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Started by reggiethelast, August 21, 2009, 07:01:08 PM

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So I'm back and I'm sorry for anyone I abandoned. So I'll do the whole basic introduction thing first, I'm just this average dude. I work a lot but sadly I'm giving up my full time job up to return to college. I'm not going to lie and say my time to RP isn't limited. I work full time right now and in a bit I'll be a full time student again. I also suffer from drug and alcohol abuse which I'm trying to overcome, this and my social life get in the way my RPing as well. Anyways, that's me in a nutshell, if you want to get to know me more I don't mind getting to know my roleplay partners at all.

I've been roleplaying for a couple years, I don't really remember when I started and I'm pretty literate in my opinion, I guess you can judge me by my thread. One very positive point about myself is I'm very understanding when it comes to my partners. Female, literacy, and paragraph responses are the only things required. Details and Frequency are nice but I don't really matter either way. I would ask the same thing from my partner. Don't get on me about not being on because I get bad weeks where I'm not really able to.

I don't really have any kinks, I don't do Rape and Incest RPs. The only thing I ask from my partners is understanding about when I'm online. Other than that I'll happily hear anyone out.

Basic Plots:

1. I've been craving is based on the TV show Mad Men.
New York City in the early 1960s. Not so many years ago it was a very different time. The story takes place in an advertising firm. My character is an employee there trying to make partner and your character could be a new secretary or I could be a new employee and you're the old secretary of who I'm replacing. It's a man's world. Most of Americans are anti homophobic and sexist. Women are often subjects of sexual harassment in the work place. People are unaware of lung cancer and almost everyone chain smokes and drinks on the job. My character has a shady past from the Korean War that has yet to be discovered, he can be married or he doesn't have to. Where we take it from there is up to you.

2. Arixo, located on the boarder of Arizona and New Mexico used to be the peaceful settlement of the Native Americans. The Arixo Tribe continued living in harmony with Arixo until the Gold Trade brought unwanted attention. Many years later David Cole (my character) arrived in Arixo to see it’s current fate. The Gold Trade has attracted many men and women all throughout the country which has also brought an expansion of a railroad being built through Arixo, right through the Arixo Tribe’s land which has called much tension and many of the Arixo Tribe members being wiped out. Not only did the gold trade bring trains but also crime runs rampant through Arixo.

The Fortune Hunters are a group of men gathered together by their greed. Their goal is to control the entire gold trade in Arixo and bring themselves fortune by any means necessarily. The Red Legion are another group of outlaws who’s aim is to wipe out the Arixo Tribe claiming that all Native Americans are savages. The third and final gang who’s presence is well known in Arixo is The Black Swans. Not having the ambition of any main goal to achieve other than robbing the local banks and lone travels on the outskirts of town.

I was thinking this roleplay could go in three possible directions. I’d also love to hear what you have to say. My first idea is David Cole arrives in town roughly around the same time as a young Mexican woman who had to also come to Arixo to see her luck in the gold trade. Being both strangers we partner up and try to make a fortune, obviously in this dangerous city events would take us on various adventures. The second idea is David Cole walks into a Saloon, one of three gangs have been harassing the local girls inside and plan on raping your character, I save the day however some of your friends were indeed raped and/or murdered and we go out for vengeance. The third idea is I witness an attack on one of the Arixo Tribe’s settlements. It was too late however the idea tribe is murdered however I manage to find a hidden young Native American woman and we decide to help the Arixo Tribe take back their land.

3. In either Africa or South America (Doesn’t matter which) a mysterious man supposedly from America has become a huge Arms Dealer/Drug Lord in the country. He is responsible for countless deaths. No one knows his true identity though. Your character is a writer from a big newspaper back in the states. You’re sent to whatever country the story takes place in to report on the murders and most importantly this mysterious man who’s taking advantage of the country. Within a month or so of living in the country only hitting dead ends with the story however slowly getting closer to the truth you’re abducted by a man who doesn’t take kindly to your nose being in business where it does not belong.

4. Seven men robbed a bank for 14,000,000 dollars. Each were supposed to walk out with two million each. However five men were murdered during the heist. One of them escaped with with the entire 14 million. The other man was brutally beaten and has been in a coma. Now there’s two possible ideas for this roleplay depending on who you want to be. The first is I wake up from the coma and escape from the hospital before they bring me to prison for robbery. I somehow track your character down. A detective for the city police. Somehow I convince you not to turn me in by either compassion or blackmail. Together we try and solve which one of the six guys betrayed the group. The second option is you’re the daughter of the man in the coma. You come to me, a city police detective in hopes of finding which man betrayed the group.

5. This one takes place in an underwater city. Your character can be invited, kidnapped, or stumble upon this secret city. One idea is there's a crazy terrorist organization trying to cleanse the world and rebuild it in their image. They kidnap the best of the best. Brilliant minds, athletes, actors, musicians, writers, politicians, engineers, etc. The best the world has to offer. You can fall into one of these groups and so can mine or I could be one of the terrorist foot soldiers, anyways while everyone is under the sea they blow up everything above.

Another idea is just society has run out of space for it's population to live, they're testing out multiple under water cities, you can be invited or kidnapped to it. Something goes terribly wrong, either water starts to enter the city flooding it and our characters have to escape or war breaks out, something.

Last idea is the facility it being used to test out a new medicine on sharks. It's supposed to cure cancer however it mutates the sharks to be bigger, faster, smarter, and much more aggressive than normally. Characters have to escape the under water facility.

6. Post Apocalyptic idea. A large portion of the world has hid underground due to nuclear war. For those who escape the underground villages realize the destroyed land they once recognized is much different. The old government is trying to maintain order while a rebel group is trying to bring people together against the old government. Among this raiders roam what's left above.

7. This is going to sound like a silly idea but it's attack of the mole people. After millions of years living underneath us a new race of people are discovered who are now trying and take the surface, they have giant worms as pets who can devour entire buildings. This is just about two people trying to survive it.

Historical ideas:
1930s Mafia:
Gangster x Witness to murder
Gangster x Waitress
Gangster x Club singer
Gangster x My Don's daughter
Gangster x Enemy's Don's daughter
70-90s Crime(Think Scarface, The Warriors, Reservoir Dogs):
Gang member x Fellow/Enemy Gang member's sister
Gang member x Police Chief's daughter
Gang member x Club girl
Gang member x Police Officer/Detective
Police Officer/Detective x Police Officer/Detective
Nazi x American Nurse
Nazi x Jewish Woman
Nazi x French/Dutch Woman
American x French/Dutch Woman
American x Nazi Nurse
American x Vietnamese Prostitute
American x Vietnamese Civilian
American x USO Entertainer
1700s Pirates:
Pirate x Captive
Pirate x Stowaway
1800s Western:
Cowboy x Saloon girl
Cowboy x Farmer's daughter
Cowboy x Sheiff's daughter
Cowboy x Mayor's daughter
Cowboy x Native American

Modern Day Ideas:
Lawyer x Defendant/Witness
Wealthy Man x Maid
Cook/Waiter/Customer/Manager x Waitress
Employee/Boss x Secretary
Fan/Manager/Celebrity x Celebrity/Fan
City Boy/Country Boy x City Girl/Country Girl
Trucker x Hitchhiker
Pilot/Vacationer x Flight Attendant
Vacationer x Vacationer (Island Paradise, Europe, Cruise Ship)
Vacationer x Receptionist/Waitress
Movie or Music Star x Receptionist/Waitress
Neighbour x Neighbour/Neighbour's legal daughter (Married or Unmarried)
Famous Politician/Actor/Musician x Reporter
Cop x Citizen
Parent x Babysitter
Teacher/Student/Professor x Student/Teacher
Out of town Biker x Local girl
Politician out on the town
Father's Friend x Daughter
Brother's Friend x Sister
Husband x Wife's Sister
Husband's Brother x Wife
Boyfriend's Friend x Girlfriend
Friend's Boyfriend x Friend
Boyfriend's Brother x Girlfriend
Sister's Boyfriend x Sister
Repair/Salesman x Woman(Married or not)
Stranded (Jungle Island Plane Crash)
Directer x Actress

Survivor x Survivor
Police Officer x Survivor
Soldier x Police Officer
Soldier x Survivor
Soldier x Scientist

I'm willing to do thread or Yahoo/MSN RP and any suggestions for plots and pairings I'd love to hear.

erin 27f

I would love to try No. 3 in your list, the reporter one


Quote from: erin 27f on August 22, 2009, 02:24:56 PM
I would love to try No. 3 in your list, the reporter one
Sure, I'll send a PM your way.


I'm liking the wealthy man x maid pairing and the father's friend x daughter pairing as well. I can come up with plots for both if you wish me to. :]

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I have a copXcitizen craving really strong right now and I see it's on your list. I'd be interested in talking ideas, PM me if you'd like to go somewhere with this.
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I've been craving a real good Thirty's Mafia story lately.  How about combining a few of them into a single story?  Maybe something like a rival Don's daughter is a singer at a club where a vicious gang murder goes down.  Her being the only survivor is the key witness against everything and can put your gang behind bars.  That's why the other Don sends someone to kidnap the girl from the rival Don's house and keeps her locked up somewhere (like an apartment or something) until it all blows over.
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Quote from: GnothiSeauton on August 31, 2009, 10:12:01 PM
I've been craving a real good Thirty's Mafia story lately.  How about combining a few of them into a single story?  Maybe something like a rival Don's daughter is a singer at a club where a vicious gang murder goes down.  Her being the only survivor is the key witness against everything and can put your gang behind bars.  That's why the other Don sends someone to kidnap the girl from the rival Don's house and keeps her locked up somewhere (like an apartment or something) until it all blows over.
Very cool idea I'll send you a PM.
Still searching as well.


I like the following:

Nazi x American Nurse
Gangster x Witness to Murder
Gangster x Club Singer
Gangster x Enemy Don's Daughter
Professor x Student
Nazi x French Woman
Gang Member x Police Chief's Daughter
Pirate x Captive
Cowboy x Farmer's Daughter
City Boy x Country Girl
Parent x Babysitter
Father's Friend x Daughter
Brother's Friend x Sister
Boyfriend's Friend x Girlfriend
Boyfriend's Brother x Girlfriend
Friend's Boyfriend x Friend

And what about this one? Boyfriend's Father x Girlfriend, or Friend's Father x Friend ?
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Still somewhat looking depending what's brought to my attention.


Somewhat back to the RPing mood depending on what people want to do.


Would you be interested in doing Father's Friend x Daughter?
It would be fun if the father's friend is married and has a daughter that is friends with my character. Or he could have a son that's dating my character or perhaps both of these could apply.
I can't send pm's so please reply to me on here.


Sure, I'd love to do Father's Friend Daughter pairing with you. I'm very happy with having a wife in the roleplay and I'd think I'd prefer that your character and my character's daughter were friends. Perhaps since your father and my character are friends our daughters grew up together and became best of friends.


Yes, that sounds perfect to me! Do you want me to start us off? Where do you think it should take place?


You starting would be great. Um, I had an idea where I come over to your house to hang out with your father and my daughter is out with her boyfriend that night. Your dad and myself are hanging watching a football game with you home then he gets a late night call from his job saying he needs to go in but he lets my character stay to watch the end of the game so he doesn't miss anything.


That sounds perfect! You're okay with writing in third person, right? That's how I write.
Do you think you could also play my character's father when he is needed?
I'll go ahead and start my intro.


Yeah both I'm cool with. Looking forward to your post.


I'[m interested in some of your ideas :)