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Author Topic: taken – (F/M, M/M, M/F, CBT/Cast, Battle, Fantasy, NC)  (Read 507 times)

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Offline NessyTopic starter

taken – (F/M, M/M, M/F, CBT/Cast, Battle, Fantasy, NC)
« on: August 24, 2009, 12:11:38 AM »
His Penance


She is a goddess whose very name in conjunction with a promise forms an unbreakable vow.  She is the patron of victorious warriors, the strength of a single warrior not an army. It is not the nobility or honor of the fighter but whether he can win the battle that matters to her eyes. One would pray to this goddess for self glory, not justice as she is a goddess that borders on the line between good and evil.

He made such a vow and broke it, refused to hold his end of an alliance and did not enter battle resulting in the fall of his old friend and ally.

For his penance, they are linked, traveling the world together, he as her slave, her gladiator for a 100 years. It is near immortality with chains as he will not age in her care.


Genre:  Dark Fantasy, a sort of harsh landscape, not real high tech. Fantasy races exist but they are not plentiful and are infrequent in human lands.

As per the tile, this game will have F/M, M/M and M/F pairings.  I am seeking a dominate male character who is submissive to the goddess because he has no choice, for one, and there can be other reasons, but is generally dominate to all others. They have been traveling for a handful of years as it is so this is not a break in new slave type play at all.

This male character should be masculine, physically strong, but he doesn’t have to be Conan big or even white. He should be intelligent, not a dumb brute and there is plenty of room for powers and abilities beyond normal swordplay type thing. Ideally, he’d be human so that the 100 years means something significant but I am open to other possibilities.  He shouldn’t be too evil or good, sort of a in between the two, naturally he could lean towards one or the other as you see fit.

The general flow/idea of the game is that the goddess is walking the earth in her avatar form, using her slave to challenge warriors and reward the victors, punish the losers. She will lead them to arenas to fight gladiators for sport, to battle boastful kings, take down the guards of boastful merchants, and perhaps battle monsters. Her blessing will make them stronger, her disdain could cost them their lives, or their manhood or their freedom as she has citedal hidden in the massive mountains to the north.

Her slave, her warrior has strength over her that few have in that he can sate her anger, calm her rage and on more than few occasions she has allowed him to choose the fate of the loser. Although she has said nothing to him directly, her slave suspects that she has a reason for visiting each of the places she leads them to.

Anyway, this is the general idea anyway. I hoping to find a writing partner than finds the subject matter interesting, enjoys writing in detail, wants to help me strengthen my battle writing skills (which could use some help I know), who doesn’t mind the dark subject matter and has the knack for playing a character that is heavily submissive to his queen while dominate and strong to pretty much everyone else with, of course, variances on occasion. And naturally, this isn’t a first come first serve type thing so I expect some discussion before we start, including requests, your own ideas, etc.


Oh one more thing I forgot to add, please check out my ons/offs and know that I do not mind what sex/gender you are as long as you are willing to fulfill the role ;-)
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Offline NessyTopic starter

Just an update to clarify, this game involves F/M, M/M & M/F pairings, not or. So you would need to enjoy all the above, not just tolerate one as it's no fun to play with someone who doesn't actually enjoy what we are writing.

And be sure to let me know if you are interested but sort of hesitant about something. The CBT, castration thing is a new realm for me, I just read something that inspired the idea.
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