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Started by Marguerite, August 27, 2009, 05:25:34 PM

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August 25th-

Edit: To include a few pictures from today. More can be seen at the Photo Blog Series of Miss Marguerite & The City

It was an interesting day if one could call it that.

My online Coloring Queer class started and I am already assigned a paper that is due in a few day's time. It is not a hard paper to write only that is needs to be one page in length and summarizes the readings and my opinions on each of the PDF files I downloaded and read. What gets me is how much there is to read for this week. I have to read about 60+ pages for this one class and doing it with the roommates all thrashing about in the house.

I ended up reading forty pages and have another twenty or so pages to read on the computer along with writing down comments to form the one page response paper summarizing the three PDF's meanings. I did all of this while have two tabs opened to Elliquiy. Oh, I can multitask with the best of them and even slipped into the shadows to watch everyone at play while I read. Hell, the rewards of passing this class outweighs making a comment for Paradox to grab ahold and call me Mrag (only person allowed to call me that, anyone else ends up with a sneer and a flick of the wrist).

Right now I keep thinking of Queer Politics and how the words 'gay', 'homosexual', 'bisexual' and a few other GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered) terms are deciphered in the assignments. This reminds me of a blog post I made about labels and how I do not want to fall into any because of my switching preferences. There are days I am into picking up women and days when I feel like going after men. One of the roommates noticed how I gab more about males than females but she has no clue the neighborhood where we live in has a ratio of 5 males to one female. Of course I am going to be speaking about males but once class starts, I know I will see more females on the SFSU campus.

The roommates situation is still uncomfortable because they are slowly starting to notice that if I am not into what they want to do, I will go on my own little adventures. I am not against spending time with them but if it is something which can be spent on other things, I am going to do it. We each have our own ways of wanting to spend our free time. Already, I noticed two of the roommates pairing off to go off on adventures and excluding the third roommate and I. I cannot say I am not a bit miffed but considering the fact the two are pairing off to go bridesmaid dress shopping and gaggle over what shoes to wear with the dress, I rather be naked in the middle of Castro than to spend hours over bride stuff.

We each have our own tastes and once they heard about visiting the family this weekend again instead of partying it up this Friday, they tried to force my hand in staying. No one tells me who I cannot see or what I can and cannot do. I merely smiled and gave them the look I give to topping from the bottom submissives (this look speaks: You amuse me so much but run along now for I have no use in your opinions). Oh yes, I gave them the amusing look and they dropped the subject. I think their impression of me is the same one I give to those here. I will gladly nod towards you but push me around or tell me I am not allowed to go on my way will easily get you on my spanking list and not the one the submissives are vying to get on. 

Rest of the night was spent in my room reading and replying to threads on E. I took a sleeping aid to help myself to find slumber and have the roommates chatter dim. Hell, they were talking loud enough I went out to let them know to shut their pie holes and let me get some sleep for my first day of class. This female needs her sleep and with that, I bid you all good night. 

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