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Author Topic: [Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 8  (Read 644 times)

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[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 8
« on: August 27, 2009, 05:04:33 PM »
August 24th

Edit: To include a few pictures from today. More can be seen at the Photo Blog Series of Miss Marguerite & The City

Honestly, not much happened today since I was trying to slide back into the routine of being around this new place and San Francisco. I do miss the familia and will visit them again this weekend (to pick up the necessary information to bring back for the paperwork to register for the new work and because the weekends with them sound more appealing) to enjoy their home cooking and stories.

What is funny how I can move a good two hours away and still enjoy going over to visit them, especially my nieces and nephews. I might even have to record my niece laughing at a youtube video on my laptop or my nephew imitating Jon Cena as he does the whole windshield motion with his hands.

However, I did have a conversation with my female submissive and her over the top affection with moi. She can be a handful and can get bratty when she feels she is not given the attention she thinks she deserves; when she does this, I ignore her. I inform her if she wants to act like a petulant child, I will gladly ignore her hissy fits and pouts until she grows up and asks to be forgiven instead of demanding it. This riles her up like no other knowing she can get away with her attitude with her family and friends but not moi. She knows I will not let her push me to get her way or make faces at those I choose to give my attentions to or even be affectionate with around her.

Last time, it was a few weeks ago, she hinted at her displeasure of spending more time in the company of another submissive female and watching me interact with her. Slowly, I turned to her, a smile on my face and handed her a twenty dollar bill. I let her know if she was uncomfortable, she had the right to head back to her place and I would meet her up later. The submissive I was visiting was sick, could not get out of bed so I made my way to see how she was doing and bring her a few magazines and movies to make her feel more comfortable.

Somehow this threatened her and she has vocally mentioned how much she wished she was the only female submissive and female in my life. I care for her but I am not going to change my life over someone who has had a relationship with moi of less than a year. We are going to hit the one year mark but it is not enough to make me think of dropping everyone for her. She knows my status as polyamorous and my love for more than one person but feels she is the one to change my thoughts on the matter.

Oh how I love for people to think he or she can try to change what is not broken. I enjoy my polyamorous lifestyle and I am upfront with anyone who chooses to date me. I let he or she know there are primary, secondary and various partners who each hold a special place in my life. There is a breakdown of who I see as a potential partner or love interest. To them (the roommates), it all went over their heads and were wary, maybe almost thinking I was a wanton hussy who sleeps with anyone including those who are off limits.

Nope, I respect the sanctity of relationships and do not engage in trying to get people to break up or leave their marriage for moi. I do engage in open marriages and relationships with other partners but this after a long discussion as well as putting concerns and days out on the table. Again, the roommates could not wrap their heads around the fact of my life and were almost wanting to pretend they never heard what I had to say. Such a shame.

After the conversation, I had some exciting news.

While pondering over how to stretch money and cut back on certain items, a call was received from the employer I met last week for a job interview. I was offered the job and accepted which works with the schedule I plan to keep for school. To let everyone know I will be away from Elliquiy on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 7am to noon (give or take an hour with dealing in traffic, walking back to my car or going out to eat, interact with the student body or bodies if I can have my way with them). However on Mondays I will be going back to class from 4-7pm once a week for a mandatory Child Development class and will work on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am-12pm. Not a lot of things happen in my opinion on E in the mornings but I usually can catch up in a few hours.

While I was happy to get the job, the situation with the roommates were just going downhill.

The roommate situation is not working out as much as I expected it would and makes me feel as if I should have gotten a place on my own. Somehow, the roommates are more vanilla than I expected and somehow are wary of anything outside of vanilla. I mentioned the polyamorous lifestyle and one asked me if it was because I was picky or somehow needed to settle down with one good person. I know they mean well and it is the second week of getting to know one another. I do give them some benefit of the doubt but hold myself to exploring San Francisco on my own. Besides, who knows who I will meet on my way around here. 

I can see the other roommates are not open to my lifestyle but for myself, if they do not want to join in on my world, I will not shove it down their throats. Instead, I go on with my life and explore the city on my own. My world does not revolve around them and I do not need them to make me happy. Enjoying San Francisco is a great experience and besides I cannot wait to start school and see what delicious morsels I will be able to sink my teeth into this semester.

Miss Marguerite & The City
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