to reign hell thus making me sweat, go red in the face and remove my sweater to showcase my lovely breasts. I wore a semi-long sleeved shirt and a white tank top beneath because of the low v-neck line. I had my hair up for the first class, down for the second, back up for the third but in the same third class I put it down because I was getting a headache.

In all of the classes, it was all about sex.

We talked about sex. When I mean we talked about sex we were asked to group off and talk about the various things we have learned about sex or any myths we were told as children. There was conversation about the myth of sperm being good for the face or even drinking sperm is the same as drinking a protein shake. Oh, to record the roar of laughter especially when the Professor (she reminds me of Dr. Ruth and Sue Johansen) informed the class of 700 students to have the nutrition of a protein shake, one had to swallow down three cups or more of male ejaculation. I was glad I was eating apples in class because if it was water, I may have spat it out in laughter.

The rest of the day went so-so but it was the roommate situation which seems to keep coming up.

The roommate situation is the same. We are all doing our things. The girls are doing their own pairing off which is now flying over my head (I merely go off into my little world and contact friends and family to keep their conversations from affecting my moods). I go do my own thing and know I am secure in having a lease for the next nine months. If they complain to me that I am not including them in my life or not participating in the sanctity of girl bonding, I will tell them my life is my own and not to be held down by their requests. I let them come around to me but since the conversation on lifestyles, they have seen been wary of moi. Maybe they think I will come home with a submissive in latex crawling on his hands and knees as he kisses my boots and licks the bathroom tiles (mmm, what a delicious image it brings up).

Already, I am making friends on my own and have no plans to participate in their drinking before driving out to get even more hammered. Really, that is a foolish choice to make in drinking a few shots of hard alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a car to hit the town. Take a cab or have a sober driver taking you to get E-faced. I am only too glad I am not going to be around when the roommates start to drink and head out. I may call 911 to be on the lookout for drunk females in the Sunset District but who knows.

All I know is my Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be chock full of sex, relationships and oh yes, more sex. God, I love my classes.

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My Bio of Women teacher was the same way - told an entire class of students that if you're stuck for lube, go to the kitchen and separate out an egg white.
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