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Author Topic: The Bearer(MXM)[NC-H]  (Read 415 times)

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The Bearer(MXM)[NC-H]
« on: August 25, 2009, 08:49:18 PM »

The Bearer[NC-H]

Damian Wright was a well respected fashion model, someone who was praised for his
beauty and ability to take stunning and enigmatic photos.  Slim and small in stature he
carries a secret within himself, a secret he is terrified would one day leak out. 
But what happens when someone recognizes him for what he truly is? and what if it was
the one person Damian was trying the most to keep it from?

I want to play the character of Damian Wright, a man who hides who he really is close
to his heart.  Someone who's secret is not only supernatural, but painful as well. 
He would wear the mark of a Bearer, someone who was destined to bear not only the
pain of his partner, but his future children as well.  He comes from a long
line of supernatural beings, and it had been their job throughout ancient history to
breed with powerful future rulers, replenishing the inherent magic in royal blood.

But old practices have died in a world of mass consumers, and corporations.  He now
tries to hide who he is in the hopes of living a normal life that belongs to no one
but himself.  Unfortunately for him, not everyone has forgotten the old ways, and the
Prince of Wales, future king of England is being pressured to take up his
responsibilities, and claim his future consort.

The position that is up to be filled would be that of the Prince, he can be as snarky,
or as nice as you, the prospective player, would like him to be.  You can have him be
as willing or unwilling to claim his bearer as you like also.   You can also make the character look and have a different name, it's all up to you.

This game will consist of: MxM, Mpreg, M/s, and S&M

Name: Damian Wright
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Blood: Bearer
Position: Submissive
Preferences: Homosexual

Small and slim in stature, his good looks have earned him many front covers, and prime
jobs that every other model would kill to have.  He is slim and well toned, from hours
of working out.  And no matter what he does, he finds that he is unable to grow
taller or larger.  So he has resigned himself to the fact that he was born to be small.

Personality: With an introverted personality, he is very professional at work,
and can be seen as quite to people who do not know him very well. He is close to few
people, but those that he is close to, know a funny and sometimes sarcastic brat. 
He has a very high opinion of himself, and a low opinion of most others.  He is also
a highly sexual being, when he moves many people think of pure sex, and intense need. 
And although he is very knowledgeable in pleasuring his partners, his virginity is still
intact.  But not out of any personal feelings of remaining "pure" for his destined mate,
but rather because he is highly fertile, and the last thing he needs is to become
pregnant; He's not willing to take any chances, even if his partner wore condoms he
would still say no.

History: His birth was heralded as a glorious thing in his family, being the next
bearer, he was kept under the watchful eyes of his elders.  His "innocence" being
something of extreme value. At the age of 17 he got tired of it all and ran off to L.A
to become the next big "thing" in the modeling world. But being unwilling to just let him
go, his family has kept a close eye on him, even when his career sky rocketed and he
moved to great Britain to embrace the British style of dress and fashion he fell in love with.  Now living on his own, in a tiny one bedroom flat, he is content to live the rest of his life that way. Wanting nothing more than to be free to do and act any way he likes, he resents the fact that he has a family on the verge of "stalking" him, and a destiny he would do anything to dodge.

EDIT: This is not first come first serve.
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