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Started by Marguerite, August 20, 2009, 12:46:05 PM

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August 18th - Talk Dirty British To Me...

The alarm from the roommate woke me up. It did not matter because even with the five hours of sleep I somehow found myself wide awake. Insomnia is a killer to have and I blame it on the change. Change is good and with San Francisco, the BDSM community is bigger and more open to accept this lifestyle Domme. Even now, there are munches (social gatherings) coming around the area for me to visit. For now, I want to explore what is outside my door or in the neighborhood.

After changing and dressing, I headed off to SFSU to see what could be done about Financial Aid and the job interview. I never expected to see various students on campus but I simply forgot these next few days boasted Welcome Days for everyone to get to know the atmosphere of the college. While Welcome Days are appreciated, I chose to explore on my own and figure out the areas by the map I picked up at various check points. I explored the buildings where my future classes would take place. If you have not learned about those classes I am taking:

Coloring Queer
Intro to Human Sexuality
Variations of Human Sexuality
Sex & Relationships
English 2 (this one will likely be dropped and taken next semester)
Psychology: Major & Profession

You can clearly see the theme of this semester being sex and all its entirety. For me, sexuality has been my good friend for the past few years. It was the pique of my sexual background which started me on the path to embracing the lifestyle of Dominance. I was no submissive and clearly denying my true feelings could only come back to bite me in the ass. Here in these classes, students are allowed to talk openly and freely about sex. If some are shy, I will not hesitate to put my opinion on the matter because why not speak about what can be broken down on relationships? Why be afraid to ask a partner or even see if a sexual partner is open to various kinks and fetishes. Sure, there might be rejection but better to know now than to always play the 'what-if' games.

I did not play 'what if' with a fellow male I noticed on campus.

S. (to protect his identity) British, gorgeous, right size to straddle and ride like a cowgirl on a mechanical bull. I noticed him while waiting to find information on an office to possibly have a few books loaned to me instead of bought at full price. He was talking to, I believe a friend by the way the two were chatting it up and exchanged information. I noticed him and probably the smile on my face caught his attention when he turned to look around the area. He came over to me, there was something about him which caught me even more in wanting to know more about him. Call me crazy, hell, sometimes I know I can be crazy with the way my life is but I wanted to see just what this male was made of and if he was going to waste my time. His name was S., an Englishman from England (have no clue where he is from exactly) and came here to study for a semester or two. Good E, just the way he talked and was a gentleman made my cunt clench up in wonderment of whether this bloke from England knew how to shag.

I dated an Italian (from Italy) a while back and was a horrible lover (do not believe the myth of the Italian lover but it is a rare thing to see one fail) and I wondered how it would be to date an Englishman. Now this Englishman asked me where the nearest computer lab was on campus and for a few stupid seconds I forgot where it was (even though I came from the computer lab in one of the buildings for the work-study interview). We started to chat a bit and all the while I imagined him on a bed, bound and gagged while I tickled him with feathers and rode him until the bed gave out. He gave me his number and for receiving a new phone, he knew not how to work it but nonetheless, I have his number and always remember his accent (accents are a big ON for moi).

Might never see him again, who knows. I think I will call him later in the week.

Rest of the night ended up with once more an insomnia and ended up washing dishes at 1 in the God damn morning. Sleep, why not visit moi and let me tie you down for a while?

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