a shapeshifting android

Started by zemo8801, August 19, 2009, 07:34:36 PM

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i had an idea that I'm a geek/nerd and i work at a gas station his name would be jack and he is always working the common man life until one night when the man in the top hot walked into his store with a good size box. and it was on a night that Jake was getting things from a different delivery person. so jack helped bring in the boxes and with out knowing or seeing it he sees the man in the top head off with a box thinking that was his package jack doesn't notice that by accident jack got Mr. top hat package and he got jacks package so he wonders what is it and after a while he finds a android in the crate that recognizes jack as his new master and he is a fan cosplay and she can change her appearance to what ever form he is thinking and that is just my idea thought it be a fun thing it would be  light exotic or bondage exotic so replay if you would like to play as the android in this game for me 
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