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Author Topic: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking F]  (Read 4122 times)

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The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking F]
« on: August 20, 2009, 12:30:27 AM »
Well, superhero games don't seem to be too popular around here unless I'm missing something. So, inspired by Star Trek: Starbase Tesla, I decided to do something about it.

Welcome to the Liberty Legion, the world's most primer superhero team. When something happens so dire that nations are willing to set aside their differences for the sake of something greater, the Legion is their example to follow. The membership is international, and made up of beings considered the best of the best of super-heroics- an extensive group of heroes from every corner of the globe with every specialty under the sun all co-ordinated to save the world.

The news of their latest exploit had however shocked the world as in defending the planet from invasion from the omnicidal alien race known as the Ker-ra, the Legion sustained heavy loses- almost 3/4ths of their roster in fact. Now with open tryouts commencing to refill their ranks, hopefully the world's greatest team can get back on their feet.

[Alright, this will be freeform as long as nobody god modes- ironic considering who I'm considering tossing in as a NPC helper. Character interaction will be key but there are emergencies planned. I said NC because this is an adult game and super-villains can be rather shitty people. But, you can rest assured, that I won't have superheroines getting raped by supervillains unless the player of the superheroine specifically asks for it.

I'll consider allowing villain characters if we get enough people but for now stick to heroes. A basic suggested format for applications will follow, you don't have to be as long as long as it's interesting. Also looking for a couple Co-GM's, and hopefully we'll get enough people to justify it.]

Application Basic Format:-
Name: "Pan" AKA "Faunus" AKA "The Horned God" AKA "The Heathen Devil of Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll". The last one was intended as an insult but he rarely perceives it as such.
Physical Description: True to legend, the Satyr-God has legs like that of a young goat, horns like that of a young goat growing from his hairline, and a small tail at the base of his spine like that of a young goat. Otherwise he appears to be a late 20's to early 30's male human of heavy Mediterranean ancestry. Albeit one considered so handsome it enters the realm of the supernatural. The only real difference between his image on classical art and in real life is that he's experimenting with being clean shaven.

That and he's experimenting with clothes. He'd prefer just being nude, but he considers the world owned by mortals now and it's one of their rules. He doesn't have a real costume, but being a deity he doesn't feel the need for one.

Personality: According to legends he was a wild and lecherous god and all of that is still present, but he's developed a side to himself not even he was expecting. Yes, he still prefers living in the wilds and sleeping with anything that can orgasm back- but he also has developed feelings for humanity comparable to the feelings that a proud parent has for a child. Feeling that the worship of ancient gods would rob humanity of it's magnificence, he requests that he not be worshiped passionately. Not that it does any good, as neo-paganism is skyrocketing thanks to reemergence. Wiccan extremists often fight each other in claiming to be his high priesthood while conservative Christians just want him to die and burn everything he's ever touched to ash.

As a side note: Pan is also the Legion's first openly bisexual member and has gained popularity over the years as a ground breaker. Of course, being a god and not a person he gets a bit of a pass for this. (And as a player I apologize to the guys for this, but while the character is bisexual- I'm not, sorry. Adult scenes involving Pan and another man will have to be either played by someone else or have to fade out and fade back in later.)

Background: Among the first part-time members of the Liberty Legion Pan is now, sadly, the longest surviving member of the Legion as well. The Legion was formed from meta-humans hand picked by Allied leaders during WW2 to help defend themselves from a similar team from Axis powers. Among their first missions involved a branch of the Thule Society attempting to create the mystical equivalent to a nuclear weapon, a process that involved supposedly the remains of a god that still had some divine essence in it. Officially, the Liberty Legion arrived in time to stop the ceremony. In truth, the ceremony had been completed almost 3 days before the legion had gotten there but, fortunately for the world, the ceremony only managed to wake Pan back up- and once he figured out what was going on he stalled for time and defended himself the best way he could think of. By turning the ceremony into an orgy until he got his barrings.

While never the most popular member, he has been surprisingly loyal to the idea of a team dedicated to the betterment and defense of all of humanity. Only allowed full-time member status after society had grown tolerant enough to accept a bisexual god as one of it's greatest heroes, he survived the invasion of the Ker-ra mostly because he's immortal- after a fashion. He's much weaker then he was in ancient Greece, mostly because he isn't worshiped to that degree anymore.

Today, he helps the team rebuild to see that the dreams of some of the most noble mortals he'd ever met didn't die. And to give "personal interviews" with some of the upcoming talent, of course. The wild hedonism of the old days is toned down- but it's by no means gone. There is the unsettling fact that his powers are getting stronger again, because as he gets media exposure some are starting to worship him again despite his wish to not be. Time will tell what this means to the deity.

Powers: It's been noted that in terms of raw power Pan may be the mightiest member the team has ever had. However, very few of his abilities have direct offensive applications. He may have a wider range then most, but for sheer attack power others can be far better. His abilities stem from the fact that he is the God of Music, Passion, Virility, Nature, and Shepherds. This sounds more impressive then it really is in combat situations. Cataloged abilities include limited immortality, superhuman endurance and charisma, communication with all living things, teleportation, healing by touch, limited emotion control, influence over the growth of plants, and limited weather control. Given the fact that with over 60+ years of having sex with anything that can orgasm back and yet not one demi-god has resulted he probably has some sort of influence over reproductive fertility as well. He recently seems to have developed the ability to temporarily boost the abilities of superheroes, suggesting his title of God of Sheperds is turning into God of Superheroes- a title he's not comfortable with.

Weaknesses: As a trade off for not being worshiped, Pan has to regularly re-affirm his connections to his portfolio regularly or risk dying of the divine equivalent of starvation. If he hasn't done so he begins losing powers until he loses his godhood and dies permanently. Fortunately, he gets these powers back if he does. Unfortunatly, he may be receiving faith again and lose this fragile state of existence- good for his personal survival but he feels being worshiped robs humanity of it's magnificence.
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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2009, 02:15:18 AM »
Application Basic Format:-
Name: "Shade", AKA "Shadow", AKA Tanaka Ayako
Physical Description: Petite and slender, the 5'2" tall Tanaka Ayako was once of dark hair and eyes, bearing a seemingly regal demeanor and encased in ceramic-white skin pale enough to pass as an ancient Greek sculpture. Since going into hiding, Ayako has used the money she took from her father as she fled to change certain parts of her appearance. She ended up being paid to undertake a cosmetic experiment, to change anything from her hair color, eye color, and/or skin color; at a prominent University's DNA research laboratory. She went ahead and had her dark brown eyes genetically recolored a shade of violet, her hair changed to a dark purple... so dark it was almost black. She chose to keep her prized pale ceramic skin, it and her almondine eyes being the only telltale clues that she was of Eastern Asian descent.

Personality: Little Ayako is a scared young woman, seemingly lost in a strange land. She is remorseful for having killed the man who raped her and rendered her mute, figuring that the punishment she meted out did not fit the crime.

Ayako is usually soft spoken, hardly a party girl. Intelligent and learned, she tries to keep her opinions to herself, only speaking when necessary or spoken to. She cares little for men, and has no real thought regarding women outside of admiring a pretty or well-formed specimen. She knows that lesbianism is considered shameful in her homeland, and while she tries to mind this, she also realizes that she may actually be a lesbian.

Background: Tanaka Ayako, the daughter of a wealthy Japanese businessman, whom was also the Oyabun of a major Yakuza family. Having refused her Father's demands that she participate in the 'family business', which effectively meant she'd be whored out as favors from her father, little Ayako earned the enmity of not only her father, but the man who'd sought to effectively 'purchase' her from her father. Given her rare beauty, Ayako was viewed as a commodity by her father, and not as a daughter.

What her father never knew was how his delicate little daughter discovered his plans for her. She'd kept a secret from him for years, constantly confounding her mother and other caretakers by being one-step ahead of them. Little Ayako could read minds.

In his rage that he could not have the slender maiden, her 'suitor' assaulted Ayako, nearly caving in her larynx, which has left her mute. After her assault and subsequent rape had ended, Ayako's anger drew her to focusing her telepathy to an extent she'd never attempted before, causing her assailant to crash back into a wall. She drew back a fist to strike the man, and in her fury, a blade of pure psychic force formed, with which she ended up killing the man. Unfortunately, the psychic blade struck through the man, and into the wall behind him, buring itself in an electrical cable, powerfully shocking the young woman. Since then, she has felt uneasy, even pain, when coming near a power transformer or an electrical power station.

Still dazed from the painful shock and fleeing Japan, little Ayako finds herself in seeking Sanctuary from the Liberty Legion, leaving behind a corpse and no evidence; her father's Yakuza family seeking her demise, but their reach does not extend that far. Little Ayako has since learned to use her telepathy to speak with others, if she feels she can fool their senses into thinking they are actually hearing her speak, instead of 'hearing' it just in their head. Since she is effectively in hiding, the small woman has been wandering Freedom City, homeless and alone.

She is quite adept at hiding, even in plain sight. Ever the gymnast as a girl, she's proven capable of defending herself through misdirection and merely preventing any attackers from making contact with her. She'd been trained extensively, in addition to her gymnastics; in various forms of self-defense, as her father was a prominent businessman, and she could have been targeted to get to him.

Powers: Shade manifests a psi-blade which she can use to produce a variety of effects, from a Mental Blast to a Stun to purely physical Strike that can cut through nearly any barrier. Though her preferred style of combat is to wade right into melee, Shade has several tricks she can pull off with her Telekinesis, including a kinetic blast. More rarely, she can use telekinetic flight and shields, and these are relegated to non-combat status.

Shade is a strong telepath, able to see another's thoughts, project into other's heads, and even trick one's senses into thinking they can 'hear' her speaking when she projects directly into their minds. She has learned to keep people out of her mind, and has become resistant, if not outright immune, to reality-alteration.

Weaknesses: Shade is a small woman, and not terribly strong physically. She is also physically mute.

Player Note: The player, Akiko, would be happy to engage in Non-Consensual scenes with either and/or both genders. Check On's and Off's for any other restrictions Akiko may or may not have.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2009, 02:47:04 AM »
Name: Andrew, AKA Prototype
Physical Description: Andrew is 6'4" tall. He weighs three-hundred and twenty-one pounds. He is a very muscular looking young man, with a powerful build and little fat to conceal that fact. Blond haired and blue-eyed, Andrew has the appearance of the action film stars of days gone by, with a square jaw and manly features that are no longer in vogue. His outward physical appearance is devoid of the tiny asymmetries that lend character to other humanoids.

His costume is little more than a red bodysuit that is made of an advanced polymer more or less capable of surviving the strains placed upon it by the superhuman wearer.

Personality: Andrew is a naive, easy-going young man. He lacks angst or cynicism, and often genuinely cannot conceive of the harshness of reality. One imagines it is a coping mechanism of a boy who could hear all of man's inhumanity to man at age seven. He tries, very hard, to do the right thing and to be a hero worthy of being beloved by the people of the world. He wants to defeat evil and allow peace and justice to prevail. Andrew is a virgin, and has not shown any interest in sex.

He is curious about his people, and where he came from. Superheroics are an amusing diversion to him.

Background: Andrew is an alien found in 1988 by Dr. Clark Graine. Dr. Clarke Graine was investigating an interesting meteor that had fallen to Earth in South America. The meteor proved to be a condensation of space dust formed as a protective shield around a small pod which contained the infant Andrew, as well as a small computer of advanced and alien construction. Dr. Graine took the condensed space dust and pod back to Graine Tower, and went about studying it all. Andrew appeared to be a normal, albeit large and heavy, human child, and so Dr. Graine contrived to pass the child off as his son. With Graine's connections it was not hard to establish Andrew as the illegitimate product of a one night stand, and whose mother wished to remain anonymous. Dr. Graine was a man much in the vein of pulp heroes, and shared many of the traits of fictional men like Doc Savage. At 80 years of age in 1988, Doc Savage appeared no older than a man in his mid-thirties, but was much more strong and vital than most men in their twenties! A genius with five doctorates, Dr. Graine was the head of a large company with many different divisions, doing everything from military research and production to making widgets.

Andrew grew up mostly isolated from the world, owing to his powers and alien nature. Privately tutored by Dr. Graine and his closest associates, Andrew learned from an astonishingly colorful array of people. He only lacked in social skills, because he was not exposed to a lot of people. The one concession Dr. Graine made to Andrew was a television set, which the boy relished and watched often. Though the boy looked forward to going on adventures with his adoptive father, Dr. Graine's last adventure was the one in which he found Andrew. Corporate responsibilities and simple changes in the times conspired to keep Graine close to home or away only for business purposes. It was a great let-down to young Andrew to learn that he would not explore Mayan ruins or fight dinosaurs with his adoptive father as everyone he had ever met had done.

The boy grew older and eventually simply walked out to experience the real world. He walked into a bank, not really understanding how they worked, and asked for money. The clerk unfortunately misunderstood Andrew's request, and believed he was robbing the place. In short order the police and a costumed superhero showed up. Andrew was confused as well, but beat the costumed hero in a fight. He surrendered to the police, trusting in them as only a naive person could. He spent a few days locked up until his father came to get him. The time behind bars was thoroughly unpleasant to Andrew, who had been sheltered his whole life from people like those who were in prison. The police were not friendly like on television or in books. Andrew eventually apologized to the costumed hero, and made things as right as he could. The hero taught Andrew a few things. The hero behaved as Andrew expected, and this event would influence the young superhuman to try to behave in a similar fashion later in life. When he turned 18, he was suddenly allowed to truly do as he pleased. Andrew decided to fight crime and have adventures.

Powers: Andrew possesses superhuman strength and durability to rival wielders of powers cosmic and possessors of godly might. He possesses superhumanly fine senses, as well as a sixth sense to detect psychic activities. Andrew is capable of flight faster than any man-made aircraft, and can discharge energy beams from his eyes. Capable of surviving any Earthly environment, Andrew can also survive in the vaccuum of space and can approach the sun without being destroyed.

Weaknesses: Andrew is, to put things kindly, socially inept, and inexperienced. He's always held back in using his abilities so as to not destroy his adoptive father's expensive equipment.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2009, 06:52:37 PM »
Biographical Information:
Code Name: Freedom Eagle (II)
Real Name: Cassidy Chulainn O'Connor
Other Aliases: None
Identity: Freedom Eagle is a publicly known superheroine.
Occupation: Well-known symbol of the Liberty Legion, Meta-Human adventurer, recreational free-runner
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States of America with No Criminal Record
Place of Birth: New York City, New York, United States of America
Martial Status: Single, always single
Known Relatives: Michael O’Connor, Jr., Mayor of New York (father); Michael O’Connor, Sr., Meta-Human Adventurer Freedom Eagle I (Grandfather); Michael O’Connor III, jr. high student (brother)
Current Base of Operations: New York City, New York, United States of America 
Extent of Education: Bachelor's degree
Religion: Atheist (semi-practicing)
Group Affiliation: The Liberty Legion (Modern Age)

Background Information/Origin: d

Known Meta-Human Abilities:
Super Strength: (Natural source, but enhanced via science, training, and tech) Primarily focused on her legs, core, and back, her body was born, altered, and trained for flight. Her arms are less built, relatively, but since her muscle is dense instead of big, she remains proportionate.
Flight: (Tech) Eagle's wings appear natural to the casual observer, but they are actually a technological marvel. They dock with ports on her back, insinuating themselves directly into her nervous system and musculature, and react as if they were indeed natural. Flight can be achieved via physical lift, but is rather primarily powered by anti-gravity and augmented by the wings for maneuvering.
Energy Blasts: (Tech) These source from the same system that allows her anti-gravity flight, allowing her to fire bursts of energy from her hands and feet, much like Iron Man.
Regeneration: (Natural) Better than a human's by a fair sight, but also far too slow to be helpful in battle.
Piercing Sight: (Science) Eagle has vision better than a raptor's, via meta-science methods.

Particularities, Limitations, and Weaknesses:
Eagle is in fact fairly limited in her powers compared to other heroes - beyond strength and flight, she has nothing. Her body can only take as much damage as her high level of fitness allows. She is not outstandingly fast, but is incredibly agile. The super strength she does have can't compare with the more mainstream strength-based heroes, and is used mostly to withstand the stresses of high-G flight. She is, in the end, squishy like a human.
This fact leads her to have somewhat of an inferiority complex, and she sees herself used more as a symbol than a true hero. This leaves her vulnerable to coercion and suggestion.
Eagle can be a bit scatter-brained and distractable, much like a bird.

Equipment, Weapons and Paraphernalia:
Wings: Enables basic flight, and can serve as a shield, though only in desperate circumstances.
Flight Suit: Provides stability for flight and a modicum of enhanced strength, along with energy blasts. Doubles as armor, but not very good armor. The primary "uniform."
Battle Mace of Unyielding Justice: Essentially part of the suit, draws power from its source, inflicting blows enhanced by the anti-grav system, providing excellent penetrative power.

Skills, Talents, Hobbies, and Abilities:
Killing arts: Eagle has trained in a variety of martial arts, including Krav Maga, Muay Boran, and other vicious arts. She can inflict the killing blow... but only on enemies capable of receiving a killing blow, of course.
Acrobatics: She is very skilled with flight, able to combine the anti-grav, thrust from her wings, and control from her limbs to perform extremely complex maneuvers. As a free-runner, the agility extends to her entire body.
Accuracy: Eagle's precise vision and endless hours of practice allow her to hit a target from hundreds of yards away without deviation.

Physical Information:
Ethnic Group: Irish
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140lbs.
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Blue
Physical Appearance: Cassidy Chulainn O'Connor is a stunning 24 year old Irish woman in excellent physical condition. Her heavy strength training threatens to distort her curves, but her mostly natural strength abilities keep that from happening - thus, she is a very healthy looking girl, in no danger of looking waifish. Her powerful legs in particular stand out, threatening to crush (pleasurably, of course) all comers. However, her muscle and smallish breasts would allow her to pass as a very beautiful boy if she so desired.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Her right nostril, both ears, nipples, navel, and clitoris are all pierced with intricate Celtic hoops. The amount of piercings on her face give her a somewhat violent appearance. She is otherwise unmarked.
Normal Attire: She tends to wear untight but well-fitted clothing at all times, giving her a large range of movement without her clothes folding and getting in the way. It is common to see her in tracksuits, jumpsuits, and other athletic apparel. She has been known to relax with baggier clothing such as sweats and cargo pants, but never tighter clothing such as jeans.
Costume Description: With pristine white wings and silver-white armor on the palest of skin, Freedom Eagle strikes a rather angelic appearance, particularly as she soars through the sky or descends slowly for a soft landing. Though the wings can connect independently, the Eagle powered exoskeleton covers the torso completely with armor, with the limbs covered by an unarmored, but still powered frame to keep the suit light. The end result looks rather skeletal, and would be frightening... if everyone weren't so familiar with Freedom Eagle.
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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
« Reply #4 on: August 20, 2009, 08:30:01 PM »
Application Basic Format:-
Name: Shader (Just Shader)
Physical Description: Tall, wiry, and with a runner's physique he's fast and nimble. Not overly muscled but not without his physical merits. Blond hair and green hawk-like eyes. He typically wears ad long black trench coat over a military grade ballistic vest. Straight night cammo military slacks tucked into combat boots. Short knuckle gloves protect his hands.

Personality: Sardonic, sarcastic, dry. He's an artistic individual with not much to say. Mostly he's cracking jokes with his rather unique sense of morbid humor. Even though under all that. He believes in school-yard comic-book justice to an almost quixotic degree. Moral ambiguity plays little part in his mind and he often leaps in to save the world.

He has a small temper especially when it comes to his naive sense of heroism. Other than that he's never seen without some wry smirk on his face able to see the irony of almost any situation. He tends to get scared at times, and leap into any situation demanding the slightest bit of heroism but he's a good guy to have at your back despite his loner attitude. 

Side note: He's never dealt with a natural superhero being of a synthetic origin in his own powers. So he expects a little animosity even from natural meta-humans.

Background: Once a comic book artist and inker he was kidnapped off the streets of New York in the near future. Where superheroes and villains are created on the black market and by Nato to combat one another. He comes from a broken time where the Red Rose society has sparked a North Korean invasion, and as near to WWIII as one would like.

Created in one of those labs he broke away from Red Rose and escaped the Nato Meta-Human Regulation squad. Seeing his one chance to do what he drew he fought a time wielding villian named R.E.C. and was forced back into an alternate time stream where the Liberty Legion exists. He keeps looking for R.E.C. while here but can't resit the urge to do a "Superhero team-up." Though he'll never openly admit it.
He's more or less a probationary member 'til he gets back to his own time.

Powers: Shader is not natural in the sense, his body is racked with seed populations of nanites. They infuse his body with strength, speed, faster reflexes, and mental acuity. His main power is the ability to transmit his mass through any shadow, and manipulation of his own shadow, a freak side-effect of the nanites it seems. He can extend any part of his body though a wall cast in shadow and pull it out anywhere in that shadow.

He usually wears his own shadow like a long scarf a throwback to one of his favorite heroes The Shadow. He can use it block bullets or punches or extend it into ambient shadows. By sending them away from him into another shadow.

Weaknesses: If there are no shadows he's just a slightly above-average human. The nanites feed off his bioenergy so he can't do it constantly before needing food or sleep. If he's hit with a powerful enough shock or emp blast his nanites shutdown and reboot. Not only a painful process, but one that saps him of his shadow power. His pure sense of justice also gets him in too many fights for his own good.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
« Reply #5 on: August 20, 2009, 10:41:43 PM »
Considering throwing my hat into this ring, so here's an old character that never got used! Stats were made by somebody else, and I couldn't explain them without looking closely for a while. I'll reformat it later on to suit this game!

If it ever matters, I understand them and could explain them if need be. I also have a passing degree of familiarity with the Freedom City game setting.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
« Reply #6 on: August 22, 2009, 12:54:22 AM »
As Karma's character layout was a bit more extensive, I'll be borrowing it for my application!

Biographical Information:
Code Name: Quetzalcoatl
Assumed Name: Dulce Dias
Other Aliases: None
Secret Identity: None
Occupation: Vigilante
Legal Status: Dulce is not officially recognized as a citizen in any country.
Place of Birth: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives: Bred and raised by known villain, Baron Barros.
Current Base of Operations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with several smaller retreats scattered throughout South America. 
Extent of Education: Intelligence has been scientifically enhanced.  No official schooling.
Religion: Roman Catholic
Group Affiliation: None.

Background Information/Origin:

Dulce is the product of Baron Barros's numerous genetic experiments involving reptiles.  The man had a particular affinity for snakes, which he used in tandem with traditional gangsters to traffic or steal everything from gold to drugs to men and women.  Dulce was to be the "Alpha Snake", capable of directing his lesser brethren in combat scenarios while being capable of standing toe to tail with the increasing number of super heroes that threatened his profits. 

Precisely why the snake came to disagree with his master is difficult to say, though some have hazard guesses involving increasing sympathy towards the men and women sold into slavery and prostitution rings.  Possessing human intelligence, he also gained the capacity for human morality.  However, he did not possess a willingness to blindly obey the laws that the Baron was so quick to subvert in order to avoid imprisonment.  Rather than capture the villain and leave him to the Supers, Dulce did what came naturally.

He ate him.

With the toppling of a criminal empire as the basis for his reputation, Dulce quickly became a thing of legends.  The suit was the final parting gift from his fork-tongued master, and had been intended to give him the edge needed in an age where any passerby could be hiding the ability to throw cars like dolls or shoot lightning from their fingertips.

And so it was that Brazil got a vigilante of its own, though it was not quite the one many had been hoping for.  Dulce is considered a monster by many, and is almost universally feared and reviled by the public and criminals alike for his extreme methods.  Collateral damage is kept surprisingly to a minimum, but very few cross his path that live long enough to be thrown in jail.  Surprisingly, most law enforcement seem to hold him in high regard, if only for doing what they wish they could do.  Regardless, the warrant for his arrest has been going strong for nearly a decade.

Known Meta-Human Abilities:
Poisonous Bite: Due to extreme genetic tampering on the part of his former master, Dulce is capable of secreting a dangerously virulent toxin from his inner mouth.  Lacking the fangs to properly inject it, he simply mixes it with his own saliva for a similar effect.  Additionally, it can be spat from afar with deadly accuracy.
Super Strength: Both in and out of his mechanical suit, Dulce is abnormally strong by human and lesser metahuman standards.  His strangulating grip is more than enough to crush bones, solid rock, and steel with minimal effort.
Super Suit: (Tech) Dulce's suit grants him an extremely diverse number of abilities, from tesla coils, sonic cannons, machine guns, and flamethrowers, to limited flight, submarine capabilities, armor, and of course, arms and legs.  The full extent of the suit's modifications is a well guarded secret.
Regeneration: Strong enough to fend off moderate wounds in the heat of battle, but decapitation is as lethal to him as the next organism.
Elasticity:  Dulce's stomach lining is strong enough to hold all but the strongest prey, and even durable enough to protect against penetrating weapons.  His outer skin is not quite so powerful.  Most people endeavor to keep in view of the latter, rather than the former.
Enhanced Tracking Ability:  Though Dulce's sight is subpar by human standards, his sense of smell more than makes up for it.  He is capable of seeing in the infrared.  When out of his suit, even the smallest vibration does not go unnoticed.

Particularities, Limitations, and Weaknesses:

Both in and out of his suit, Dulce is an extremely dangerous combatant with few weaknesses that can be exploited by the typical criminals he sets himself against.  His military-grade arsenal and brutal fighting style makes him a terribly efficient vigilante, but against cosmic-grade or upper-tier threats he finds himself completely outmatched.  His suit, while versatile, is not enough to match the super strength of the strongest heroes and villains, nor is its speed enough to keep up with sufficiently fast opponents. 

The snake's greatest advantage against such individuals is his unique mind.  Possessing the advantages of human intelligence and the patient cunning of a predatory reptile, this dual nature is enough to confuse or unnerve combatants that would otherwise completely overpower him.  Driven more by fight or flight than the average hero, it is not unknown for Dulce to make tactical retreats instead of charging blindly into a hopeless fight. 


Dulce Dias is surprisingly amiable for such a violent crime fighter, and is known to switch from formal vernacular to lewd joking at the drop of a hat.  Though his species and nature works best on its own, it is clear that he has a particular craving for company.  Living in the mud by oneself is perfectly fine for the average snake, but a human would quickly get cold and lonely in such an environment.

Equipment, Weapons and Paraphernalia:
Mechanized Suit: (See Above)
Translator: This device, worn about Dulce's neck, allows him to communicate in human languages.  It is sophisticated enough to sound more human than synthetic, but remains a bit too formal for everyday conversations.

Skills, Talents, Hobbies, and Abilities:
Capoeira: When within his suit, Dulce is an enthusiast of the wildly unpredictable afro-brazilian fighting style.  Though the suit is not quite flexible enough to make full use of its broad range of techniques, its speed and durability is formidable enough to balance that flaw.
Ruthless:  Both in and out of his suit, Dulce fights like a snake.  Every target is considered prey, and mercy is absolutely alien towards hostiles.  A predator through and through, his brutality has earned him a healthy amount of respect amongst the criminal element.  It is not unheard of for him to simply devour a particularly notorious villain whole.
Sugar Addiction: Obtained as the result of pampering by his former master, Dulce's taken name is quite appropriate.  He has a particular love for hard candies, but detests anything chewy enough to seal his mouth shut.

Physical Information:
Ethnic Group: Anaconda
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Unknown.  Has shown attraction towards humans, though most people prefer not to think about what that could imply.
Age: 26
Length: 43 Feet, give or take a few inches.
Weight: 2,300~lbs.
Hair Colour: Hairless
Eye Colour: A sort of milky greenish colour.
Physical Appearance:  Even for an anaconda, it is immediately obvious that Dulce is monstrously large.  His length is only outdone by particularly remarkable specimens of reticulated pythons, and his girth is second to none.  His scales are adorned with a typical spotty pattern, and colored perfectly for blending in with trees and undergrowth.  His wide mouth tends to be pulled into a sort of alarming smirk, and is the major hint at his enhanced intelligence.  A plug has been fused to the base of his skull, and presumably allows him to sync up to his suit and speech translator.

Baron Barros with a young Dulce

Distinguishing Characteristics: Nothing beyond his abnormal size.
Normal Attire: When not fighting or amongst other heroes, Dulce simply languishes about as nature intended. 
Costume Description:  Dulce's prized possession is his super suit, which grants the triple gifts of enhanced protection, offensive capabilities, and opposable thumbs.  At first glance its proportions seem completely at odds with the forces of gravity, as its comparatively slender legs hold up a particularly impressive torso that presumably holds his actual coiled body.  However, the suit generally travels about on its massive upper arms, moving about with a gorilla-like gait and rarely pausing on its tapered feet for more than a few seconds.  These same legs are outfitted with sharpened blades, which serve to enhance the damage of his sweeping kicks.  The torso also holds an unknown assortment of weapons, from military grade to the products of so-called "super science".  Its coloration blends almost perfectly with Dulce, allowing him a moderate amount of stealth in areas with low light.  The only exception are the ornaments adorning the suit's collar, which look like the stylized feathers that Dulce's namesake was supposed to have possessed.
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Wait, so your guy is the snake?

. . .Huh, that's kind of neat actually.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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Yes he is!

I enjoy being the oddball!

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Hint: She's the one in the middle
Name: Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Daughter of Zeus and Leto, The Moon, Maiden Goddess, Protector of Young Women

Alias: Diana Leto, used amongst mortals.

Yes. That Artemis. Like her contemporary Pan, her return to the mortal realm was the result of an effort by the United States and its allies, similar to their first during WWII, the Liberty League's forces needed replenishment during the Cold War. While at first she stayed with the team, she soon grew more distant, she found sitting and waiting to defend from something that was never going to happen rather distasteful. She soon disappeared.

History Since her Return
Not unlike a child returning home, she left and found some comfort returning to Greece, reuniting with her nymphs, and hounds. There she decided to build anew. After studying the ways of the world, she bought the land and built a huge natural reserve, North of Athens. Much of it was mountainous terrain obviously, but some forest, valleys and rivers. It again gave her something to protect... though she found the modern mortals intriguing. By the 90s, she had built a large night club barely on the outskirts of Athens, and bordering her nature reserve. She amusingly named the club Ortygia, the place of her birth... she had assumed the name Diana Leto, the last name being her mother's.

The Hunt:
Of course that did not mean the Goddess had forgotten about trying to live up to her past... though still not as powerful as her time in ancient Greece, reuniting with her nymphs had restored some of her power. She grew to study the modern man's method of hunting. Much of it she found disgraceful, consequently, many hunters who poached, or who hunted only for the trophy disappeared. Their ironic punishment was they were transformed into whatever animal they hunted.

Finding not much sport in modern hunting animals in this day and time, not to mention the many now endangered species, and having reclaimed her silver arrows, she sought new game. The modern world, not unlike the ancient world, was rife with crime. But more mortals meant more crime. She took to hunting them.

There were many cases when police and task forces formed manhunts, looking for a fleeing criminal through the wilderness. The criminal was later found shot by an arrow, non fatally through a leg or other limb, humorously pinned. Other instances, police forces were alerted by the sound of a criminal screaming trying to get away from an odd looking dog, who did not maul the individual. But rather just held them in an iron grip between its massive jaws. Before police could get up to the dog, the animal released the criminal and ran, the fugitive was capture, but investigators never found a trace of mysterious animal. Not all were so lucky though, some were found shot with an arrow quite fatally, predominantly rapists.

Rebirth of a Goddess:
Some small communities began to revere someone they called only the 'Hunter' especially those whom were affected by the crimes of the captured perpetrators; as victims or their families often found mysterious gifts, sometimes something beautifully carved from bone, or antlers. Sometimes leather hides crafted into garments, or meat from a fresh kill already cleaned and carved in the case of those who went hungry.

Her club grew to become quite popular, especially amongst the more affluent citizen, and even tourists. It was a rather posh environment, a bar and lounge mainly, often they had live entertainment. It was decorated very much, ah, Greek. Murals of ancient Greece graced the walls, as did paintings of famous Greeks of the ancient world, and mythos. Like wise there were many of the Gods and Goddesses represented there as well. Artemis made her home on the top most floor, a bit like a penthouse sweet. The building also had an exquisite kennel for her hounds, elsewhere a private pool, done much to resemble an old Greek bathhouse. There were also chambers for her nymphs, even if many of the nights Artemis spent there, several of the nymphs stayed with her, to 'attend to her'. The first floor also had a VIP lounge many were curious about, but few ever saw, save for the occasional well to do attractive women, or one of Artemis' personal guests.

Her nymphs, though she has them dressed to show plent of skin, are like her kept chaste... in that they never bedded men, anyway. Much like herself, since she is one of the Maiden Deities after all.

Recent History:
Re-emerged to assist the the Liberty Legion during the invasion of Ker-ra. After the aliens' eventual defeat, Pan kept trying to convince her rejoin the group that she had left decades ago. He cautions her consistently to stay away from the path of re-ascension, that now is the time of mortals and they must find their own way. Artemis herself is torn between the wisdom of the advice from her old friend, and her own desires to be recognized as she once was. Still, she continues her ways and tries to live amongst the mortals. However now she gladly offers her club and land as refuge to members of the Liberty Legion provided they respect her laws and start no trouble.

Physical Description:
Exceptionally beautiful. Long curly dark hair she often wears up behind her head, olive skin and deep brown eyes. Tall, busty and athletic with a positively divine ass, muscular but not so much as to detract from her curves. She dresses somewhat simply amongst mortals, low cut utility jeans that appear painfully tight and leave little to imagination especially the camel toe between her legs. Just above them as a tease you can clearly see the top of whatever color and style of underwear she chooses to wear, if any, that day. Usually a very tight fitting top that exposes some cleavage, and no bra. To set this off however she sometimes she wears an exceptionally expensive sports or suit jacket. She also sometimes wears bracelets and armlets of silver or gold.

When hunting, she wears equally as tight sleeveless military fatigues, with camouflage that seems to meld to her environment, as well as combat boots. Her bow has likewise now taken a modern form, a compound bow capable of extremely high velocity shots and incredible accuracy, and that's before you consider whom its wielded by. She carries her famed painless silver arrows in a quiver on her hip as well as a hunting knife.
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Modified my profile on almost every count to be more suitable to this game. I'll write up an actual bio soon. ;)

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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Modified my profile on almost every count to be more suitable to this game. I'll write up an actual bio soon. ;)

It seemed fine to me in its original form.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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Sure, it was "fine," but it was neither finished nor good enough. Thanks though. :P

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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You're welcome, though I meant both when I said "fine."

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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You drew that Moon? Wow. I kind of want to see your take on Pan now, if you have the time and resources. No pressure, obviously.

Just wanted to say I'm still trying to drum up more players but there's definitely enough to go forward. Going to try to start with a large group sub-section, because this should fill the post requirement fairly quickly.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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*laughs* I ah, have a few sketches yes. But I'm not that quick. :3 I had in mind making her a club owner, and was browsing pictures actually 'cause I was curious to see if anyone else had a vision of a modern Artemis when I stumbled across that, and thought that was too good NOT to use here. :)

Here's a link to my source:

Hehee, I'd love to take credit if I could.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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Curses- but good for honesty. Nobody likes a plagiarist after all.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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Is my character acceptable, or should I strive for something more unconventional to be more in line with everyone else?

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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As far as I'm concerned, play what you think you can play best.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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Yes, be a nonconformist by conforming to our arbitrary standards.

(You're good, don't worry. If you have ideas I'll listen but you're fine as is.)

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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I just like to fit in, is all.

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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Are you still looking for players.  I love super hero rps. :D

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Yes I am, what do you have?

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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Nothing as of yet.  I'm still working on a concept.  I have a vague idea of a standard superhero who is a bit naive about his abilities and his responsibilities...if you know the comic Major Bummer, it'd give you a good idea, though obviously not as lazy. lol

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Re: The Liberty Legion [MUL, Superheroes, Up to NC-E, Seeking All]
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If the Legion is still looking for members, I have an idea that might work out.