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Started by PeacethatPowerbrings, August 24, 2009, 06:36:02 PM

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This is my opening for a RP that died on me, it was one of my earlier ones, and I've been thinking about revisiting it. I would be restarting, in order to make something that my partner could enjoy as much as I do. Basically what I'm looking for is someone to play the human character. The character is a normal human, from earth, present day, pulled back through time to an alternate earth where the magical races of fantasy co-exist in a harsh kind of harmony. The basic idea is a kind of fallen god gifts him/her a touch of his power in order to bring them back to unlock his own and return it to him, which he hid in space in time in order to avoid it being stolen by a being much like him.

My character's gender as well as the character of my partner are variable, and the name here is just the original, and can be considered a place holder.

That said...the first post...


Adrian, walked slowly, his leather dress shoes tapping against a clear crystal floor over what appeared to be flowing water. He seemed to be in no rush, a kind of tightness to his face. His short brown hair was unmoving, as though there were no air to move it as he walked, and his suit, a black suit with a green tie, seemed as though it were newly dry-cleaned and pressed.

He stopped suddenly, turning around. There appeared to be no end to the crystal or the water, as it stretched into the darkness, clear night, that appeared to be the sky, if there was a sky at all.

He said nothing, though now, three figures in dark black robes stood before him that weren't there before.

Suddenly, the crystal, which had seemed solid, like thick glass began to dissolve into smaller crystals, and soon it began blowing away, towards the three figures, and past them. The crystals shifted to sand, and the scene changed to a desert, and Adrian was standing in front of three men, all in black robes, whose heads were lowered and their voices muttering indistinguishable words in unison.

"Speak mortals," he said, "I will not remain here in silence."

The middle figure raised his head and pulled back his hood to reveal pure white eyes, and a pale appearence. He was bald and had odd lines tattooed across his head and face. He said nothing however.

Adrian turned to leave but as he took one step he found himself once again standing before the three men, as before.

He knew then what they were. Daemons. Servants of a lesser being, he was sure. In a flash of what Adrian could only describe as light a figure was behind him. He turned, alarmed, to see the being, made solely of light floating in the desert.

Adrian was alarmed to see such a display, but not for the reason one might think, he saw it as a grave mistake. He calmly removed a pocketwatch from his waistcoat and checked a watch that appeared not to be working. Replacing the watch, he raised his right hand, and the being of light, began to fade.

Suddenly a figure stood before him, another person, a boy, of only twelve, or so it appeared.

Adrian started to speak, words soon becoming shouts, "you..., you think you can touch me?" he yelled. He raised his hand and the boy spun wildly through the air, and impacted some distance away with something like a sonic boom. He walked away from the Daemons, who were still chanting, but now, to no effect. He raised his hand, and the boy was raised from the sand to hover in front of Adrian.

"Whoever's power you stole to accomplish this...purile stunt...will have their vengance, I assure you," he yelled.

The boy only smiled, pointing behind Adrian. Adrian turned his head to see the three Daemons with knives. He barely reacted as they plunged the knives into their own chests, just left of the sternum, piercing, Adrian knew, their hearts. As their lives left them, the boy slid to stand on the sand. Adrian extended his hands, but all around him appeared a shimmering blue bubble when he tried to move beyond a certain point.

The boy only laughed as he walked to the bubble and held up his hand.

Adrian shook his head, and the sand exploded as he disappeared.


Time was an odd thing when you played with it. Things happening in some universes, affected things in others with different time lines. Adrian knew this, of course, better than any being, and he used ever bit of knowledge to escape the fate wrought for him by a young being like him. The events in the sands, took place on earth 1254, A.D.

The boy had begun to strip Adrian's power from him, and the process was unstoppable once begun, so Adrian set his plan in motion in the nanoseconds before his power was gone.

The year 2355, B.C. on a world very much like earth he deposited his body. Although it was not important in and of itself, he left with it a great temple, and within, he stored all of his power, leaving it there so it would not be stolen as it left him. 2009, on another earth he created the means of his deliverence, power, stored in a human, it would be passed on if the human died, and would not manifest itself until the proper moment.

The year 1304, on a world much different that it might've been, wars were raging, as factions, Vampires, Lycans, Elves, Humans, all fought for control of a world not large enough to accomodate their competing ambitions. The temple waited, waited, until the hour had arrived. Its great stone door opened, having remained shut for more than three and a half millenia. No one was nearby to see this, but on Earth, centuries away and infintely distant, the plan created in time and space was beginning, the pull of the separated parts of the power of being called Adrian would pull a human to this world.


The RP would centre around a long journey, meant to return him to his full power, and in return he'd return the human with him to his/her time. It would likely be extreme as the journey would be both long, and dangerous and eventful, and some of these events will deal with non-consensual scenes, exotic creatures, and a considerable amount of violence.

If you're interested, PM me and we'll talk it over. It isn't first-come first served, and I'll be looking for a good level of writing skill. There is much more detail to this idea, if I find the right person to do it with.

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