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Author Topic: The Ideas of SuperHans **Revamped** [F/M, M/M, MUL]  (Read 540 times)

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The Ideas of SuperHans **Revamped** [F/M, M/M, MUL]
« on: August 19, 2009, 05:54:54 PM »
-This is my second attempt at a roleplay request thread. My first one was functional but clunky.

-For the moment at least, I am a sub. The roleplays below are advertising for a dominant partner. I may choose to dip my toe into the dominant side of things later, but right now I'm only interested in one side of the relationship.

-Some ideas I wouldn't mind doing opposite a male character, some I'm strictly female on. These are marked out. As for the gender of writers, I'm easy, easy like Sunday morning.


These roleplays are the ones I crave the most. Fill one and I'll be your friend for life.

Skull and Crossbones [Possibly EX] [F/M, M/M]

This is a different plot than my usual ones in that it's not entirely sexual from the outset. It involves pirates, and I think I have to explain that to save it being written off as an archetype. It revolves around the fictional archipelago of San Aquillo off the coast of South America. Aquillo is technically Spanish territory, but the empire's negligence has allowed it to become a pirate haven in the last thirty years. One of the key personalities on the island is my character, an English privateer who discovered a gold reserve in the unpopulated side of the island two years ago. Unfortunately, his discovery came at a terrible price. The Spanish government found a new interest in their colony, and sent your character over as a colonial governor. In two years the governor, running the province as a personal dictatorship, has eliminated all elements of piracy and personal trade. My character is one of the last survivors of the purge, but has gone deeper underground. Much of the plot will involve a cat-and-mouse game between our characters as you try and catch me in my activities around San Aquillo. You catch me eventually. Except rather than hang me, you decide not to make me a martyr to those on the island still resisting direct rule. Instead you throw me in chains and turn me into your slave, realising soon how much fun it is to have San Aquillo's premier pirate as your whore.

Prize fighter [BON] [F/M]

This roleplay is set in a (possibly underground) boxing club. It involves two potential champions, one male and one female (this is one I wouldn't roleplay with a male dominant) and the rivalry that develops between them. They're both cocky, arrogant, and want the top spot. When they eventually fight for the club title, they make a bet that the loser becomes the property of the winner, as an ultimate remedy to the sexual tension between them and to ensure that they can cement their dominance every day. The female fighter wins.

Meeting your heroes [Light BON] [F/M]

This story involves a young male fan of a world famous, highly-renowned female music artist. Like every fan, he realises he has very little chance of getting to know his idol but he's persistent. Via a chance meeting at a concert, the singer recognises his vunerability, heroine-worship and naivety at once, and decides that such a lover would be more in her advantage than any other rich, arrogant celebrity. She slowly seduces him into worshipping her in every way possible. This would primarily revolve around a possessive seduction rather than the overt capture and will-breaking themes of my other ideas.

Eastern Theatre [EX] [F/M]

It's January 1943, and the Soviet city of Stalingrad is under siege by the German reich. Casualties escalate by the thousands every single day, and neither army shows an ounce of mercy. Your character is a female general (yes, I know, the Nazis didn't have female generals...let's pretend they did) of German forces who is overseeing an entire contingent of the soldiers with absolute control. My character is a member of the Red Army, considserably younger than your character. He is captured by German forces, and looks to spend the remainder of the war doing lethal forced labour. When being paraded before your character with other captives, she notices his particularly Slavic good looks and calls for him to be reprieved from track-building for German tanks, under her private guard. But when he sees the life in store for him under your general and her sexually sadistic mores, he'll wish he was worked to death. A roleplay tribute to Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS and similar media.

Temptation [EX] [F/M, M/M]

The battle for faith goes on at all times for the righteous, but for some it's more dangerous than others. My character is a young Catholic priest, full of faith and praise for God. He returns to his seminary one night to find, to his horror and surprise, a demon sitting on his bed. The demon challenges him to one of organised religion's most sacred tasks, keeping the faith in spite of seduction. The demon has a week to seduce the priest into sexual intercourse. If the priest stays chaste, the demon will leave him forever. But if he/she succeeds (the priest could be gay if we decided to play this M/M) they will be be allowed to take control of the priest's body, committing the Hell-worthy sin of suicide so they can take him down to the fiery depths and make him their plaything for all eternity.

Prestigious [BON] [M/M]

Your character is an aristocratic playboy in a top-class private sixth-form college. Its alumni include Tory MPs, playwrights and minor members of the royal family. Enter my character, a working class boy who's attending the college on scholarship and merit. Your character doesn't like the idea of this member of the lower orders strutting around like he's your equal, and you vow to show him his place. By the end of the first day, you tell your friends, he'll be on his knees pleasuring you. Cue a day of bullying, coercion and humiliation, turning into a term of slavery.

Note: This is my only current M/M exclusive RP, as I'm doing the F/M variant and enjoying it too much to duplicate it. But I think giving it an all-male perspective could also be fun.

The good stuff

These aren't as distinct as my favourites, but they can all make for a very fun roleplay. Each has at least a basic stamp of [BON] but we can decide the levels afterwards when we hammer together a plot. I've grouped them together in category. The role I would play is on the left.

-Demon hunter/Demon

-Carribean Native/Pirate
-Royal Navy captain/Pirate

-Vampire hunter/Vampire

-Spy/spy (Cold War probably)


-Superhero/Supervillain (existing or brand new)


Total War

I'm massively into the Total War game series at the moment, and would like to do a pairing based on any of the games. Doesn't seem like a usual one for bondage, but there are several plots. Maybe a north-African rebel state's leader being taken to the Ottoman sultan's palace, or a German prince being brought to heel (literally) before the Austrian empress. It's not usual, but nothing on this site seems to be.

More to come! Please PM me.
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Re: The Ideas of SuperHans **Revamped** [F/M, M/M, MUL]
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2009, 02:11:39 AM »
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Re: The Ideas of SuperHans **Revamped** [F/M, M/M, MUL]
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2009, 06:00:19 AM »
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Re: The Ideas of SuperHans **Revamped** [F/M, M/M, MUL]
« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2010, 03:28:01 PM »
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